KetoCon 2019 🔜 Counting Down to the Biggest Keto Event of the Year!

KetoCon 2019 is going to be bigger and better than ever! If you want to join us in June for the next big KetoCon keto conference now is the time to get your ticket – before you miss out! It’s a 3-day event in Austin, Texas and it was TONS of fun last year…

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Quick Chat, New Video & Upcoming Keto Events

I just got back from the Metabolic Health Summit so I have LOTS of interesting updates & information to share with you…

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Low Carb Lunch on Saturday? Year-End Keto Meetup in Charlotte, NC

I’ll be in Charlotte, NC this coming weekend, and would love to meet up with anyone in or near the area while I’m there! 🙂 I’m planning lunch at OutBack Steakhouse on Saturday, December 29th in Charlotte. Let me know …

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Join us for a FUN Keto Conference! (only 1 day left…)

You’ll get to meet all your favorite low carb bloggers and friends AND your favorite keto food companies! Join us for 3 full days of FUN at the biggest keto conference…

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Keto Meal Plans & Meetups, June Giveaways & Summer Low Carb Challenge

Summer Low Carb Challenge dates & details, three fun giveaways, four keto meetups and other cool updates you won’t want to miss this week…

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KetoCon Event & Austin TX Low Carb Meetup

There’s truly nothing like a group of people with a shared interest all getting together in one place. Especially for the stories from so many different people, and the FUN and the laughs! – plus the HUGE dose of motivation & inspiration you get from that… 😉

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Free Keto Cookbook, Low Carb Events & Meetups, Meal Plans & More

Listen in to the Keto Edge Summit online for FREE, grab this free ketogenic diet book, and find out about the upcoming low carb meetups & events!

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Low Carb Scare at Logan’s Roadhouse, Meeting Kyndra Holley, Logging Keto Macros & More…

I had such a FUN and full low carb day yesterday. I cannot wait to tell you all about it (!) so grab a coffee and let’s catch up… because I have LOTS to share with you! 🙂

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Nashville Low Carb Dinner Meetup on Saturday – Join us! :-)

I’ll be in Nashville on Saturday if you want to join me for an early dinner. It will be a fun, casual meet-up with low carb friends in the area…

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Live Low Carb Q&A – Join Us!

Join me LIVE on Saturday April 22nd for a full 90-minute Low Carb Q&A Consulting Session with a BONUS free email consultation on your weight loss goals!

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A Fun Low Carb Conversation With Kathy!

While I was in Orlando recently, I met up with Kathy for a fun low carb lunch – and great conversation! Check out our Fat Side in these pictures, lol. Do you have a Fat Side?!

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The Low Carb Lunch Meetup at Floyd’s Shrimp House on Fort Walton Beach

This was my 4th Annual Low Carb Beach Trip, and I had tons of FUN! I met up with a couple of friends for a Low Carb Lunch who happened to also be vacationing down the beach from us…

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Toronto Low Carb Meetup at Milestones (Meals & Photos)

The Low Carb Lunch Meetup in Toronto was a lot of fun! We met at Milestones on Sunday for brunch. There was great conversation and lots of laughs! We had a really good time getting to know each other. Here’s a quick tour around the table so you can see what we ordered…

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Meals & Photos from the Asheville, NC Low Carb Meet-Up at The Cantina Biltmore

The Low Carb Lunch Meetup in Asheville, NC was a great time! We met at The Cantina Fresh Mex & Tequila Bar in the historic Biltmore Village. The atmosphere was great, the service was top notch, and the food was absolutely delicious!!

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