Low Carb Lifestyle: Powering Through


Powering through the bad days (and weeks!) in your low carb lifestyle, and what I learned this week while pushing myself way past my limits and way outside my comfort zone…

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Low Carb Camping Trip – Food & Fitness!


A fun, minimalist low carb camping trip with the Leapair Instant Tent – which went up in 6 minutes flat! A great nature escape, with TONS of exercise and a delicious campfire dinner…

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Low Carb Hiking: Tales From The Trails


My low carb food & fitness diary for yesterday, a beautiful day full of healthy LCHF foods and sunshine… plus plenty of exercise and insights. 🙂

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2 things that FINALLY motivated me to exercise…


I have never been one to exercise. I’m one of those Fitness Failures that signs up for gym memberships then never shows up. Or maybe once. or twice at the most. 🙄 So what FINALLY got me motivated to start exercising?!

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Back On Track & Back On The Trails…


My first winter hike was FREEZING (lol) but great exercise. A photo tour of my fun outdoor adventure plus my low carb meals and MyFitnessPal net carbs food diary…

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Planning My First Solo Camping Trip… I Need Your Help :-)


I’m putting together a Camping Gear Wishlist for my first solo camping adventure. I am NOT a camper lol, so I could really use your help! What would you add to this list…

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Finding My Happy While Hiking Rutledge Falls


On getting Food Bored, the power of Mindful Eating vs Mindless Eating, getting off the dieting roller coaster and living a healthy lifestyle full of healthier choices…

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Spooky Story: My MISadventure After Dark In The Woods…


What started out as a peaceful day on the river turned into something resembling a scene out of the Blair Witch Project, and even included a skeleton right in my path! I couldn’t have picked a spookier hike for Halloween weekend, lol… EEK!

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Need Workout Friends? Join A Free Fitness Group!


I went to my first Hiking Group Meetup this week, and it was so much fun! I also signed up for a women’s adventure meetup. If you’re looking for workout or hiking buddies, you’re going to LOVE this. And it’s FREE! 🙂

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A Story About The Number 8 – You’ll Like This One :-)


The number 8 made me go for a hike. What I learned yesterday was profound. As you know, I’ve been going through a hard time lately. A turning point in my life where I’m accepting a lot of changes and making big decisions…

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Sweat, Salmon & Smiles! A Fun Day In My Low Carb Shoes…


A fun photo tour of my healthy day – with lots of sunshine, soul-searching, smiling, exercise, and great low carb meals!

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Fitness FUN: Adventurous Solo Hike Through Fall Creek Falls


I had an amazingly fun, healthy, adventurous day hiking Fall Creek Falls yesterday! Here’s a photo and video tour of my off-trail hiking and waterfall adventures, plus my healthy low carb picnic at Cane Creek Falls…

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Fall Exercise Challenge Begins!


We’re kicking off the Exercise Challenge today! The goal is simple: to get in the HABIT of making exercise part of your daily lifestyle. The challenge: to exercise daily, even if it’s just stretches or walking some days…

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7 Mile Hike & Low Carb Picnic – Fueling Up For Fitness On A Keto Diet


The topic of fitness & exercise always brings up questions for those on a low carb / keto diet. Traditional advice is to carb-up before a workout (for energy)…

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