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Lynn Terry says:
Variety really helps me too. I do feel best when I eat super clean and super... more
Lynn Terry says:
I love the pili nuts mixed in with cauliflower rice! That’s my FAVORITE... more

We’re having some GREAT discussions about low carb ice cream options, creative ways to use Brie, and LOTS of easy keto meal ideas…

Trish L says:
I wish I could post a picture of this bread but it has 16 carbs for 2 slices... more
Lynn Terry says:
You can use the search bar here on my blog to see if I’ve mentioned... more

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[…] my list of favorites from Netrition too in case you want to add... more
23 Easy Low Carb... says:
[…] Next, see ➡️ Best Prices on Keto Delivery & Low... more

It felt like the most profound moment, and silly at the same time, me laughing with eyes full of happy tears because my heart felt SO full of gratitude and comfort after weeks on end of being locked in with only…

Jackie says:
Loved reading this. Glad you are still together! more
Michelle S McKee says:
I’m so happy for you !!!! You truly deserve the best! more

Whatever you’re feeling, it’s totally okay.

Is this really happening? I keep having to double check. I find myself constantly second guessing myself – and second guessing what’s going on out there. It’s spring. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and while I was …


Clean Ingredients or Carb Count: What Matters Most To You?

Super easy low carb dinner idea included! Open discussion on ingredients vs macros, and what matters MOST to you about the foods you eat…


Quarantine Weight Gain ⚠️ Puts You At Greater Risk for Coronavirus Complications

Can we have a serious conversation about the Quarantine Weight Gain theme? Your weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, sleep quality, stress levels – your HEALTH period, is more important than ever…


Keto Challenge Final Weigh-In and… What’s Next? A lot!

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Roll Call: Are You Missing From This List? (Keto Challenge Week 12)

We lost over 500 people. Are you one of those? I was just going over our weekly weigh-in’s for the 2020 Keto Challenge and we went from 568 comments on the Starting Weigh-In… to 50 comments on last week’s weigh-in. …


Live Video Chat Tonight: Fun, Casual, Positive, Social!

I need some semblance of normal – and happy human connection. 🙂 What about you? I usually unbox the monthly Keto Krate on live video, but I haven’t done that lately. So I thought I would “go live” and unbox …


Caution With Packages & Deliveries: How Long Coronavirus Remains Infectious On Surfaces

17 DAYS. 😳 That’s a scary number! There are conflicting reports about how long the new coronavirus lives or remains infectious on various surfaces, but we’re getting new updates often as this situation unfolds and they’re learning more about how …


Keto Challenge Week 11 Weigh-In 💪

📌 I know things are crazy and scary and weird right now. This is NOT the time to fall off the wagon, though (more than ever!). Stay smart, stay safe, stay strong, stay the happiest, healthiest version of yourself you can be!


Staying Home, Social Distancing & Keto Life in Quarantine – How Are You?

This hit home for me today. My best friend got the call to put her entire family in quarantine after direct contact with someone who tested positive for Covid-19. I’m sure you’ve heard all about this by now, so I …


How Can I Help? Groceries, Free Deliveries & Discounts

I’ve been under voluntary quarantine since March 12th. It has been a busy time of preparation, education, work – and checking in with friends & family during my free time. I plan to go live in an interactive video discussion …