Keto Meals at Opryland Hotel in Nashville TN

If you’re planning to visit or stay at Opryland Hotel and want to stay on track with your keto diet while you’re there, here’s everything you need to know. 😉 Quick list of helpful tips while staying at Opryland Hotel: …

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Keto Myths, My Starbucks Keto Iced Coffee & Maltodextrin Hype vs Truth

Every time I share a picture of my Starbucks keto iced coffee, there’s a flurry of “that’s not keto!” comments mixed with concerned questions… Specifically about the maltodextrin in (some) Starbucks sugar free syrups, and whether that kicks you out …

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💥 Domino’s Wings Warning and Apology 😔 BIG Keto Mistake! Here’s Proof…

I feel SO bad. 😔 Please consider this my formal and sincere apology. I normally don’t make mistakes like this, and I feel awful about posting a great low carb dinner idea that I know others chose to eat after …

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🍓 Why I Love Eating Low Carb at IHOP

IHOP is one of my favorite low carb restaurants for TWO reasons. Check out these great low carb IHOP menu options and LCHF meal ideas that are keto friendly and delicious!

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Beware! Starbucks Carb Count Warning: The Secret Sugar In Your Iced Coffee or Tea

Did you know that Starbucks iced teas and coffees come with sugar water – by default? So a large Venti black iced coffee has 30 GRAMS OF SUGAR. Even a plain a Venti Caffè Americano is 4 carbs. Read more, what you should know when ordering at Starbucks on a sugar free or low carb diet…

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Update! TRICKY Taco Bell Naked Egg Breakfast Taco (Beware The Hidden Carbs!)

The new Naked Egg Taco breakfast option at Taco Bell is full of extra ingredients and hidden carbs, they are very small too – and way too messy to eat on the road! How DO you make a SIX carb egg? See what they put in it…

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Low Carb On The Go: Hardee’s, Burger King & O’Charley’s

Two full days of low carb meals and MyFitnessPal logs, including 2 fast food low carb meals on the go and one fabulous healthy LCHF restaurant meal – plus: exercising in a DRESS?! haha…

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Eating Low Carb at Logan’s Roadhouse (Great coupon for this weekend!)

Logan’s Roadhouse so many great low carb foods! Sauteed mushrooms or grilled mushroom skewers? Salmon, steak, chicken or shrimp? YUM! Here’s the amazing low carb meal I ordered…

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Eating Low Carb At Mexican Restaurants

I love low carb mexican food! You have to stay out of the margaritas, chips & salsa, rice & beans and tortillas of course… but eating low carb Mexican is easy & delicious…

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Cheap Low Carb Restaurant Options – Save Money Eating Out!

Eating out so much can get expensive so I wanted to share one of my favorite resources with you. Not only can you get discounts right at the restaurant, you can also get cashback just for using them!

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Eating Low Carb At A Chinese Buffet

I ate low carb at Ming’s Chinese Buffet and Grill today. Of course, even if you think you’re making good choices you still may screw it up. Which is exactly what I did today, lol. I’ll share what I learned, and show you what I ate…

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My Low Carb Restaurant Meals In San Diego

Here are the low carb restaurant meals I chose while traveling, to give you some easy ideas when you’re out & about… and looking to make healthy low carb choices!

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Eating Low Carb In Vegas – What I Learned (The Hard Way!)

If you ever find yourself in Vegas as a diabetic, or on a low carb diet for any reason, I hope my story proves helpful to you. This was a serious struggle for me. I was in tears more than once, and totally miserable. Here’s what I learned (the hard way, lol)…

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How To Navigate The Unexpected Carbs

What to do when you find yourself navigating a not-so-low-carb meal! Yesterday I was out and about, and I stopped at the JoZoara Coffee Shop (a favorite little spot!) to sit on the patio and enjoy lunch in the sunshine…

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