💬 Discussion: Perfect Keto Products 👍👎


How to get 45% off Perfect Keto Bars plus an open discussion: what we like, what we don’t like, and different (creative) ways to use some of their products…

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Would Peanut Butter Cookies Make Anything Better? 😌🥜🍪


Friday Keto Chat: Would low carb peanut butter cookies make anything better?! Maybe, maybe not. But that’s the topic of our chat today because, well – for several reasons…

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$50 off Perfect Keto Bars ❣️ 35% off Low Carb Ice Cream + ChocZero Peanut Butter Cups… FOUND! 🙌


Amazing deals on low carb ice cream, keto bars, low carb pizza and WHERE TO GET ALL 3 FLAVORS OF THE NEW CHOCZERO PEANUT BUTTER CUPS without having to wait! Plus creative ideas to mix things up in the kitchen this week, too…

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7 Delicious Ways To Enjoy Lolli’s Keto Cookie Clusters


Love Lolli’s Cookie Clusters? I have a discount code plus 7 delicious ways to enjoy it in creative low carb meal ideas! Including low carb yogurt parfaits and other keto breakfast ideas like cinnamon crunch muffins and…

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Food Shaming Needs To STOP…


I know we don’t always agree on everything, or every way of “doing keto,” but our little community here on the world wide web is very accepting and open minded compared to what you might experience elsewhere on the internet. …

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15% off Perfect Keto 💕 Here Are My Favorites…


This is the unflavored collagen powder & MCT oil I’ve been using with GREAT (fast) results, and I also love their keto bars & super creamy nut butter. Enjoy this special deal so you can try them out (or stock …

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Keto Sales & Discount Codes


Keto Discount Codes, Sales and Free Downloads. I’ll add to this list for you as I come across more great low carb deals & discount codes. Savings always help! ♥

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Low Carb Wine Tonight? 🍷 This Keto Wine Impressed Me & Passed The Test! 🍾


Keto Friendly Wine that’s less than 2 carbs for the ENTIRE BOTTLE & doesn’t knock you out of ketosis – and a low carb red wine that doesn’t give me an instant migraine?! BINGO❣ After enjoying a couple of glasses of this magic keto wine myself…

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New Keto Krunch Snacks by FBOMB (Discount Code)


There are reasons these are WAY better than other keto cheese snacks. You can definitely TASTE the difference! These are the ONLY keto cheese snacks I even like. I gave away all my parm crisps, moon cheese, cheese crisps etc. Those are too hard, too salty, have a funky flavor, or just… not too good, lol.⁣ These are GREAT though – for…

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Get Ketone Test Strips For Only $2 Today…


I found you a SWEET deal today from Med Lab Diagnostics! You can get their “Accurate, Professional Grade, Urine Ketone Test Strips” (150 count bottle) for only $2 today. ❣ The special is for this weekend only… Enter your email …

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Ketologie Coupon Code for Keto Shakes (Corrected!)


My apologies for the incorrect coupon code in my last post for the Ketologie keto shakes! I fixed it in the post, but it had already gone out to you by email by the time I caught the mistake. Here …

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The FBOMB Discount I Promised You! Keto Nut Butter Fat Packs You’ll LOVE ❤


A heartwarming story of my father’s newfound food joy, playing the Fat Bomb Fairy for fun, and a very generous 20% FBomb discount for you on a delicious lchf keto product you can enjoy on the go!

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New! 🍋 Creative Keto Treat Ideas to Tickle Your Tastebuds with Fun Refreshing Flavor Combinations 😍 (On The Go, Even!)


If you have keto products you think you don’t like, or you’re ignoring in your low carb pantry, you’ll love these FUN creative ideas to totally turn things around! New flavor twists and creative keto treats…

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New Low Carb Breakfast Flavor Variety & Delicious Keto Snacks You’ll Love!


If you miss things like blueberry muffins and banana bread now that you’re eating low carb… THIS is going to make your day. Brand new low carb snack cakes for a fast keto breakfast that are DELICIOUS – but also certified organic, gluten free and paleo.

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