My session will air on Thursday as a featured speaker in this year’s Kick Sugar Summit. It’s running all week (June 10-15). If you haven’t already, register for free so you don’t miss today’s sessions!

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Hi Peggie! I just posted a new one here:... more
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Could u send me the low carb peanut butter recipe pls I lost mine when I moved more

I know how discouraging it can be when the scales aren’t moving, or when you’re not seeing progress as quickly as you would like – or think you should. I’ve been reading stories about exactly that all over the web lately, so I popped on and shared some tips & ideas in this video for you.

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Hi Janet, The dizzy spells – any idea why you are getting those? One... more
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Congrats on making positive lifestyle changes and taking control of your goals,... more

This keto banana nut bread recipe turned out AMAZING. It’s very low carb, gluten free, and made with great ingredients. You’re going to love this one!

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Do you have these recipes in a printable format or as a cookbook? more
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[…] I mentioned my Low Carb Banana Bread Recipe is coming out next. It is... more

VERY candid, unscripted chat. Exciting news: I’ll be a featured speaker at the Kick Sugar Summit! Plus what I’m eating and WHY, what I’m testing right now, keto products I do NOT recommend or DON’T like, and more…

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Thank you for all the research that you do. I really appreciated the... more
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Thank you Kathy. :) I look forward to watching it too! They have a GREAT... more

Perfect Keto Discount Code & Review

Perfect Keto Promo Code for a discount, plus which products I love and am using daily – and which I do NOT recommend…


Easy Low Carb Snacks & Fast Meal Ideas To Stay On Track This Summer

(This is the story I promised you!) – Consistently staying on track has been the key to my weight loss success over the last eight years, and of course to maintaining my weight loss and improved health…


Macadamia Crunch Peanut Butter Cups 😍 Keto Candy Recipe: Delicious Brain-Boosting MCT Oil Fat Bombs

You probably have all the ingredients to make this amazingly delicious keto candy if you’ve been following along for awhile, but in case you don’t have some of these ingredients in your keto pantry… I’ll give you simple substitution ideas! …


Keto Sales & Discount Codes

Keto Discount Codes, Sales and Free Downloads. I’ll add to this list for you as I come across more great low carb deals & discount codes. Savings always help! ♥


Coconut Oil vs MCT Oil + Which MCT Oil Is Best For Weight Loss (Comparison Charts)

If you’re curious about how & why to use MCT Oil, if you should at all, wondering about the difference between MCT powder or pills and oil, whether it’s different from the coconut oil in your kitchen, or do NOT like oil in your coffee… you’re in the right place. 😉


Facing Your Fears (Our Weight Loss Journey)

Does fear play a part in the success/failure your weight loss journey? Are you SURE? Is fear or success OR fear or failure truly rational, or an irrational means of self sabotage? Things to consider…


Keto Challenge Week 6 Weigh-In

It’s time for the Week Six Weigh-In if you’re participating in the Spring Keto Challenge. It’s never too late to start! The challenge is FREE and you can join us today if you haven’t already…


Food For Thought…

This photo was taken 5 years ago. I’m leaner, Slim is greyer, and Molly died 10 months later. Life is full of twists and turns, to make you grow, keep you on your toes, force you to appreciate, teach you to love harder and spend your time more wisely – and make you change, hopefully in positive ways…


Low Carb Wine Tonight? 🍷 This Keto Wine Impressed Me & Passed The Test! 🍾

Keto Friendly Wine that’s less than 2 carbs for the ENTIRE BOTTLE & doesn’t knock you out of ketosis – and a low carb red wine that doesn’t give me an instant migraine?! BINGO❣ After enjoying a couple of glasses of this magic keto wine myself…


Keto Challenge Week 5 Weigh-In

It’s time for the Week Five Weigh-In if you’re participating in the Spring Keto Challenge. It’s never too late to start! The challenge is FREE and you can join us today if you haven’t already. New people join in every single day. 😉