Low Carb Acronyms & Common Terms


Low Carb ChallengeAs we kick off the next 90 Day Low Carb Challenge, I wanted to give you a list of common terms and acronyms used in the low carb community.

By the way, my Challenge Group stays open & active year round, with several Official Challenges throughout the year. Join us and jump right in anytime!

Whether you join this challenge – or any low carb forum or community – you’ll run across many abbreviations, terms and acronyms that you’re not familiar with. This post should prove helpful. 😉

Karen says: I’m new. As I read through some posts, I see abbreviations I don’t understand. Such as WOE. Also, what is a fat bomb? Thank you!

If you’re new to the Low Carb Diet, the first thing you should know is that there’s a science to way it works. The science is based on Food Combining and is often referred to as LCHF – meaning Low Carb High Fat. When you eat low carb, your body makes a chemical change from burning carbs/sugar for energy… to burning fat for energy.

This chemical change puts your body in a state of Ketosis, and many people experience symptoms during the first week (during the chemical change) that are referred to as the “Induction Flu” or “Atkins Flu”. You may experience headaches, edginess, insomnia, leg cramps, etc. This means the diet is working! And trust me, it passes – and with it, so do your usual cravings. 😉

Eating healthy fats is necessary on the Low Carb Diet since that is what your body will now use for fuel (energy). If you try to eat low fat AND low carb, your weight loss will totally stall as your body won’t know *what* to burn for energy.

See: How To Do Low Carb For Weight Loss (Easily!)

Low Carb Acronyms

Quick Reference: Low Carb Acronyms & Common Terms

LC = Low Carb

LCHF = Low Carb High Fat

LCF = Low Carb Friends (usually used to address members of a low carb group or community)

Macros = The Macronutrients we track

SF = Sugar Free

AS – Artificial Sweeteners

Net Carbs = Total Carbs minus Fiber (and/or minus Sugar Alcohol)

WOE = Way of Eating (as in, eating low carb as a lifestyle, instead of a diet).

HWC = Heavy Whipping Cream (most of us use that as coffee creamer).

BPC = Bullet Proof Coffee

Fat Bomb = A very high fat (if not ALL fat) snack

NSV = Non Scale Victory (such as losing inches, less swelling/pain, being able to fit into your favorite pair of jeans again, getting a compliment from a friend or coworker, etc)

Fat Fast = A very high fat (short term) meal plan generally used to help you break a weight loss stall.


Are there any Low Carb terms or acronyms not listed here that you would like to ask about? Leave a comment below! And for the more experienced low carb “lifers”, feel free to add to the list by leaving a comment below as well. 🙂

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I love making the low carb diet EASY for people with a busy lifestyle (like me!) with my KISS / Keep It Simple method. :) About Lynn Terry: Host of the Low Carb Challenge
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46 Responses to Low Carb Acronyms & Common Terms

  1. nina long says:

    I am looking forward to this 90 Day Challenge traveling with you Lynn Terry I need to lose weight and get healthy.I have been fixing in the past recipes of the same over and over, thus I have not stayed stead fast! I need a fresh set of recipes that are different and this time stay with the program.Thanks

  2. Hey, Lynn. 🙂

    How about this one? VLC = Very Low Carb.


  3. Charra Terry says:

    how do I loose belly fat that’s my concern. and THANKS Lynn

  4. Charra Terry says:

    how can I lose bell fat if ive had 4 pregnancies and 5 surgeries at age 42 going on 43.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Belly fat is just… fat. The best way to lose any kind of fat is to eat a ketogenic low carb diet so that you’re in “fat burning mode”. 🙂

    • jackie says:

      I had the same question about belly fat…. 2 c sections and 3 reproductive surgeries….how to get the mid section slimed down… I have heard just cutting out certain foods would work the best.

      • Lynn Terry says:

        Healthy food and exercise is the best thing you can do for your body, inside and out. Coconut oil massaged into your skin on that area twice a day is good too – for smoothing it out. Plus it smells good. 🙂

  5. lynn Yarbrough says:

    I am 60 yrs old and I want to do your 90 day challenge, however I do not want my photos or weight posted on my facebook. Is this needed?? or can i participate with out it??

  6. Mary says:

    I am so happy to see there are others to turn to while on this life change..
    Thanks Lynn

  7. kelly says:

    I have been on lchf now for 10 days and I’ve realized I don’t crave the sweets anymore. I used to be a sweet aholic. This is the best thing i’ve done for my body in a long time. Thanks for letting me be part of this amazing group:)

  8. cheryl says:

    Do all these posts get to all my friend on FB or just me?

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Cheryl! The 90 Day Low Carb Challenge is a private/closed Facebook group, so only people IN the group can see posts & replies. 😉 You may see them in your content stream, but that content is unique to you based on your friends, likes & groups you’ve joined.

  9. Grace G says:

    I am sort of new to this. Is being older a problem with this woe

  10. barb king says:

    I have trouble sticking to LC, beings my husband wants his carbs I give in in to easily.Hoping the challenge gives me the boost i need

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Barb,

      It’s rare to find a whole family eating low carb together, so you’re not alone in that challenge. I’m a single parent, and my teenage daughter would make brownies or come in with french fries, etc. For me it was a matter of making a deliberate choice each and every time: “Do I want this more than I want to feel & look better?” It was a matter of keeping myself grounded in what I *knew* I really wanted most.

      She’s heading off to college now and I’m dating a man that eats healthy (and is a great cook!), but he does eat things like bananas and corn and such. Which is fine. He’s super skinny lol. We eat together a lot, and if he cooks eggs & toast – I just eat eggs. If it’s a dinner meal, I eat more of the meat & greens and none of the starchy sides.

      Since you’re doing the cooking (I assume?) it’s easy to enough to make more of what you eat too, and less of what only he is going to eat. And for the carb sides, like potatoes for example, you can repurpose the leftovers for him at his next meal.

      I’m glad you’re joining us in the challenge group. You’ll find lots of motivation & support & accountability there! 🙂 *cheers*

  11. MARY JARRETT says:

    today is my birthday and tomorrow I start this challenge as a birthday gift to myself……I did an Adkins diet more than 13 years ago when preparing to quit smoking……I lost 30 pounds in 90 days and quit a serious smoking habit……gradually gained the weight back…….I decided to do it once more…..refrigerator is free of carbs and well stacked with fats and protein…….got my walking shoes ready…and have told everyone that tomorrow is the day so I will lose face if I don’t follow through….13 years ago I was on my own with a basic book…..this time I have a support site and will know that there are others in the same boat and the recipes sound oh so much better and more imaginative……having my last beer and a small bag of chips….tomorrow is a new WOE!

  12. Judy masters says:

    is there a diet plan to go by or do you have to do your own plan?

  13. Donna says:

    What is examples of high fat meals because before this low carb actually my whole life I watched my fat intake !!! Thanks I have been doing the low carb but at a stand still

  14. Donna says:

    I am 62 years old and I am so grateful to have found this site. This is exactly what I need as I had been looking for s o m e t h I n g to help me and I have found this great place where others are trying to do the same as me …. Thank You
    Also is there a low carb page to look up carbs and how to do the low carb and high fat?
    Happy to be here

  15. Calpurina says:

    Lynn Terry, Could you eat pork bacon or sausage or should I use turkey? What bout the skin on baked or grilled meats,?

  16. Trisha says:

    I’m just starting this. I had a couple questions…should I use eggs or egg beater? Sausage or turkey sausage? Real Mayo or light? I’ve done weight watchers in the past so this is definitely a new road for me and all the fat is freaking me out a little. But I know it’s a loch diet but We are used to eating lighter versions, so I just wanted to see what your thoughts were. Thanks!

  17. Sheri says:

    I am looking forward to accomplishing my goals with this. My weight has been my enemy my whole life. I would like to lose at least 50 pounds or more.

  18. Ann King says:

    I need to get back into this

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  23. Seporia says:

    Hi what does MCT mean?

  24. Vickie says:

    What does FV mean in the menu.

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