Lost & Found Department: Fear, Mindset, Motivation & Goals -Tales From The Trails


If you stop pushing yourself toward who you want to become, do you start becoming who you used to be? – I did not set out on my hike last week to face any fears or challenge my mindset or do anything adventurous even…

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Finding Your Motivation: Challenge Yourself!


If you’re asking How can I get motivated?, you’re asking yourself the wrong question. Most people think you have to BE or GET motivated to start something new – like a diet or exercise. That’s not actually true…

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Low Carb Eclipse Hike: Watching The Sky Show From Greeter Falls


This is a two-fold post: a story about feelings, and a lesson learned. And a photo tour of my Solar Eclipse Hike at Greeter Falls. You might enjoy the hiking photos more, so feel free to scan through for some fun scenery (and my low carb meals & macros). Or the story might pique your interest more, and the lesson might prove as helpful to you as it did me. Or perhaps both… Either way, I hope you enjoy it!

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Poisonous Luck: My Hike At Twin Falls


An adventurous hike, great workout, a missed meal, my low carb meals & MyFitnessPal diary, and a million thoughts about Poisonous Luck and what my trail finds really mean. Because I’m thinking: CHOCOLATE!

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Low Carb Lifestyle: Powering Through


Powering through the bad days (and weeks!) in your low carb lifestyle, and what I learned this week while pushing myself way past my limits and way outside my comfort zone…

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Low Carb Camping Trip – Food & Fitness!


A fun, minimalist low carb camping trip with the Leapair Instant Tent – which went up in 6 minutes flat! A great nature escape, with TONS of exercise and a delicious campfire dinner…

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Low Carb Hiking: Tales From The Trails


My low carb food & fitness diary for yesterday, a beautiful day full of healthy LCHF foods and sunshine… plus plenty of exercise and insights. 🙂

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2 things that FINALLY motivated me to exercise…


I have never been one to exercise. I’m one of those Fitness Failures that signs up for gym memberships then never shows up. Or maybe once. or twice at the most. 🙄 So what FINALLY got me motivated to start exercising?!

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Back On Track & Back On The Trails…


My first winter hike was FREEZING (lol) but great exercise. A photo tour of my fun outdoor adventure plus my low carb meals and MyFitnessPal net carbs food diary…

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Planning My First Solo Camping Trip… I Need Your Help :-)


I’m putting together a Camping Gear Wishlist for my first solo camping adventure. I am NOT a camper lol, so I could really use your help! What would you add to this list…

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Finding My Happy While Hiking Rutledge Falls


On getting Food Bored, the power of Mindful Eating vs Mindless Eating, getting off the dieting roller coaster and living a healthy lifestyle full of healthier choices…

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Spooky Story: My MISadventure After Dark In The Woods…


What started out as a peaceful day on the river turned into something resembling a scene out of the Blair Witch Project, and even included a skeleton right in my path! I couldn’t have picked a spookier hike for Halloween weekend, lol… EEK!

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Need Workout Friends? Join A Free Fitness Group!


I went to my first Hiking Group Meetup this week, and it was so much fun! I also signed up for a women’s adventure meetup. If you’re looking for workout or hiking buddies, you’re going to LOVE this. And it’s FREE! 🙂

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A Story About The Number 8 – You’ll Like This One :-)


The number 8 made me go for a hike. What I learned yesterday was profound. As you know, I’ve been going through a hard time lately. A turning point in my life where I’m accepting a lot of changes and making big decisions…

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