Keto Wine, Anyone? 🍷🍾 + Lolli’s Low Carb Granola is 20% off Today

I found a keto wine that is less than 2 carbs PER BOTTLE and we’re having some great discussions about it on both Facebook and Instagram… The keto granola I love is 20% off today (only until 11:59pm eastern time …

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My Keto Blueberry Muffins Recipe

This is the absolute best batch of keto blueberry muffins I’ve made yet. The recipe is super EASY and great for meal prep, or for enjoying hot out of the oven on weekend mornings…

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Last Chance: March Keto Krate Will Sell Out Fast!

I just got my March Keto Krate over the weekend, and it’s FULL of (13!) fun keto snacks. ❣ They’re shipping this one next business day for super fast delivery right now, until it sells out. 🎁 If you sign …

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Know Foods Chocolate Chips Marked SAFE From Keto Flu

Know Foods Chocolate Chips Review & Ketone Testing – how they impacted my blood sugar and ketone levels, plus taste quality and other interesting things you should know when eating keto products…

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Travel Tips 👉 Sticking To Your Low Carb Lifestyle On The Go

Simple tips for traveling low carb easily, to help you better prepare the next time you’re headed out! Including a photo tour of my keto travel meals on a 6-day trip to Long Beach and back…

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Easy Keto Dinner Idea (Freezer-to-Table in 30 Minutes!)

I cooked a super easy keto meal yesterday that turned out amazingly delicious. I’ll walk you through the details. This is an EASY one too: literally freezer-to-table in about 30 minutes. 😉 Since I travel a lot and my schedule …

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13 Keto Snack Ideas from the January Keto Krate

Whether you want the monthly Keto Krate box or not, these monthly value breakdowns are a great way to discover new keto snacks you might want to try… * Spoiler: It would cost you $190.55 to order each of these products individually when you can get the entire box of keto snacks for only $34!

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The 9 Keto Products I Got This Month (And What I Think Of Them…)

How to get all 9 of these Low Carb, Gluten Free, Keto Friendly products for less than the cost of ordering just ONE of them. Listen to the video to hear my thoughts and my personal experiences with each of these products…

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23 Easy Low Carb Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snack Ideas – Back to the Basics!

23 easy keto friendly ideas for at-home low carb meals that don’t require much time or prep. This should help you with ideas when you need a quick low carb meal in a pinch on those days you didn’t have anything prepared!

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The REAL Value of the November Keto Krate Box. Plus: New Keto Gift Box Option! 🎁

9 Low Carb, Gluten Free, Keto Friendly products. Using the cheapest options it would cost you $156.59 to purchase these products individually! But hurry if you want to get this box of Keto Treats cheap…

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Low Carb Zucchini Nut Bread 💚 New Gluten Free Keto Recipe (Vegetarian Friendly)

A warm, cinnamon, nutty fall flavor that really hits the spot! Not only is it super low carb (only 1.5 net carbs per serving) it is also gluten free, ketogenic and vegetarian friendly…

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Low Carb Convenience Foods – My Thoughts & Feedback

Low carb freezer meals, keto meal replacements, and easy ways to stay on track when you’re traveling or on the go – or just don’t feel like cooking!

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Keto Sandwich & Pizza Ideas: Getting Creative with Cauliflower Crusts & Cauliflower Bread

Low Carb Breakfast Pizza, Keto Sandwiches & More Creative LCHF Meal Ideas to Mix Things Up!

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Low Carb French Toast Sticks Recipe

When you can eat THIS for 6 net carbs, you’re pretty much in keto heaven. 😉

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