I’ve shared this keto muffins recipe before but I made them with a new twist this time. That plus quick photo tour of my keto food diary for yesterday – so you can see what I ate and how I logged it, for ideas and inspiration…

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My scales seem to be STUCK this week but I just keep powering through with my keto macros and daily workouts. Between this low carb food diary and my last one, you have six full days of keto meal examples!

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Hi Lynn, I LOVE reading your posts! They are so helpful. I noticed you always... more
If you like spicy, the have that Palmetto cheese with jalapenos..That is the... more

Whether you want the monthly Keto Krate box or not, these monthly value breakdowns are a great way to discover new keto snacks you might want to try… * Spoiler: It would cost you $190.55 to order each of these products individually when you can get the entire box of keto snacks for only $34!

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I’ve had them before – they’re amazing! Definitely rank as... more
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Oh wow, that stinks Aaron… Do you have that problem with other packages?... more

I made a delicious new low carb recipe, had a keto starbucks coffee, went out and had low carb beers, picked up some easy keto takeout this week… and got some great exercise in too! 🙂 Here’s a three day …

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[…] can see what I ate on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in my last 3-Day... more
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Thank you Lynn. I love reading your blog posts and admire you so much. I have a... more

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