Quarantine Weight Gain ⚠️ Puts You At Greater Risk for Coronavirus Complications


Can we have a serious conversation about the Quarantine Weight Gain theme? Your weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, sleep quality, stress levels – your HEALTH period, is more important than ever…

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Caution With Packages & Deliveries: How Long Coronavirus Remains Infectious On Surfaces


17 DAYS. 😳 That’s a scary number! There are conflicting reports about how long the new coronavirus lives or remains infectious on various surfaces, but we’re getting new updates often as this situation unfolds and they’re learning more about how …

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Staying Home, Social Distancing & Keto Life in Quarantine – How Are You?


This hit home for me today. My best friend got the call to put her entire family in quarantine after direct contact with someone who tested positive for Covid-19. I’m sure you’ve heard all about this by now, so I …

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Example: Tracking Keto Macros


Tracking meals & keto macros is part of our keto mini challenge this week, so I thought it would be helpful to give you a live example. The Benefits of Tracking Keto Macros In addition to staying around or below …

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QUESTION + New Videos: Weekend Chat!


I’m struggling lately. Not just with my appetite and mindset (self sabotage?) but also with stress and my crazy schedule lately. I feel overwhelmed with both work and food choices, and of course I’m dealing with my gut health issues …

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Keto Chaos & Confusion: Fat vs Protein vs Calories – What?! 🤦‍♀️


Should you eat high protein, eat high fat, limit protein, count calories, take electrolytes? Does eating high fat mean eating low protein? Is fasting required to lose weight? And why are vegetables all of a sudden BAD for you, or are they? It’s enough to make your head spin!

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IBgard & FDgard (I spoke too soon…)


In my last post about my gut health issues I mentioned I’m taking IBgard and FDgard which were both recommended by my gastroenterologist, and that my IBS & gut health symptoms dramatically improved taking those before every meal. I love …

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My Gut Health Saga & Gastroenterologist Appointment


I have NEVER been THIS sick for THIS long. This whole gut health ordeal has been nothing short of completely miserable – and incredibly stressful…

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Are You Watching the Kick Sugar Summit This Week?


My session will air on Thursday as a featured speaker in this year’s Kick Sugar Summit. It’s running all week (June 10-15). If you haven’t already, register for free so you don’t miss today’s sessions!

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Coconut Oil vs MCT Oil + Which MCT Oil Is Best For Weight Loss (Comparison Charts)


If you’re curious about how & why to use MCT Oil, if you should at all, wondering about the difference between MCT powder or pills and oil, whether it’s different from the coconut oil in your kitchen, or do NOT like oil in your coffee… you’re in the right place. 😉

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Top 7 Low Carb Travel Tips For A Healthy Mindset & Staying On Track On The Go


Do you struggle with traveling low carb, or staying on track away from home? Colette and I teamed up to share our best low carb travel tips to help you navigate all the options and decisions when you’re on the go…

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Ketones, Ketosis Levels & Bio-Individuality + Exogenous Ketones: Useful, or NOT?!


If you have questions about ketosis, ketone levels, using exogenous ketones, glucose and ketone testing and all that jazz – you’ll LOVE this video! A very candid discussion, live from the Metabolic Health Summit in Long Beach…

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Your Biggest Keto Questions? I’m Attending the Metabolic Health Summit (For You!)


This is a little more of my story than I think I’ve told in any one place before, but not quite all of it at the same time. But this is a good place to open up the discussion on Keto Health and the science behind what makes us well – or UNwell…

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Join LIVE: Low Carb Class on Tuesday


Get ready for a HUGE dose of motivation, fun and laughs, and some insights that will make your low carb lifestyle SO much easier. 😉 Join in live with me on Tuesday for the next Low Carb Class!

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