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There are all kinds of scams online, including fake low carb products and mislabeling or misrepresentation of products. You remember the recent Dreamfields Pasta lawsuit, right? Ack! Check out this video about a questionable low carb bread company too:

Scary, right? 😐 And maybe you’ve ordered products you just didn’t LIKE. It’s enough to make you wary about trying anything else! Which is totally fine, because there is certainly enough “real food” to choose from on a low carb diet without ever needing “products”. A diet of meat & greens with healthy fats will sustain and satisfy you easily. That said, sometimes you just WANT a sandwich – or the idea of crackers and warm toast appeal when you’re sick. I get it. I’m the same way.

Over the years, after trying a few low carb bread companies, I resorted to making my own low carb biscuits and low carb garlic cheese bread. Both are great! They’re even relatively easy to make. But sometimes (more often than not, lol) I don’t feel like piddling in the kitchen and/or I don’t have all the ingredients on hand.

Then I found The Great Low Carb Bread Company

low carb sandwich

carb count and macros

Above is a Low Carb Bagel with Tuna Salad and a slice of mild cheddar. This is the “Everything Bagel” and it has a nice hearty flavor to it, with a hint of garlic. It’s only 2 net carbs, and has a very nice bagel texture. The ingredients aren’t that much different than store-bought Thomas brand bagels, except they’re slightly better

Click Here To See The Ingredients

After eating several packages of these over the last six weeks, to test them for myself, I did some research around the web to find out what others in the low carb and diabetic communities had to say about The Great Low Carb Bread Company. Here’s a snippet I found on the blog of a diabetic:

“They use high-quality, non-GMO ingredients like almond flour, flax meal, oat fiber, and all-natural stevia. Their ingredients are Kosher, and their products are free of soy and hard-to-digest sugar alcohols, which is good news for my tummy. One thing I noticed and liked about the company right away was that all they make is bread products: bagels, sliced breads, hot dog buns, even pizza crust. They’re not trying to make every product low carb, they’re just doing breads in an amazing array of options. I love that kind of focus and commitment to quality!” –source

I read an entire thread on the Low Carb Friends forum regarding The Great Low Carb Bread Company – and everyone who tested their various low carb bread products (including several diabetics) said the same things:

– It does NOT spike blood sugar
– It does NOT stall weight loss
– It does NOT knock you out of ketosis

I’ve experienced the same results too of course. No weight loss stalls, no bloating, and it doesn’t induce weird cravings – Bingo! 😉 I cannot find a single negative review or questionable comment about this company or their products.

I’ve been through four packages of the low carb bagels now myself, and will be definitely be trying more of their low carb breads.

Here is a full list of The Great Low Carb Bread Company products that are currently available at Netrition (the ONE place you can order them with reasonable shipping rates):

They also have Gluten Free, Paleo Products:


I highly recommend you order from Netrition, because it’s the cheapest on shipping – compared to the company website or Amazon. Netrition also ships incredibly fast, even to my small agricultural town. They have tons more products to choose from as well, including Almond Meal for making your own low carb breads or sugar free products – like the Sugar Free Mountain Berry Preserves (which I LOVE!).

Note: It’s not necessary to request the thermal packaging or faster shipping. I used the regular $4.99 flat rate shipping. They ship super fast, and even on two warm days where my package was left outside one day and part of the next… they were fine and fresh. 😉 And of course with the flat rate shipping, you can order as many groceries as you please without paying more for shipping.

I encourage you to look over the ingredients, and to read the comments here and here. Also check out the Amazon reviews. But you’ll want to order them from Netrition (the shipping is too high on Amazon). It’s nice to find a low carb bread company you can TRUST, that actually creates a high quality product… that tastes GREAT. 😀

Lynn Terry
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. This is one of those foods that boils down to convenience, and just easily grabbing something quick. I don’t NEED bread, or even crave it, but it doesn’t dirty any dishes to toast a bagel and stack it up into a sandwich – which I can do in under a minute, and have something hearty (but still healthy!) to eat on the go. 😉

It’s DEFINITELY better than grabbing something like an Atkins bar – for taste, satisfaction AND nutritional value (er, compare the ingredients there -lol).

The Great Low Carb Bread Company

Click Here To Order Low Carb Bagels At Netrition

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