Day 65 Low Carb Food Diary: 2 Meals & 2 Miles



I only had two meals yesterday and less than 1000 calories, so I got the dreaded message from MyFitnessPal saying “you’re not eating enough!” πŸ˜› LOL. I was just tired and ended up sleeping all evening. πŸ˜‰

My weight is fluctuating UP again, by the way. I am 147.6 pounds today. I think that’s a little over 2 pounds higher than my lowest weight.

I’m over letting the scales bother me or stress me out though. I realize it’s just normal fluctuations, and that sometimes your body needs recovery time after big trips or big workouts, etc.

I feel pretty happy (accomplished!) each day just knowing I’ve eaten healthy and exercised.

That’s a GOOD feeling: living for my health, instead of living by the scales. πŸ™‚

Here is my Low Carb Food Diary for Day 65 of the β€œGet Lean For Summer!” 90 Day Low Carb Challenge. It’s NEVER too late to join if you haven’t already!

Day 65: Tuesday’s Low Carb Meals

I skipped breakfast and just had coffee. It wasn’t intentional, I just got busy and it turned into lunchtime before I sat down to eat. πŸ˜›

For lunch I had a big messy Low Carb Grilled Chicken Club from Hardee’s. πŸ™‚ They’re 7 net carbs because it’s BBQ chicken, but they are SO good.

Eating Low Carb at Hardee's : Low Carb Grilled Chicken Club

I love those!

For dinner I made a quick one-skillet meal of sausage and fried eggs, cooked over easy. I made up extra sausage too so I could make a sausage egg scramble today. πŸ™‚

Easy Low Carb Breakfast : Sausage and Fried Eggs

I didn’t eat again after that because I went to bed at 6:30pm. lol…

Here’s My MyFitnessPal Diary for Tuesday:

MyFitnessPal Diary

Tracking Macronutrients (Simple Explanation of Macros)

How To Get Net Carbs in MyFitnessPal

Calories: 982
Net Carbs: 13
Total Carbs: 14
Protein: 74 Grams
72% Fat, 24% Protein

Exercise: 2-Mile Walk
FitBit Steps: 4,876
Water: 40 ounces

Slim and I got out yesterday for a nice afternoon walk. It was hot, and I was feeling tired, but at least we got a few steps in. πŸ™‚

We made stops at the water fountain and a natural spring too, but I still had to share my bottled water with Slim along the way – lol, he’s a thirsty dane!

Sharing My Water With My Great Dane :)


Joe and I are planning to get out for another fun outdoor fitness adventure today πŸ™‚ …so stay tuned for photos, and hopefully no faceplants this time! LOL

Speaking of, I’m ordering that Floating Waterproof Glow-in-the-Dark Phone Case today. I’ve been around entirely too many waterfalls, rivers, swimming holes, etc lately… and the last thing I want to do is lose my phone when I have so many great moments & photos to capture!

The glow in the dark feature will be great for caving – or if I have to chase my phone under water. πŸ˜› haha…

I just talked to him and we’re both feeling tired, so we’re just going to go with the flow today.

I love that! No pressure, spontaneous, “just whatever” kinda thing. It keeps things fun. πŸ™‚ I’m not a big planner, and don’t like to over-complicate things – which I guess you’ve figured out by now considering my lack of meal planning and my “wing it” attitude in the kitchen, lol…

How’s your week going so far?

I look forward to hearing from you…

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

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6 Responses to Day 65 Low Carb Food Diary: 2 Meals & 2 Miles

  1. Barb says:

    I’m still hanging in there! The scale has been stubborn for me the last couple of weeks, I was up 1.2 and then lost 1.2 the next week and then the same the following. I know most of it was hormone related. I did decide to follow your lead and start tracking. I hate doing it but figure it’s worth it if it gets the scale moving. So I started tracking yesterday and was down 2# today! Probably a huge coincidence but enough to keep me motivated! Lol

    Enjoy your adventure today!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Glad to hear your scales are moving again, Barb! πŸ™‚

      I felt the same way about tracking when I first started doing it, but it was a HUGE eye opener and really helped me start losing again. It’s impossible to know your fat/protein ratio otherwise, and that’s the one thing that can easily stall your weight loss – and even cause other health issues. The great thing is it just becomes habit, and gets easier over time as all your usual foods end up in your list. πŸ™‚

  2. Edith Bice says:

    I love that you don’t overplan and just go with the flow. I have been that way my entire life. I know it has been challenging for my husband who is a list maker, rule follower and organized to the hilt. I balance him out and vice versa. This WOE is perfect for my lifestyle since staying under 20 grams of carbs (or near) is all that is required. I can eat or not eat and it doesn’t have to be at certain times. This has been the key to finally staying on track and not rewarding myself with a cheat day or week or month…haha! I am not deprived and am healthier than I have ever been. I will be 65 in August and wish I had this knowledge in my 20’s. Have fun today, whatever you decide to do! Every day is an adventure!!!!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      That’s the reason I love eating low carb too, and why I chose it – less restrictions and limitations. πŸ™‚ I would never survive on eating by the clock, or not being able to just “grab and go” or eat out whenever I please – lol. I would have failed at that a long time ago with my freeflow style. πŸ˜›

      We had all kinds of things to work around yesterday, and just went with the flow and still snuck in a great two hour hike! It’s nice to have an adventure buddy that can be spontaneous and just go with the flow. Otherwise more than half our exercise and cool adventures would probably never happen, haha.

  3. JoAnn White says:

    I am trying to forgo the scale till Monday. We’ll see if I can. The scale is depressing me, and I know i have been eating on plan, just don’t know why the scale isn’t moving down. And my stomach looks larger… trying to keep going. See what is happening. And of course at my sons baseball game, I had Sunflower seeds which always are full of salt/and bloat me……but while everyone was having licorice, and popcorn, etc I was eating seeds and saying no to all the shared foods. YAY me.
    I hope you have a fun relaxing day! ENJOY!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      I call that a WIN JoAnn πŸ™‚ Kudos for choosing a low carb snack and not caving to the temptations around you!

      Weighing once a week is smart. There are SO many fluctuations throughout the week. Even daily, as your weight fluctuates 5 pounds or more throughout the day.

      I let the scale frustrate me for a long time, and it’s what kept me from losing the weight as quick as I should have. I’d go long periods without much loss and just get frustrated and take a few days off – then it would take me 10 days to lose what I gained back in 2 days. πŸ™„ lol. Terrible roller coaster to be on!

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