My Low Carb Frozen Yogurt 😋

Did you know you can mix low carb yogurt with almond butter, macadamia nut butter or even peanut butter 🥜🍯 and it makes yogurt SUPER CREAMY and absolutely delicious?! I discovered this because I don’t actually LIKE yogurt, but my …

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Easy Keto Meals 🍽 Spicy Shrimp Stir Fry

Shrimp or chicken, spicy or not, this simple low carb stir fry is super easy and very versatile, with a delicious combination of textures & flavors!

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Best Prices on Keto Delivery & Low Carb Groceries (Where To Get What You Need)

Single items like: baking powder, low carb wraps, almond flour, keto bars, low carb chips & sweets, sugar free preserves, coconut flour & sweeteners… all at good prices, without having to buy in bulk – and IN stock!

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Clean Ingredients or Carb Count: What Matters Most To You?

Super easy low carb dinner idea included! Open discussion on ingredients vs macros, and what matters MOST to you about the foods you eat…

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Live Video Chat Tonight: Fun, Casual, Positive, Social!

I need some semblance of normal – and happy human connection. 🙂 What about you? I usually unbox the monthly Keto Krate on live video, but I haven’t done that lately. So I thought I would “go live” and unbox …

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How Can I Help? Groceries, Free Deliveries & Discounts

I’ve been under voluntary quarantine since March 12th. It has been a busy time of preparation, education, work – and checking in with friends & family during my free time. I plan to go live in an interactive video discussion …

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Example: Calculating Carb Count Per Serving – MyFitnessPal Tips & Tricks

Do you ever get frustrated figuring out how to enter something in MyFitnessPal or your meal tracking app? Here are some handy tips for accurate keto macro tracking!

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7 Delicious Ways To Enjoy Lolli’s Keto Cookie Clusters

Love Lolli’s Cookie Clusters? I have a discount code plus 7 delicious ways to enjoy it in creative low carb meal ideas! Including low carb yogurt parfaits and other keto breakfast ideas like cinnamon crunch muffins and…

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📌 Keto Sausage Balls Recipe 👩‍🍳⁣

I made the most DELICIOUS sausage balls this week and they’re VERY low carb. You probably have all the ingredients to whip these up and enjoy them today! Or you could easily grab them – it’s a very simple recipe. …

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January Keto Krate Unboxing Video, Photo Tour & Product Value Review

January 2020 Keto Krate discount code, unboxing video and review – plus a photo tour of the products inside to give you new keto treats and low carb food ideas to mix things up!

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Keto Krate Unboxing Videos & Discount Code

On the fence about Keto Krate or looking for a Discount Code? I’ve got you covered! In these videos I unboxed 6 Krates so you can see exactly what was in each one – and my thoughts on them…

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Keto Loaf Bread Recipe 🍞 Low Carb Sliced Bread (Gluten Free)

Perfect keto loaf bread for sandwiches or breakfast toast with CLEAN ingredients: all the good stuff, without any of the junk – including 12 grams of protein for 2 slices, at just 1.7 net carbs per thick fluffy slice and 85% healthy fats…

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3 New Keto Nut Butter Flavors (My Take: The Sad & The Weird!)

These new keto nut butter flavors JUST came out this week, and I was super excited to try them and tell you all about them – but when I got them I was totally perplexed. 🤔 So here’s ALL the details…

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Are Sweet Potato Fries Keto Friendly? (Maybe…)

I had the sweet potato fries for dinner, then tested again the next day and I had a 1.1 ketone level.⁣ A 3 oz serving of sweet potato fries is approximately 20-25 carbs. How they affect you depends on…

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