📲 Download Today: Keto Meal Plans & Low Carb Recipes for Fresh Inspiration!


Need Keto Meal Plans, LCHF Recipes & Low Carb Cookbooks for FRESH ideas and LOTS of inspiration? ❤ Check out this great Keto Diet Bundle. It only comes around once or twice a year, and only for a few days. …

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The FBOMB Discount I Promised You! Keto Nut Butter Fat Packs You’ll LOVE ❤


A heartwarming story of my father’s newfound food joy, playing the Fat Bomb Fairy for fun, and a very generous 20% FBomb discount for you on a delicious lchf keto product you can enjoy on the go!

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New! 🍋 Creative Keto Treat Ideas to Tickle Your Tastebuds with Fun Refreshing Flavor Combinations 😍 (On The Go, Even!)


If you have keto products you think you don’t like, or you’re ignoring in your low carb pantry, you’ll love these FUN creative ideas to totally turn things around! New flavor twists and creative keto treats…

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New Low Carb Breakfast Flavor Variety & Delicious Keto Snacks You’ll Love!


If you miss things like blueberry muffins and banana bread now that you’re eating low carb… THIS is going to make your day. Brand new low carb snack cakes for a fast keto breakfast that are DELICIOUS – but also certified organic, gluten free and paleo.

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The Perfect LCHF Keto Nut: Pili Nuts With A Purpose (Beware Knock-Off Brands!)


In reference to Pili Nuts, the worlds most perfect LCHF Keto Nut, and to Pili Hunters brand specifically – I’m curious: Does the source of your food (or the nutrient quality) generally play into your decision about which brand or which product you choose to use? Let’s discuss!

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🍕 BIG Pizza Jerky Giveaway! Keto Friendly, Low Carb & Amazingly Delicious


Enter for your chance to win this delicious keto-friendly low carb (and amazingly delicious!) pizza jerky by Super Snack Time! You’ll LOVE this Pizza In A Bag treat…

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💚 Enter To Win: Pili Nut Giveaway Package


Enter the giveaway today, and stay tuned for my FUN pili nut recipe posts. I’m especially anxious to try their newest Fungi Fuel Lions Mane Pili Nut Butter to make “low carb pumpkin spice muffins” with a buttery Pili Nut crumble on top… YUM!

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Keto Brownie Nutrition Bar: Delicious LCHF Chocolate Almond Crunch Treat


Ooh, this has perfect LCHF Macros, with no baking required! Sometimes you NEED easy low carb foods to grab on the go. And a sweet treat, like a LCHF Keto Brownie? Even better! Especially when it’s organic, gluten free, VERY low carb – and absolutely delicious…

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Facelift Friday Photo (Motivation!) + Good/Bad News About Keto Krate


Facelift Friday Weight Loss ~ I had so many mixed emotions seeing myself chubby, seeing myself thin, realizing today marked my one year anniversary working with Keto Krate. Plus the difference in my life then, and my life one year ago today, and my life now…

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What’s In The September Keto Krate? Sneak Peek!


It’s going to be a FUN low carb week when the next Keto Krate box arrives! I got us a sneak peek of what we’re getting this month…

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Keto Krate Sneak Peek: What’s In The August Box? Brownies!


It’s going to be a DELICIOUS low carb week when the next Keto Krate box arrives! I got a sneak peek of what we’re going to get this month…

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Keto Krate: A Box Full of Low Carb Fun!


What’s in my first Keto Krate box? Check out the NEAT low carb products! Why wouldn’t you just buy them individually? Price breakdown, details & more…

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Video: Core Ab Slider Discs (Faceplant?!)


I was afraid testing out these Core Ab Slider Discs lol. Find out why, and what I like about them too- and see Joe and I do a core workout together! FUN stuff…

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Low Carb Sourdough Bread, Grilled Cheese & Bagels


I love the Great Low Carb Bread Company for so many reasons. It doesn’t throw me out of ketosis. It doesn’t stall my weight loss. It’s kosher. It’s GMO free. And I was really impressed when I compared the ingredients against other products!

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