KetoCon 2019 🔜 Counting Down to the Biggest Keto Event of the Year!

I had SO much fun at KetoCon 2018 and am already planning to be at KetoCon again this year in June. It’s the ONE place where you can get a serious keto education and also meet all your favorite bloggers …

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Quick Chat, New Video & Upcoming Keto Events

I just got back from the Metabolic Health Summit so I have LOTS of interesting updates & information to share with you…

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Low Carb Lunch on Saturday? Year-End Keto Meetup in Charlotte, NC

I’ll be in Charlotte, NC this coming weekend, and would love to meet up with anyone in or near the area while I’m there! 🙂 I’m planning lunch at OutBack Steakhouse on Saturday, December 29th in Charlotte. Let me know …

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Join us for a FUN Keto Conference! (only 1 day left…)

You’ll get to meet all your favorite low carb bloggers and friends AND your favorite keto food companies! Join us for 3 full days of FUN at the biggest keto conference…

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Keto Meal Plans & Meetups, June Giveaways & Summer Low Carb Challenge

Summer Low Carb Challenge dates & details, three fun giveaways, four keto meetups and other cool updates you won’t want to miss this week…

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KetoCon Event & Austin TX Low Carb Meetup

There’s truly nothing like a group of people with a shared interest all getting together in one place. Especially for the stories from so many different people, and the FUN and the laughs! – plus the HUGE dose of motivation & inspiration you get from that… 😉

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Free Keto Cookbook, Low Carb Events & Meetups, Meal Plans & More

Listen in to the Keto Edge Summit online for FREE, grab this free ketogenic diet book, and find out about the upcoming low carb meetups & events!

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Low Carb Scare at Logan’s Roadhouse, Meeting Kyndra Holley, Logging Keto Macros & More…

I had such a FUN and full low carb day yesterday. I cannot wait to tell you all about it (!) so grab a coffee and let’s catch up… because I have LOTS to share with you! 🙂

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Nashville Low Carb Dinner Meetup on Saturday – Join us! :-)

I’ll be in Nashville on Saturday if you want to join me for an early dinner. It will be a fun, casual meet-up with low carb friends in the area…

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Live Low Carb Q&A – Join Us!

Join me LIVE on Saturday April 22nd for a full 90-minute Low Carb Q&A Consulting Session with a BONUS free email consultation on your weight loss goals!

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A Fun Low Carb Conversation With Kathy!

While I was in Orlando recently, I met up with Kathy for a fun low carb lunch – and great conversation! Check out our Fat Side in these pictures, lol. Do you have a Fat Side?!

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The Low Carb Lunch Meetup at Floyd’s Shrimp House on Fort Walton Beach

This was my 4th Annual Low Carb Beach Trip, and I had tons of FUN! I met up with a couple of friends for a Low Carb Lunch who happened to also be vacationing down the beach from us…

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Toronto Low Carb Meetup at Milestones (Meals & Photos)

The Low Carb Lunch Meetup in Toronto was a lot of fun! We met at Milestones on Sunday for brunch. There was great conversation and lots of laughs! We had a really good time getting to know each other. Here’s a quick tour around the table so you can see what we ordered…

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Meals & Photos from the Asheville, NC Low Carb Meet-Up at The Cantina Biltmore

The Low Carb Lunch Meetup in Asheville, NC was a great time! We met at The Cantina Fresh Mex & Tequila Bar in the historic Biltmore Village. The atmosphere was great, the service was top notch, and the food was absolutely delicious!!

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