My Keto Muffin Recipe & Food Diary (Plus A Gross Low Carb Food – Don’t Buy This!)


Keto SnacksI’ve shared my keto muffins recipe before but I made them with a new twist – so I’ll share that with you again. πŸ˜‰

I totally fell in LOVE with silicone molds too, because I finally had a chance to use my new set.

What a difference those make!!

First though, a quick photo tour of my keto food diary for yesterday – so you can see what I ate and how I logged it, for ideas and inspiration.

Plus a low carb find at Kroger this week that I did NOT like. πŸ˜›

My Keto Meals on Tuesday

I got up early and did a double batch of baking for some easy keto meal prep for the week. I’m traveling again next week, but since I’m home all week this week… I figured it would help to have a few things on hand! πŸ˜‰

I made the Keto Drop Biscuits recipe again from the Southern Keto Cookbook by Natasha Newton (there’s a picture of us together at that link).

Keto Meal Prep Ideas

This time I added a cup of shredded cheddar to make Cheddar Drop Biscuits. A bit more savory, and something I could easily grab & eat by itself or with a meal.

Several people have asked me for the recipe, but I don’t think I’m allowed to copy & share a recipe out of her cookbook

Keto Cheddar Biscuits

I also made “Apple Pie Cinnamon Crunch” Keto Muffins while I was in the kitchen doing some baking, and those turned out DELICIOUS! ♥

I’ll share the recipe with you below.

Nutty Keto Breakfast Muffins Recipe

For breakfast I tried one of the muffins fresh out of the oven, and ate two of the cheddar drop biscuits.

It was a busy morning, so it was nice to have something easy to grab and eat at my desk. πŸ˜‰

For lunch I decided to have the biscuits with a bowl of chili.

I’ve been craving chili lately with the COLD weather, and I found this Skyline low carb chili at Kroger the other day:

Low Carb Canned Chili

I checked the ingredients first and they seemed fine:

Low Carb Canned Chili Ingredients

It was only 2 net carbs per one-cup serving too:

Keto Friendly Canned Chili

Per my usual I measured everything out: one cup of the chili, two tablespoons of Daisy brand sour cream, 28 grams of shredded cheese – and of course my two low carb cheddar biscuits. πŸ™‚

My handy little Ozeri Kitchen Scale makes tracking macros SO easy!

Tracking Macros for Keto

Sadly, I did NOT like this chili.

I was really disappointed too, because I’ve been craving chili lately. But it just had a funky taste and a weird texture to me. πŸ˜›

Easy Keto Chili

I stirred in the cheese and sour cream and crumbled my cheddar biscuits in it even, to try to make it edible -lol.

Keto Chili and Low Carb Biscuits - Keto Meal Ideas

I couldn’t finish it. I did eat the biscuits and most of it at least, but I didn’t bother trying to subtract out the portion I didn’t eat in my food diary below.

I hate to throw out food, but… Blech! πŸ˜›

I was up late so when I got hungry again later I whipped up something YUMMY – just a bowl full of my favorite foods all together.

It’s 2 ounces of Philadelphia cream cheese, 2 TBSP of Legendary Foods Peanut Butter Cup almond butter, a serving of Lolli’s Keto Cookie ClustersΒ all topped with the FBOMB Macadamia w/Sea Salt nut butter. ♥

Lolli’s coupon code: LOWCARBTRAVELER


Keto Fat Bomb - LCHF Dessert Ideas

Note: That’s my least favorite of the 5 flavors of Legendary Keto Nut Butters. The other four are AMAZING! Our coupon code there is: LOWCARBTRAVELER

Also, they just came out with pizza flavored seasoned almonds!!

That was amazingly delicious btw, like PIE – without the baking.


Here’s how my macros worked out for the day. Even if I had taken out what I didn’t finish of the chili, I did go over my usual 20 net carbs max/day goal by a bit.

Considering I hardly ate the two days before I didn’t sweat it that much. πŸ˜‰

Tuesday’s MyFitnessPal Keto Food Diary

MyFitnessPal Keto Food Diary with LCHF Macros and Net Carbs

2365 Calories
30 Net Carbs
Protein: 80 grams
81% Fat, 14% Protein

How To Get Net Carbs In MyFitnessPal (Free)

You’ll notice that Protein is only 14% of my total daily calories, yet I had 80 grams of protein. The recommended daily amount of protein for women is 46 grams a day.

So while I’m eating “high fat” I’m also getting *plenty* of protein.

This is why you can’t go by grams, but rather have to go by ratios or percentages. See this link for a detailed explanation & illustration of proper macro ratios:

Keto Macros & Tracking Made Simple


My Keto Muffin Recipe

I’ve shared this recipe multiple times over the last couple of years in my collection of nut butter recipes and it’s also the same recipe I use to make keto waffles and pancakes. It’s a very versatile recipe!

Keto Breakfast Recipes

This time I decided to add some CRUNCH by adding in Cinnamon Pecan Crunch keto cookie clusters from Lolli’s Keto Cookie Clusters, which is only 1 carb per ounce. ♥

Keto Sweets - Gluten Free Low Carb Granola

The “magic ingredient” to my keto muffin recipe is nut butters.

I especially love working with the Legendary Flavored Nut Butters because they are already… flavored! But I’ve baked with regular almond butter, Pili Nut Butter, even Macadamia nut butter would be great.

For this recipe I used Keto Friendly Apple Pie Almond Cashew Butter.

Keto Friendly Nut Butters

That stuff is amazing. It really DOES taste like apple pie! πŸ˜‰

Between the Cinnamon Pecan cookie clusters and the Apple Pie nut butter, you can see just how much FLAVOR is packed into these keto muffins!

I called them Apple Pie Cinnamon Crunch Muffins. *YUM*

Chunky Muffins Keto Recipe

Apple Pie Cinnamon Crunch Muffin Recipe


For this recipe I personally left out the sweetener and cinnamon, because the keto cookie clusters is sweetened and also has a cinnamon flavor – but it would have been even better with both added in.

You can use any keto friendly nut butter and add in a variety of things like walnuts, keto chocolate chips or blueberries for example.

* Note: I use Granular Swerve as the sweetener in this recipe because it measures the same as sugar and leaves NO aftertaste in my low carb recipes. If you use a different sweetener, you’ll want to use the equivalent to 1 TBSP of sugar.


It helps if your eggs are not TOO cold, to prevent the melted butter or oil from clumping on you, and you definitely want your nut butter to be room temperature. I usually whisk my eggs first and set them aside on the counter while preparing everything else.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Stir together the first three ingredients until smooth. Add the other ingredients. Mix well. If you’re adding in the cookie clusters or nuts, I like to break them up/crush them a bit by hand or using a measuring cup, then simply fold them in at the end.

Use a silicone muffin mold, grease a muffin tin liberally or line a muffin tin with muffin papers.

Dip out a heaping 1/4 cup of batter for each muffin. Bake at 350 degrees until golden brown. Check after 10 minutes. Depending on the size of your muffins, they could take 10-18 minutes. They are done when a toothpick comes out clean.

Silicone Molds for Keto Baking

This was my first time using this silicone baking set I got on Amazon and I totally FELL IN LOVE with it!

I will never EVER bake with muffin papers or a traditional muffin pan again. πŸ˜›

Without even oiling it, the muffins come out SO easy and so clean!

Keto Baking with Silicone Molds

That silicone set comes with mini molds and individual muffin molds too which is perfect for your low carb meal prep and for making keto fat bombs, and also making a full muffin recipe. This was such a GREAT find. ♥

The muffins turned out beautiful and delicious as usual!

Nutty Keto Breakfast Muffins Recipe

I used a heaping 1/3 cup and made 8 larger muffins this time, instead of the usual 10 (I think that’s what it usually makes). That plus adding in five full ounces of the Keto cookie clustersΒ – oh, and I added in an extra 2 TBSP of the Apple Pie Nut Butter too πŸ™‚ – made my larger muffins come out to 4 net carbs each.

Normally I make them smaller and use the normal amount of nut butter, but I wanted these extra-apply and HEARTY too. And at ~300 calories and A LOT of flavor these are filling enough to get me through breakfast hours with a pat of butter.

Gluten Free Granola Keto Muffins Recipe


If you make the muffins by my recipe outlined above yours will be lower in carbs, depending on what you use and what you add to them of course.

My Cinnamon Spice Keto Muffins were only 1.25 net carbs each, for example.

I use the Free MyFitnessPal Recipe Calculator to enter in my ingredients based on my own labels and amounts, and the number of servings I make it into, which makes logging your portions super easy.

That same recipe makes AMAZING pancakes too. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I hope this gives you some ideas to work with. Some people said they love the Skyline chili. I thought I would use it to make “chili cheese dogs” (sans bun) with my Oscar Mayer Smokies this week – but I really just didn’t like the flavor of it.

How are things going with you?

Leave a comment and let’s chat!:)

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler


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18 Responses to My Keto Muffin Recipe & Food Diary (Plus A Gross Low Carb Food – Don’t Buy This!)

  1. Linda knox says:

    Skyline is a Cincinnati Chili which is local favorite Best eaten at the chili parlor or frozen or the packet. The can doesn t taste as good It takes getting used to Best served over spaghetti with cheese mounds on top It is eaten as a fork slice likeyou would cake to get all 3 layers There is also coney served overa hot dog on a bun and skyline dip Bottom layer is cream cheese hot skyline poured ver and lots of medium cheddar shredded on top. Some add onion Dipped with tortilla chip. Sperbowl is coming Just wantyoutotry skyline in our Cinti way

  2. Rachael says:

    Yeah, Cincinnati chili isn’t normal chili. I recommend just making your own. It’s easy.

  3. Kim says:

    Skyline Chili is a Cincinnati specialty. It is traditionally eaten over spaghetti, or on a hot dog and garnished with shredded cheese and diced onion. It has a distinct blend of spices that make it very unique and if you’re not prepared for that, you will be surprised or disappointed.
    It’s definitely not your traditional “Texas” style Chili. It’s a whole different experience!

  4. Kelley says:

    How do you get your granola so fast? I’ve had mine ordered for several weeks now and still don’t have it. I keep getting a reply they are working on it, just wondered if it takes this long everytime you place an order. I wanted to make the muffins for super bowl Sunday, any other suggestions if I still don’t have my granola by then?

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Kelley,

      I actually had this bag in the refrigerator for several weeks. I know she is working around the clock and has moved into a new kitchen to get orders baked and shipped faster.

      The typical processing time on the granola according to the website is 7-10 days plus shipping time. That’s because it’s baked in small batches, not mass produced or warehoused. Which means it tastes like fresh baked cookies straight out of the oven when you get it. πŸ™‚

      But yes, the current delay was actually my fault. She wasn’t expecting me to share it with half a million people like I did, lol – Apologies! You should be getting yours soon though. I talked to her the other day and they are literally baking and working around the clock to finish up those orders…

      I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      For Super Bowl Sunday you can make all kinds of fun low carb foods! Party trays with meats, cheeses, nuts & berries, low carb dips and raw zucchini sticks, etc.

      Jalapeno poppers are really popular, you can do sausage balls, all the usual stuff – low carb style!

      The muffins are such a versatile recipe. You can add nuts, blueberries, sugar free chocolate chips – all kinds of options there. πŸ˜‰

    • Bridget says:

      I just received mine, it is well worth the wait. They were behind due to the overwhelming amount of orders. I wish there were coupon codes available as I definitely need more packages, lol.

      • Lynn Terry says:

        I’m glad you love it, Bridget! I do have a coupon code…

        She has a discount coded into my affiliate link for you: so you’ll see the discount automatically at checkout when you use that link.

        If you order more than $60 worth there is a free shipping code at the top of the site, so you can switch back and forth to see which discount works out better for you.

  5. Lisa says:

    Skyline chili is Cincinnati style chili. You don’t just eat a bowl of it. It is served over spaghetti and topped with beans and onions and cheese for a 3, 4, or 5 way. Or over hot dogs. It is not regular chili to be eaten by the bowl. The texture is because you boil the ground beef, not brown it , so there are no chunks of beef. I always add an extra lb of ground beef to the canvas it is too soupy for me. I usually serve it over shiratake noodles and omit the beans.

  6. Lynn Terry says:

    Oh, I didn’t realize it was a local love somewhere! No offense to all of you in Cincinnati. πŸ˜‰ I was so excited to find a low carb chili. It’s hard to make a pot for one. :p

    Good to know, Lisa – thank you for that info on it, and the tip to add more ground beef. A mix of ground beef and sausage would have probably been GREAT!

  7. Emily D. says:

    As an Ohioan, I LOVE Skyline chili #bornandraised Just last week, I had it the same way you did and ate every drop–though, I probably had more cheese. At the restaurant, they have a low-carb bowl where you eat it on hot dogs in a bowl with cheese (no buns) and it definitely fulfills a craving for me!

  8. Isobel Prescott says:

    what is the nutritional value per serving? I’m especially interested in how many carbs, protein and calories each serving has.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Isobel,

      The nutrition value for what exactly – the muffins? I explained how I made mine different than the recipe, and you can see the macronutrients of a serving in my MyFitnessPal log there, and I also shared the link to the MFP free recipe calculator to get accurate macros / nutrition facts based on your own brands/amounts of each thing you use in any recipe.

      Let me know what I missed! πŸ˜‰

  9. Karla Kuriger says:

    Lynn, is there a current “coupon” for the Lolli granola? Did I miss it?

  10. Martha Smith says:

    I made the muffins the same way you did in your original recipe (without the granola so they would be lower carb). Then I changed the way I served them. I allowed myself 2 original muffins. I reheated the muffins by toasting them slightly in my air fryer and I took 1 tsp of the apple pie nut butter and 1 tsp of cream cheese and blended it together. I sliced across my muffins, put the spread between the slices like a filling and it was sooooo good.

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