Update: the first GIVEAWAY is live and I got two of the best deals extended for you too. 🙂 Plus new exclusive discounts including ChocZero and the NEW Legendary Toaster Pastries 💕

Lynn Terry says:
You’re in luck, Robin :) I scored us a sweet discount on ChocZero, 15%... more
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I really loved the Choc Zero white choc and peppermint chips. Would love... more

I need some semblance of normal – and happy human connection. 🙂 What about you? I usually unbox the monthly Keto Krate on live video, but I haven’t done that lately. So I thought I would “go live” and unbox …

Debbie says:
I used your code for Lollie cookies, can’t wait to try them more
Cindi says:
Can’t figure out how to get into video chat. more

17 DAYS. 😳 That’s a scary number! There are conflicting reports about how long the new coronavirus lives or remains infectious on various surfaces, but we’re getting new updates often as this situation unfolds and they’re learning more about how …

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We have a fridge, stove and dishwasher on order from Lowes from a few weeks... more
Keto Quarantine... says:
[…] You also want to take extra precautions with deliveries. […] more

📌 I know things are crazy and scary and weird right now. This is NOT the time to fall off the wagon, though (more than ever!). Stay smart, stay safe, stay strong, stay the happiest, healthiest version of yourself you can be!

Lynn Terry says:
Hi Susanne, You said that you were tracking carbs. How are you tracking, and... more
Susanne Swisher says:
Hey, Lynn; My weight loss so far this year has fluctuated from 159 to 138.9,... more

Staying Home, Social Distancing & Keto Life in Quarantine – How Are You?

This hit home for me today. My best friend got the call to put her entire family in quarantine after direct contact with someone who tested positive for Covid-19. I’m sure you’ve heard all about this by now, so I …


How Can I Help? Groceries, Free Deliveries & Discounts

I’ve been under voluntary quarantine since March 12th. It has been a busy time of preparation, education, work – and checking in with friends & family during my free time. I plan to go live in an interactive video discussion …


Keto Challenge Week 10 Weigh-In 💕

I would love to hear how much weight you’ve lost in 2020 so far, and any other wonderful benefits you’ve experienced eating keto or low carb! Have questions? Struggling? Let’s discuss the highs & lows…


Example: Calculating Carb Count Per Serving – MyFitnessPal Tips & Tricks

Do you ever get frustrated figuring out how to enter something in MyFitnessPal or your meal tracking app? Here are some handy tips for accurate keto macro tracking!


Week 9 Weigh In – Are you REALLY Committed?

I get it. You want something SO bad, but it’s HARD to kick old habits or make big changes, and it’s easy to cave in and give in to instant gratification. I’ve been there: off/on, in/out, motivated/defeated, proud/disgusted, totally committed and then not quite. It’s a maddening roller coaster of emotions, which is no fun at all, and it’s not good on your body either…


⏰ Don’t Waste Any More Time. Go For Your Goals! (NOW)

How long have you had your goal, and how seriously have you chased it? Days, months… years? What’s REALLY holding you back from living the ideal version of your life?


7 Delicious Ways To Enjoy Lolli’s Keto Cookie Clusters

Love Lolli’s Cookie Clusters? I have a discount code plus 7 delicious ways to enjoy it in creative low carb meal ideas! Including low carb yogurt parfaits and other keto breakfast ideas like cinnamon crunch muffins and…


Week 7 Weigh-In : How is 2020 Going For You So Far?

I’d love to hear YOUR story, what holds you back, what helps you most, and what seems to always stump you up… leave a comment & let’s discuss it!


Keto Weight Loss FAQ & Week 6 Weigh In

I have always been a slow loser. When I was trying to rush it I would get frustrated and bail, then start back, and do that cycle over and over – which never gave me great results with my health OR weight loss. Here’s what finally worked for me…


Keto Challenge Week 5 Weigh In: Celebrating or Struggling?

BE STRONGER THAN YOUR STRONGEST EXCUSE. I know that can be hard to do sometimes. The voices in our head win over, old habits are hard to break, it’s easy to just go through the motions instead of FIGHTING for what you want… I get it.