❤ Creative Keto Meal Ideas – Keeping It Simple!


From a breakfast salad to a no-bake keto dessert for dinner plus low carb breakfast in bed – and a serious save at a little joint that seemed to serve nothing but carbs & alcohol lol, here’s what I’ve been eating the last few days…

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My Keto Muffin Recipe & Food Diary (Plus A Gross Low Carb Food – Don’t Buy This!)


I’ve shared this keto muffins recipe before but I made them with a new twist this time. That plus quick photo tour of my keto food diary for yesterday – so you can see what I ate and how I logged it, for ideas and inspiration…

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More Easy Keto Meals: 3-Day Low Carb Food Diary


My scales seem to be STUCK this week but I just keep powering through with my keto macros and daily workouts. Between this low carb food diary and my last one, you have six full days of keto meal examples!

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3-Day Keto Food Diary w/Macros


I made a delicious new low carb recipe, had a keto starbucks coffee, went out and had low carb beers, picked up some easy keto takeout this week… and got some great exercise in too! 🙂 Here’s a three day …

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Keto Macros, Meals & Meetups: A Fun Day In My Low Carb Life!


So much weight lost, so many personal battles won, so many new friends made… that’s what the keto community is all about! ~ See my keto meals and macros, and highlights from our Nashville Keto Meetup this week…

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Super Simple Keto Foods & Easy (Versatile) Low Carb Bread Recipe


This week I’ve been eating super simple keto meals, so I’ll give you a quick photo tour. I made one of my all time favorite keto recipes too! 🙂

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My Keto Food Diary: 5.6 Pounds Lost in Just 4 Days


My ketone levels are rapidly rising while my weight is consistently dropping. That’s the kind of keto success I love! 🙂 In just four short days, I’ve dropped 5.6 pounds… To be fair, I was out of ketosis when I …

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Easy Keto Meal Ideas – Two Day Low Carb Food Diary (Getting Into Ketosis Quickly)


There’s a bit of a story to this low carb food diary, which is two full days of VERY easy keto meals – and how I mysteriously got back into ketosis quicker than I ever have before! 😉 We just …

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Photos: Traveling Low Carb & Keto Meetup in Charlotte (Fun!)


This low carb trip and the Keto Meetup here in Charlotte have been amazingly fun so far… and I still have two full days to go! I’m headed off to another concert, but I wanted to share a quick photo …

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19 Low Carb Meals, Snacks & Keto Food Ideas


From restaurants to snack plates to easy keto dinners at home, these 19 low carb meals should give you some ideas for those busy days – or for meals you can easily make at home if you prefer…

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Let’s Catch Up! How Are You This Weekend?


To be honest it’s been a hellish couple of weeks here, and I’m glad to see the crazy dying back down to the usual lull of everyday life! Here’s what I’ve been up to, and my questions for you…

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LCHF Examples: 4 Day Keto Food Diary


Here’s what I’ve been eating for the last four days plus my last four MyFitnessPal food logs, so you can see how I log my meals and how easily the keto macros work out…

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LCHF Example: My MyFitnessPal Keto Food Diary


To give you a live example of a day in my own low carb life, here is a quick photo tour of my meals yesterday – and my MyFitnessPal diary, so you can see how I logged those meals. I also tested a new keto product, so I’ll tell you about that too, along with what goes into that testing…

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🦃 Low Carb Thanksgiving: A Carnivore, Keto & Vegetarian in ONE Kitchen… 😉


I enjoyed a delicious keto-friendly low carb thanksgiving meal on Thursday. But even better than the food… was the company & conversation! ❤ That’s what I love MOST about having finally overcome my binge eating issues, and living a life …

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