Roll Call: Are You Missing From This List? (Keto Challenge Week 12)


We lost over 500 people. Are you one of those?

I was just going over our weekly weigh-in’s for the 2020 Keto Challenge and we went from 568 comments on the Starting Weigh-In… to 50 comments on last week’s weigh-in. 🤔

That number (50 comments) includes replies, so less than 50 people weighed in last week.

I mentioned in this post about my own story: Why 90 Days? 📅 Here’s How It Changed MY Life… how discouraging it is for me to host these 90 Day Challenges – and how I’ve thought several times about quitting.

This one is on me, though.

I definitely dropped the ball. I got behind taking care of my parents in January and February which took up a lot of time, and wasn’t able to create food diaries and motivational mini-challenges for you like I planned.

I also missed a lot of questions & comments that came in during that time too. My apologies. I’m *still* working on catching up!

I have an idea…

This week’s weigh-in is below, and then on Monday April 6th we’ll have our final weigh-in for this challenge. After that I’ll hold off kicking off the new challenge and focus on getting us all through the current circumstances – because I have TONS of helpful things I want to share with you, from easy meal ideas & simple recipes, to how to cope with the stress/anxiety, GOOD low carb shelf-stable and freezer foods and so much more. 💝

Then I’ll kick off an early Summer Challenge with A LOT more structure and interactive FUN, tons of motivation and helpful ideas – and way more accountability…

How does that sound? 🙂

Here are ALL of the weekly weigh-in’s for the current challenge (inside our private group) if you want to check in on your progress.

The number to the right is how many people commented each week.

Starting Weigh-In: 568
Week One: 346
Week Two: 214
Week Three: 224
Week Four: 162
Week Five: 138
Week Six: 94
Week Seven: 78
Week Eight: 65
Week Nine: 55
Week Ten: 51
Week Eleven: 50
Week Twelve (this week): ____

I get that it’s easy to join something, and that we all want to change & improve!! I also get how easy it is not to fully commit – or to slack off after a bit, or how easy it is to fall back into old habits.

I do – I mean that. Because I wanted to be fully committed and change & improve our first challenge of 2020 together, but I dropped the ball on that. 😜

We can all pull it back together though!!

Many of you have continued to do your BEST (and some of you DO weigh in every single week) and I’ve been doing my best too – staying on track, getting the weigh-in’s set up for each week, sharing tons of meal ideas across Facebook and Instagram and answering every question I possibly can.

I say as long as we’re doing our best… we’re doing pretty darn good!

Especially under less than ideal circumstances. ✔️

Let’s at least finish THIS challenge strong, with the weigh-in this week – and the final weigh-in on Monday April 6th.

It’s okay if your results (or your commitment) haven’t been what you wanted them to be.

It’s okay if you choose NOT to weigh-in too!

At least leave a comment and let me know how you’re doing. 🙂

… and what I can help you with!

You’re not just a number to me.
We are A COMMUNITY and I’d love to hear from you. 💕

Keto Challenge Week 12 Weigh-In 💪

It’s time to weigh in! If you’re in our private Facebook group, here’s the Week 12 Weigh In post to share your total pounds lost since you started, or your starting weight if you just joined our 2020 Keto Challenge.

If you aren’t on Facebook (or prefer not to post on Facebook), simply leave a comment on this post with your results so far instead.

Need A Reboot? See: Simple 5-Day Keto Restart

Keto Challenge Weight Loss Results


We’re all human.

I am.

You are.

WE are.

But we’re a STRONG community!

I’m really looking forward to the series of topics I have lined up for you. I think you’re going to ENJOY those topics too, and find them super helpful. Especially with everything going on in the world right now…

Check in when you get a second, leave a comment.

I miss you!

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler


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About Lynn Terry

I love making the low carb diet EASY for people with a busy lifestyle (like me!) with my KISS / Keep It Simple method. :) About Lynn Terry: Host of the Low Carb Challenge
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15 Responses to Roll Call: Are You Missing From This List? (Keto Challenge Week 12)

  1. Melissa says:

    I missed the start of this kick off but have been doing a low carb/sometimes keto. Really enjoy your messages. I think these times are hard and I look forward to your tips

  2. Cheryl says:

    Hi Lynn,
    So I have failed at weighing in this challenge! I haven’t fallen off the wagon, just not watching my carbs as close as I should (still no sugar … ). Therefore, I am afraid to get on the scale! Even though my husband and I are retired, this coronavirus thing really has us on edge. I am so looking forward to what you have coming up!!! I am sure it will provide us all with the extra motivation we need. You go girl!!!

  3. Deborah R Gebhard says:

    I weigh in every week even IF there is no change. Do we have unrealistic expectations? Do we compare ourselves with others? Do we overthink it?

  4. Debbi says:

    Still here. Have lost 9.6 lbs since January. Love the posts and deals you have. I am on a pension so I have a limited number of funds available. Stay safe and keto on!

  5. Phyllis says:

    I have not weighed in or lost any weight. I think I gained 3 pounds. My motivation has fallen off.

  6. Julie says:

    Hi Lynn, yes I am missing from the list, sorry. I have gone silent on FB because I have a daughter and several FB “friends” who are also part of the group and I’m just not comfortable speaking out on there now because any comment I make goes to the front of their timeline-it has happened. I am still trying to do low carb as much as possible at this time but am not totally successful. I am basically maintaining but definitely not losing. Thanks for all that you do!

  7. Terry Ragus says:

    Lynn, I dropped off the wagon, burned it and roasted marshmallows!!!!
    I want to be back on track soooo bad! I will be on that new challenge no matter what! I shopped and stocked all my favorite keto foods! I’m ready to commit!
    Terry Ragus


    I thought I had missed a “start date” for the challenge when I started so I never weighed in. But have enjoyed everything about this group. Your shares, the recipes, the input from others and the support they show each other. Even though I have stuck with eating Keto I have not really lost much weight. Although I have had a lot of health issues going on and at least it is helping keep my blood sugar lower. My husband has lost quite a bit though and when he starts bragging i just respond “You’re welcome!”. He wouldn’t be on this journey if I hadn’t started it!!
    I do hope you’ll continue this group. We do appreciate all you do. And we can all benefit from each others support and input during these tough times. I will join the challenge when you start it back up!!

  9. Stephanie says:

    I have failed! I have been extremely stressed and fallen off the wagon. I was doing so well and lost 40 pounds when I started last February. I can feel the weight I have gained back and have become depressed with myself among other issues going on in my life. Thank you for everything you do! I WILL get back on track. I just need to find my motivation again!!

  10. Anita Walters says:

    Hi Lynn,
    Checking in as requested. I am one of those individuals who don’t weigh in and I try hard not to clog blogs and leaving space for others. I will check in more often.

    I do really appreciate all of the work that you have done for the group. I think you are awesome.

    I have stayed low carb, even through the lockdown. I have maintained my 50 + pounds weight loss for over a year. Not losing, not gaining but I am happy with my success. It took me years to put the weight on and it will come off the same way and I can deal with that.

    I also appreciate the fact that you read articles that we send to you and digest them or address them as needed. You have been going through some really tough times with your health and your parents’ health but have pushed forward, maintaining a positive attitude throughout. Thank you!

    Basically, you rock!

  11. Lacy says:

    What is your favorite keto blood monitor & do you have a discount code?

  12. Patricia J Anderson says:

    I have been stopping and starting, Every day I am sure that this will be the day and then I mess up. I gained weight since getting pneumonia on March 2 through the “safe-at-home” orders. I will try again.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Patricia,

      I’m so sorry to hear you had pneumonia! That’s quite miserable. Did they test you for COVID19, or were tests even available then?

      The key is to continue starting back. That’s exactly what I did (over and over – and over and over, lol) until it finally STUCK. It’s all worth it. I promise. 🙂

      How are you feeling now??

  13. Kathy Howell says:

    I didn’t find out about your Facebook site, until mid to late March. My husband’s coworker has lost about 100 lbs over the last year following a low-carb diet. My former coworker, (we are both retired), told me about your Facebook page, so I could get recipes, food and snack ideas, to help me lose weight, for my health issues. I appreciate all that you are doing.

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