What’s Your Take On Keto Sweeteners?


What’s your take on erythritol and other sugar-free sweeteners?

I don’t have any issues with any of the low carb sweeteners myself, but I know we’re all different. I can even tolerate maltitol, like in sugar free Russel Stover candy – as long as I stick to a serving and don’t eat the whole bag. 🤣

But if I do eat let’s say two servings (or more), then it’s like: 😳 lol.

I don’t have problems with maltodextrin in ANY amount. I’ve tested that repeatedly. Although I’ve heard others say it DOES spike their blood sugar, so it’s definitely about bio-individuality

Keto Myths, My Starbucks Keto Iced Coffee & Maltodextrin Hype vs Truth

For keto recipes or in products I buy, I definitely prefer erythritol. Although I don’t like things overly sweet, so less is good!

I use Swerve for ALL my low carb baking (which is erythritol).

What about you?

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Is erythritol keto friendly

Some of my favorite keto recipes I use Swerve in are:

Best Keto Blueberry Muffins Recipe

🍌 Best Low Carb Banana Nut Bread Recipe (Keto Friendly & Gluten Free)

Success! Low Carb Pecan Pie Recipe 👀 Keto Dessert That Doesn’t Disappoint 😉

And of course the pancakes & waffles I make with the same recipe as the Blueberry Muffins. 😍

Swerve is DEFINITELY my go-to in the kitchen!

I love love love the Swerve Brown too – that one has been my favorite in the muffin recipe!

Let’s talk keto sweeteners!

I’d love to hear what you PREFER taste-wise, and what reactions or test results you’ve had from various sugar free sweeteners you’ve tried.

Our collective experience could be REALLY helpful to others who may have experienced a certain reaction or result, but didn’t realize it was from this or that.

Or YOUR experience I should say, since I seem to be pretty tolerant to most sweeteners.

I just don’t like the TASTE of Stevia, so I avoid that one in products (or in my coffee) and some companies go overboard with the Allulose (making things TOO sweet for my taste), but that’s really just a taste preference.

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4 Responses to What’s Your Take On Keto Sweeteners?

  1. Melissa R. Silvers says:

    I love all things swerve and I like monk fruit too. I really am not a fan of stevi. Some people like to say sweetener is bad for you but if it stops me from eating non-keto sweets I call it a win!

  2. Angela K Williams says:

    I wonder what impact aspartame has on ketosis?

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Good question, Angela. It would depend on the person, and the only real way to know is to test blood glucose & blood ketone levels in a clean testing experiment.

      Otherwise if you’re using it with no negative side effects and no issues with weight loss, I would consider that a personal choice / preference – to use it or not.

      When you’re experiencing health issues or odd symptoms, or in an extended weight loss stall, it’s ideal to start testing, identifying culprits and eliminating things that are affecting your health or weight loss in a negative way.

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