Want to see what 3 months of keto snacks looks like? Join me in this fun video where I unbox the June, July and August Keto Krate boxes and share creative ways to use these products… even if you don’t …

Stephanie says:
Hi Lynn! I don’t typically drink hot beverages, like coffee or tea. How... more
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Hi Judy :) You have to enter this special discount code: LOWCARBTRAVELERAUG19... more

It’s so easy to stay in your comfort zone, even when that zone isn’t even comfortable at all. It’s easy to say NO, not only to others but also to yourself, and just withdraw – especially when you don’t feel great, or you’re going through a bit of a rough patch…

Tanya Brindle says:
Your sharing is appreciated. Life with weight, depression and anxiety is... more
Jenn says:
I’m glad you went on your trip and had a great time! I totally relate in that... more

Craving a little something sweet, looking for EASY low carb breakfast ideas, or love having clean ingredient keto bars to grab on the go? This is a SWEET deal, and a brand new flavor you’ll really enjoy!

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Hi Isobel :) I have used both, and I get the same great results with the C8/C10... more
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I just ordered the Collagen powder and the C8/C10 MCT oil but what’s the... more

These are pictures someone sent to ask my opinion on it, so I’ll point out what YOU should be looking for if you see something similar in the store when you’re out shopping…

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I bought that for the same reason, love the pump. If I add it to my morning... more
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That feels AMAZING doesn’t it?! I’m sure that would be fine. You... more

20% Off Perfect Keto Ends Tonight…

This is the collagen powder & MCT oil I’ve been using with GREAT results, and I also love their bars & nut butter. I negotiated this special deal for you so you can try them out (or stock up) – …


Keto Chaos & Confusion: Fat vs Protein vs Calories – What?! 🤦‍♀️

Should you eat high protein, eat high fat, limit protein, count calories, take electrolytes? Does eating high fat mean eating low protein? Is fasting required to lose weight? And why are vegetables all of a sudden BAD for you, or are they? It’s enough to make your head spin!


Atkins vs Keto: Which One Is Right For You?

Certain things in the keto community lately REALLY concern me. There’s so much confusion about what Keto is and is not, as well as what Atkins is – and is not. I started with Atkins but have stayed in ketosis, so I’ve never really seen a big distinction. Until more recently, that is…


5 Keto Recipe Videos & Low Carb Discussions

How about some easy keto dinner ideas and fun new low carb recipes? 🙂 I included FIVE keto recipe videos in this post, plus a few GREAT discussions we’ve been having on my Facebook page this week. I’ve had girl …


IBgard & FDgard (I spoke too soon…)

In my last post about my gut health issues I mentioned I’m taking IBgard and FDgard which were both recommended by my gastroenterologist, and that my IBS & gut health symptoms dramatically improved taking those before every meal. I love …


My Gut Health Saga & Gastroenterologist Appointment

I have NEVER been THIS sick for THIS long. This whole gut health ordeal has been nothing short of completely miserable – and incredibly stressful…


💜 Kicking off a new Keto Challenge. Roll Call: Are you in? :) Would Love Your Input!

What CHALLENGES you most in your weight loss journey, or about the keto diet? Do you struggle with mindset, consistency, food choices, learning about macros, meal tracking, or what specifically? Let’s chat…


Keto Challenge Final Weigh-In & Update

A bit of a personal update (I’m sick), my 11.8 pound weight loss, our final weigh-in for this keto challenge, and what’s coming next. Oh – and Lolli’s granola is on sale again today if you were waiting on the next big discount! 😉


Ever Feel Discouraged or Overwhelmed? Me Too…

You beat yourself up, end the day with regrets (again), wonder why you can’t do better or be as motivated as this person or that one, etc…


Are You Watching the Kick Sugar Summit This Week?

My session will air on Thursday as a featured speaker in this year’s Kick Sugar Summit. It’s running all week (June 10-15). If you haven’t already, register for free so you don’t miss today’s sessions!