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This blog is where I’ll share all my weird eating habits, my fun travel adventures, how I maintain the low-carb lifestyle with a high-travel lifestyle, and everything I learn along the way. Including what to eat, where to eat, what to do when there’s nothing to eat but bread (LOL) and all the funny stuff that happens in between…

Hi! I’m Lynn Terry, and I work from home full time as a Professional Blogger and Affiliate Marketer.

As you can imagine, not only do I sit most of the day – but I have easy access to the kitchen all day long! LOL

I also travel a lot, eating on the go. And when I am home – well, it’s often take-out for dinner. Between traveling, running a business, and being a single mother, I simply don’t have time to cook as much as I used to. Besides… Life’s too short to be stuck in the kitchen 3 times a day!! :P

Call it age, call it life, call it whatever you want – but after 14+ years of the same lifestyle (working from home, single mom, etc) I mysteriously put on 35 pounds in my 30’s!

Ack :shock: No fun at all!

For two straight years I said to myself every single day “I have to lose 20 pounds.”

Finally, I changed the way I eat. I simply cut out carbs, or rather cut down to less than 20 net carbs a day. And in less than 2 months, I lost about 15 pounds. In fact, I lost 8 pounds in the first 10 days alone! :D It’s now month 4 and I have lost almost 25 pounds. I feel fabulous!!

The photo above was taken at the -15lb mark. The most amazing difference I see when I look at myself is the change in my face, neck & shoulders. Obviously having a waist again is a big plus too! *smile*

Google+I hope you enjoy my blog, and that you’ll leave a comment and say hello sometime! I would love to connect with you on Twitter and Facebook, and Tumblr too if you have an account there.

You’ll also find me on Pinterest and Instagram. Let’s connect! :D

Lynn Terry

p.s. You can get in touch with me at travelinglowcarb@gmail.com I am always looking for new brands to try, new sponsors, and new topics to cover. Don’t hesitate to send me an email if you have a question, a suggestion, would like a guest blog post – or to submit a guest post, etc.

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41 Responses to About Lynn Terry

  1. Mary Bernard says:

    Hi, Lynn.

    I just found your new blog, and I’m encouraged to give this a try with you!

    One question … do you find yourself missing bread, pasta, etc.? Or do you find that your cravings/taste for them have vanished?

    Ugh. I love breads and potatoes and pastas. I would love to “lose” my taste for them. :)

    Congrats on the 20 lbs. You look great!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Mary – thank you! :D

      Prior to starting Low Carb (less than 90 days ago) I was practically living on carbs. Oddly, I haven’t missed them at all – pastries, breads, pasta, potatoes, potato chips, french friends – none of it.

      After the first week, they even started to UNappeal. It’s amazing how quickly your tastes change!

      Melissa (@imsweetie on Twitter) just joined us too, and she lost 6 pounds in the first 6 days. I had a similar experience, losing 8 pounds in the first 10 days myself. I’ve now lost over 20!

  2. Mary Bernard says:

    OK. That’s really encouraging! Thanks for letting me know that you haven’t missed them. ;)

    And, yes … actually, it was Melissa’s post on Facebook about her experience that led me over here to check it all out.

    Excited to be in this together!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Me too :D

      Even though I don’t miss bread at all, I did order some low carb bread last week. It should be here today or tomorrow. I ordered it because it’s a huge search, and also a bit controversial, and I wanted to try it for myself. Will keep you posted on that! There are also low carb pastas and other things listed here if you’re interested in replacements: http://www.travelinglowcarb.com/buy-low-carb-foods/

  3. Garry Woods says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Wow I’m Impressed, with you, and so much so even though I love my Spuds and Pasta, and wholemeal bread, I also now have given up sugar alcohol, spuds, Pasta, and also have lost 10lbs in 14 days, so with a roll model like you, to encourage us we want to also encourage you.
    And when you have run out of places to visit come to the Island of Tasmania, for a real rest, and I’ll show you around.


  4. Janine Holman says:

    Lynn, I’ve been receiving your emails through ClickNewz.com for quite a couple of years now and am glad to finally catch a blog of yours. I really wanted to check out how you were handling this blog as I have finally decided to give up on all the so-called diets, lifestyle changes, or whatever and figure out the good, healthy, real food weight loss method. I will be creating a blog to track and be accountable to the information I acquire and my weight loss happenings. I’m looking forward to not only losing weight but gaining my life back – losing the pains and sores and gaining energy. I’ll let you know my web address once I am able to get the site together. That alone will be a learning process.


    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Janine. Glad to see you here, and glad to know how much you enjoy ClickNewz! I look forward to checking out your new site.

      Like you, I wanted a healthy change to the way I was eating, not just a diet. I am super happy with the choice I made!

  5. Hey Lynn, Great to find your blog. You are an inspiration to so many. I look forward to reading lots of great information on your blog. Glad I found it.

  6. Brian says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I’ve been reading ClickNewz for several years now. I enjoy them bunches. Not all of the information appeals to me directly, but like most consumers I pick out the nuggets that I like and use it. :-)

    Congratulations on your weight loss. I haven’t been counting net carbs, but I have been on a low carb diet since May 2011 and I have lost 31 pounds. Like you, we found it fairly easy and the quick results kept us motivated.


  7. Caroline J says:

    Oh God! I have to have a go at this Lynn. What do they say…. the journey of a 1,000 miles, starts with the first step…

  8. Ken says:

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that your Low Carb diet is not healthy. Google Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn or Dr. John McDougall.

    Good Luck


    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Ken :)

      There are many differing opinions on various diets, and it’s always a hot topic for debate. I am eating healthier than I ever have in my life (especially more greens!) and feel FABULOUS. Not to mention I’m no longer dealing with the health issues of being overweight and eating badly. *cheers*

  9. Ken says:

    Lynn, It is good that you are eating healthier than ever. But the cheese and alfredo sauce are not good for you. Sure, it tastes great, but it’s not healthy. You are so close, but eating added oils and fats is offsetting all the good you are trying to accomplish. I highly suggest you check out Dr. Esselstyn to see what you are doing to your endothelial cells. Then try Dr. McDougall’s starch based diet. You can feel healthy and actually be healthy. You owe it to yourself. Good Luck.


  10. Kenny says:

    I just discovered your website today, and I love it! I travel for 95% of my work, so any ideas I come across for eating low-carb on the road are great. I love to cook, but living in hotels isn’t really good for that. I actually discovered holdthecarbs.com by looking over your recipes, and found out that I live 15 minutes from their factory store, which makes me really happy!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Awesome, Kenny! :D Great to meet you. I am a big fan of room service, fast food and take out – which is exactly why I chose low carb as a diet – and ultimately as a way of eating. I look forward to hearing more from you!

  11. Becky says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I really,really enjoy your website! I find it to be straight forward and “simple” (in the most positive form) which makes the info posted soo easy to go through and pull out the parts I need. I love that you make no appologizes for how you eat on the run and don’t like to cook. You are honest when you “fall off the wagon” and have to climb back on. You don’t pretend to be something you are not and that is soo refreshing. Even though I do cook at home a lot, I am busy, working mom with two young boys. Your website has been a tremendous help in me staying on track when I don’t have much time and have to eat out or on the run. You help keep things uncomplicated and I really appreciate that! Thanks for sharing your life experiences and meals! It has made a difference in my weight loss journey! :)

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Thank you so much, Becky! Your comment really made my day, and I’m glad what I share is helpful. I love the low carb sites with all the great recipes, but the truth is… we can’t be in the kitchen ALL the time. Or in my case, much time at all, lol. :D *cheers*

  12. kathy says:

    Hi Lynn
    New here. Are you still on 20 carbs a day? Are they net carbs? I just started low carbing this week, but 35 carbs seems the lowest I can go and eat comfortably. I should lose on that, right?

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Kathy,

      Yes, I stick to 20 net carbs per day, and mostly eat meat & greens. Of your 35 net carbs a day, what accounts for those carbs?

      • kathy hamilton says:

        Usually in the morning an egg, 2 thin bacon strips, 1/4 cup of cheddar and 1/2 an avocado. Lunch; usually a couple of ounces of chicken, little grated cheese, lettuce on a low carb tortilla. Dinner sometimes chicken, Broccili, cheese, salad 1/4 avocado. My net carbs are aroun d 35…Calories too high, about 1800. I’ve lost from 4 to 5 pounds this month, keep teetering. Without the bread I crave Avocados and cheese. Please let me know if the bread you just ordered is any good.

  13. Linda says:

    Just found your site and am trying to low carb after being off for a LONG time.Started yesterday (Sunday) and so far today,so good!!!NEED to lose weight bad as I’m very short and too much so to be carrying this much weight!!It is unhealthy and I hate myself,because of my excess weight,too!
    It is hurting my body causing my arthritis to flare up and making it impossible to get a good night’s sleep!!I’m at my wit’s end,and,KNOW that low carb works……………..help me with your suggestions,encouragement and example!!!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Linda :D How are you doing with low carb lately?? 1) Make sure you’re subscribed by email here at the site – top right of this page. And 2) join us at http://www.90DayLowCarbChallenge.com for support & accountability. ;-)

      I have inflammatory arthritis in my lower back that causes me all sorts of pain if I eat bad. Carbs promote inflammation in the body, so going low carb was a real save!! The results were amazing!

  14. Kelly says:

    Hi Lynn! Terry! I am not sure how I came across your blog (pinterest maybe?!) – but I love it! And I am so glad that it is still maintained and updated – so many I have come across are no longer maintained. I am beginning a low carb journey and I am so glad I have your blog as a resource – thank you!!

  15. Shona says:

    I have just started to view your blog and already found several things I wanna try. I have been on the low carb lifestyle for several months and am always looking for new carb recipes. Several years ago I did this and lost 50lbs; problem….I went back to the old way of eating and gained 50+lbs, I am determined to make this a permanent change in my life and am glad to see people like you blogging to help me stay positive. Thanks!

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  17. Beth Gray says:

    How do i start the 90 day low carb challenge? Is there a specific diet plan that i have overlooked? It’s May 23. Can I begin now, or do I need to wait until the next ‘Challenge’?

    I have really enjoyed reading things on this site. Inspiring. Gives me hope.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Thank you Beth. :D I’m glad to hear that! I run several live challenges per year. You’ll want to be subscribed by email at http://www.90DayLowCarbChallenge.com to get Official Dates & Details. We have a new challenge starting in July (SOON). ;-)

      Some people are on different “plans” for the general rule of thumb is: 20 net carbs per day, max. That’s it!

  18. Terry Wright says:

    Lynn, first I had to giggle :) at your name, mine is Terry Lynn (Wright). I wanted to see how you felt about using the BPC everyday? You mention that you don’t use butter that much. Is this something I should incorporate early on on my new WOE? Thank you! Terry

    • Lynn Terry says:

      lol Terry – apparently it’s a common combination. ;-) I know a lot of people that drink BPC daily, but I’ve never tried it myself. I did buy some coconut oil and aim to give it a whirl! This is the recipe that appealed to me:


      I do use butter, just to clarify – but I don’t “eat it by the stick” like some people do. :) I use *real* butter to cook with or to top veggies.

  19. Nancy says:

    Im having a hard time I know I can lose the weight but keep going off track I don’t like sea food need a scheauled or meau that I can go by but cant find one need help I just don’t have any engry

    • Dale says:


      I feel your pain. Low carb dieting is nothing new to me and there are just times that I am like “is there anything different under the sun”. I first tried the diet in 2000 and went from 157 to 125. Of course, I was not diligent and fell back into bad habits.

      I typically keep my carbs to 14 – 20 per day, for now. Not that I do that perfectly but I track my progress with my family and friends through myfitnesspal.com which helps a lot. I too am not a seafood lover and stick to chicken, beef, pork mainly. My husband is not a low carb dieter, he is my saving grace through. He is on an organic healthy food diet that he feels has added years to his life. He cooks dinner for me, always keeping my low carbohydrates foods in mind.

      I am a sugarholic and struggle with wanting junk food but even if on occasion I slip, I don’t “binge” and realize I can get control and walk the path I have chosen. I also, don’t “feel sorry” for myself because everyone is eating cake and I am not. I remind myself how uncomfortable I was and how good it feels to be where I am. I remind me that this is my choice.

      Sometimes at work I will feel low on energy and I will stop and think about how many carbs I have consumed, typically I find it is like 2 or 4 carbs only for the day and I need more so I will grab a hand full of nuts to give me the energy to keep going (I say nuts only because they are a quick convenient snack.)

      I truly believe that no one diet is for everyone. I know that this diet is for me and it is not just to lose weight but to keep it off. I have lost 20# in the past 6 weeks; have 15 more to go. Once I have reached my goal it will be learning the correct amount of carbs I can consume in the form of good foods before it will affect my weight.

      Hang in there Nancy. It is worth it.

  20. Kim says:

    Hey Lynn! I just found your website this week and with it being my first week of doing low carb again it has been really helpful. I did my own version of Atkins about 10 years ago and then started back eating carbs like crazy and drinking cokes like there was no tomorrow LOL. Of course I put the pounds on like crazy too. Then I went back to WW and lost from 178 lbs. down to my absolute lowest at 150 lbs. In my teens and up until I had my son when I was 27 years old I never really had a weight problem. Not like this anyway. I weighed 115 lbs. when I got pregnant and 140 lbs. when he was born and I felt like a cow. I lost weight on my own then by walking most everyday and eating low calorie diet and then at 128 lbs. I joined WW and lost down to 113 lbs. and became a Lifetime Member. Fast forward to today and I’m 52 years old and weighed 191 when I began this diet last Sunday. I’m also only 5’3″ tall to boot. This is the heaviest I have ever been. Recently I talked to a friend on the phone that I haven’t seen in probably 12 years. I felt compelled to tell her how much I weighed now because we were talking about getting together for a visit. I was so ashamed to tell her my true weight that I fudged a little and told her 185. Her response was “You Do Not!”. I could tell she was shocked. Please don’t think she is a hateful person because she really isn’t. I think she said it before she thought about it. She just blurted it out. What that comment did to me though was really make me take a long hard look at how I have let my self go over the past several years. I knew I needed to find a diet where I wouldn’t be starving all the time and one that would show results pretty quickly to keep me motivated. I knew low carb was the one for me. I remember when I lost some weight on a low carb diet before that I lost weight all over at the same time. On a low fat diet it seemed that I would lose weight in my face first, then my boobs and then finally the most troublesome spots which are my backside, stomach and thighs. My fasting blood sugar has been around 110 the past two times I have had it checked so I know the carbs are a problem for me. This is why I have chosen to eat low carb and to stick with it for the long haul. I feel like this is the only thing that is going to get my blood sugar and weight down to where it needs to be. Wow! I’m sorry for such a long entry! Thank you for taking the time to put this information out there for people like me. Have a great day!

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