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My week did not go AT ALL as expected – or planned.

Life Happens as they say. I had to drop everything on my plate, which was A LOT, but instead of freaking out I simply changed directions and went with the flow.

The “letting go” had a profound effect on my stress levels and overall mindset – as did the events as they unfolded over the course of the next few days.

I mentioned last week I took my stepmother in for surgery in this video food diary. I was feeling “food stressed” in that video, and you can probably SEE on my face how stressed and anxious I’ve been lately.

It’s mostly overwhelm – with work, the house, personal stuff, upcoming trips – mostly work, just normal life stuff we all manage with all the different hats we wear on any given day.

Monday started out normal: me feeling anxious and stressed (lol) with a huge list of things to get done this week sitting in front of me, and me digging in to tackle it head on.

I had been checking in on my stepmother’s recovery over the weekend, and I was concerned about how that was going. I had a gut feeling I should go over there, but she had a friend staying with her to help out. When she called me on Monday though, I *knew* I needed to drop everything and GO.

She takes care of my father who has Parkinson’s and dementia, which is pretty much around the clock care, and not easy work. I can tell you now after staying there a few days, she does it with so much love and grace, which is simply beautiful.

I canceled everything on my schedule, threw together a quick “go bag” (including some low carb foods, bars and snacks) left my mile long to-do list sitting on my desk, and walked out the door – with Slim too of course, my great dane.

That list waited right there for me, just like I expected it would. 😉

My father is doing great by the way…

I got to give him a bath, give him a foot and hand massage, put him on a video call with my sister – and see him laugh so hard he cried. 💕

Terri is doing well now too, taking it easy and waiting for her next surgery, which we also got scheduled while I was there.

This is the update I shared once I got home and rested:

Keto Life Diary

The last 72 hours have been a humbling lesson in gratitude and priorities (and love) and have me seriously rethinking things.⁣

All the things I rush to get done, get anxious about, stress over, push myself to start or finish, the things I give my time & attention to (priorities), what I worry about, etc…⁣

All made insignificant in an instant, easily dropped, not that big of a deal.⁣

Completely changing how you spend your days (your hours, your time, your LIFE) can be very enlightening.⁣

It gave me opportunity to ponder my goals vs my priorities, and why I wasn’t making those goals a priority, and how I’ve been spending my days instead.⁣

Goals are just a glorified wish list. Priorities are the things you actually DO – big difference.⁣ 🎯

Having to let things go for a couple days made me realize some things I give a high importance in my usual daily routine (attaching self imposed stress & pressure), aren’t all that important at all – and aren’t even on my list of goals or priorities.⁣

It also gave me a fresh perspective on what’s really important.⁣ ✔

This is what I call a “pattern interruption” – where you break out of the dailies, the things you do out of habit, practically on autopilot.⁣

You can do this in a single day even, intentionally.

I often have this same enlightenment and sense of calm, peace and gratitude when I drop everything and go spend a day in the woods hiking.⁣

Stepping out of the norms, the daily flurry of thoughts & activities (and usual concerns & stress), is a great way to find clarity – and calm.⁣

I feel ready to tackle the world again (my world)… in a whole new way.⁣

My biggest realization was that I’m trying to do entirely too much at once, and maybe not even the right things (or the things that MATTER most).

I found myself drawn to SIMPLIFY – my work, my home, my entire life.

I felt a DEEP sense of gratitude, for so many little things – all those little details you take for granted while you’re distracted by your busy life…

Take some time to STOP and step out of your routine, to look at it from the outside.⁣

Seriously – take a day off from your normal routine and all the things you HAVE to do, or just half a day off maybe, and do NOTHING. Or do something totally different.

The sky won’t fall, I promise.⁣ 😉

Ask yourself: how can I be MORE happy, LESS stressed, more productive, more fulfilled… and ENJOY my daily life more?

Tip: the best way to do that is to NOT think too hard about it, but to simply STOP and just BE (outside your usual space and busy-ness), and let the answers come to you.

Because they’re already within you.

Then use those answers to realign your time and your priorities… 💕

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. Spending that time with family was priceless. Seeing my father laugh so hard is etched in my mind and keeps making me smile.⁣ 🙂

Apologies if this seems a little scattered, I’m still processing it all and working out a new flow here, but wanted to share my thoughts with you while they’re fresh on my mind.
❤️ *cheers*


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2 Responses to Gratitude, Time, Priorities, Love, Goals and Daily Life…

  1. Karen Ensley says:

    I am getting frustrated! I am going on my third week and am on a plateau. I have been losing at least a pound every 2 weeks. Do you have a fool proof meal plan I could do to break this? Thanks for all you do!! Love following you!!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Karen 🙂 It is actually normal to see a “hold” during week 3, it’s just your body adjusting. The key during these holds is to simply continue doing what’s obviously been working so well for you – and power right through it. 😉

      That said, super simple foods will give you the best results. You might try what I call the “3IMAX Method” for two weeks: That works wonders for everyone that tries it! 🙂

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