The FBOMB Discount I Promised You! Keto Nut Butter Fat Packs You’ll LOVE ❤


I mentioned in a recent Facebook post that I was going to try to get us an FBomb discount, and I’m happy to report: I did – and a BIG one!

There’s a story behind WHY I love this product so much, and also some controversy over one of the ingredients – all of which I’ll reshare here in this post for you.

Along with what they are and what you do with them…

FBomb Discount & Review - Keto Fat Bombs To Go, LCHF Nut Butter Packets

I scored us 20% off these delicious keto fat packs if you want to try them, or already love them and want to order some more. ❤

Simply use code LOWCARBTRAVELER on their website for your discount.

They also offer 15% off ANY order for military & first responders. 🙂

FBomb Keto Nut Butter Fat Packs - LCHF on the go!

What are FBombs and how do you use them?

The FBomb is a brand name for a Fat Bomb in a portable packet.

They’re all natural, no artificial ingredients, paleo and vegetarian friendly, gluten free, and of course LCHF and keto-friendly.

It’s a perfectly portioned pouch of deliciously flavored nut butter.

You simply knead it up good, rip off the top and… Enjoy!

They’re great as a healthy snack, a sweet tooth fix, or a quick fuel-up on hikes or to power through long afternoons. They’re also great for meeting your fat macros. 😉

The Salted Chocolate Macadamia flavor is AMAZING.

I have a trial pack with all the flavors on it’s way so I look forward to trying more… but I doubt THIS flavor can be beat. 😉

FBomb Nutrition Facts - Keto Fat Bomb for LCHF Lifestyle

The Salted Chocolate Macadamia FBomb is only 1 net carb per packet, and they’re VERY satisfying!


Dry roasted macadamia nuts, organic dark chocolate, and sea salt.

As you can see on the label above, they disclose the ingredients of their organic dark chocolate as well: unsweetened chocolate, cane syrup, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, vanilla.

This of course brought up a lot of questions (or backlash I should say) regarding the “cane sugar” but as you can see on the label the entire packet has “less than one gram” of added sugar – which comes from the all natural chocolate used in this flavor.

Just as a reference, a serving of broccoli has 3 grams of sugar – naturally occurring of course. You’ll find sugar in other keto friendly foods like raspberries and blueberries as well. You will probably never completely eliminate sugar from your diet. 😉

It comes down to a personal choice. Some people prefer artificial sweeteners, some prefer all natural. That being the case, you want to look at the ingredients for each flavor and decide for yourself on that.

As for me and my dad… we LOVE this flavor! 🙂

Rebonding with my father over FBomb all natural keto fat bombs

The fact that these products are all natural and contain NO sugar alcohol is exactly what gave me the idea to offer it to my father to see if he would eat it.

If you missed that story, my father hasn’t eaten solid food in about two years. He refused to eat following several strokes, and has been getting by on a purely liquid diet since then.

He’s doing well, his panels are good, but he has no interest in eating.

I was at the river enjoying my FBomb packet one afternoon, reading the label on the back (again) when it hit me that he just MIGHT eat one of these.

That’s why I have river hair and a sundress on in the picture above, lol. I got straight in my car and drove over and gave him one… and he LOVED it!!

Special moments with aging parents

It was one of those “tears of joy” moments for his wife and I that he actually WANTED to eat something, and that it was something all natural and nutritious. 🙂

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that mean the most, like enjoying something totally delicious.

Now I’m having fun playing the “Fat Bomb Fairy” and stopping by to bring him delicious gifts. And it kinda makes me smile that my dad and I can share FBombs as special moments -lol. ❤

Fat Bomb Fairy - Spreading the FBomb Love!

Yesterday he was napping when I went by, so I left this packet ^ by his coffee mug and snuck back out. I stopped by later on my way back through to find an empty packet and a smiling dad. 🙂

I even taught him how you can unseal one side after you’re done, and lick the wrapper clean – because they’re THAT good!

FBomb Keto Nut Butter Packets - How you eat them!

These handy little Fat Bomb packs fit in your back pocket so they’re great to keep with you for a quick high-fat keto treat practically anywhere.

They’re waterproof AND they float which makes them ideal for kayaking, hiking & camping, romantic walks in the rain… 🙄 😛

(haha) – I just love that they float, making them perfect for my waterfall hikes & lazy river floats!

Floating Fat Bombs - Keto Camping and Hiking Ideas

They’re NOT overly sweet, but they ARE delicious.

If you like things super sweet, you may or may not like these. If you prefer a more natural flavor with no “fake sweet” taste and no weird effect or aftertaste in you’re mouth, you’re going to LOVE these.

I’ve been trying several different brands and flavors of “fat bomb packets” and I have to say… FBomb Salted Chocolate Macadamia is the BEST on the market. No comparison. 😉

FBomb Keto Fat Bomb - Low Carb Life On The Go

You do have to knead up the packets to mix up all the ingredients again really well before you rip the top off and enjoy it. The oils and nuts separate, so that’s important.

They’re basically a Fat Bomb To-Go if you’re familiar with fat bombs as part of your LCHF diet.

Speaking of fat bombs, if for some reason you don’t like the texture straight out of the packet at room temperature OR if you just like to mix things up, you can put these in candy molds and make nice little frozen keto treats out of them!

Keto Fat Bombs

Of course you could also add layers of sugar free chocolate, chopped nuts, or whatever you please – and have a freezer treat ready made to enjoy anytime!

Use code LOWCARBTRAVELER on their website for your 20% off discount.

They also offer 15% off ANY order for military & first responders. 🙂

If you’ve tried these before, I would love to hear your thoughts. Or if you haven’t had a chance to try them yet and want to… enjoy the generous discount they set us up with!

I love their fun name and branding, FBomb being short for Fat Bomb of course. I love the product and the convenience of having healthy fats on the go.

And most of all… I love that my father loves them, and that I’ve found something he will not only eat – but also ENJOYS so much. ❤

They are distributed by a small (but fast-growing!) company run by a GREAT team of super friendly people. I got to meet them in person at a keto conference a few months ago, and I’ve been over the top impressed with both them and their entire line of products.

I can’t wait to try their avocado oil packets, and other nut butter flavors!

Anyway, they were VERY generous with the 20% discount which also speaks volumes for the people behind the product. They made it easy so you just click this link and it will automatically apply the discount. If it doesn’t, use the code LOWCARBTRAVELER at checkout.

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler


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