Low Carb Subway Menu & Special Offers


Did you know that Subway is the very first fast food restaurant to earn the American Heart Association Heart Check for Heart-Healthy Meals?

While many of their Hearth-Healthy Meals aren’t necessarily low in carbs, Subway does have great low carb selections on their menu!

They also offer special deals, and you can sign up for the Special Offers at their website. (Just look for the little red box near the bottom of the page.)

Savings are good! 😉

Subway recently added a new line of salads, many of which are low carb, like the new “Double Chicken Chopped Salad” which is only 6 net carbs:

Low Carb Subway Salads

I’ve heard you can create your own salad adding in any of your favorite Subway ingredients, turning your favorite “sub” into a salad without the bread. You’ll want to avoid the meatballs and veggie patty. And ideally you should look up individual ingredients before you add them. You can find a complete Nutritional Info Chart on the Subway website to make it easy.

They also offer an interactive nutritional calculator on the Subway site so you can “build your own salad” with the exact ingredients you want, and get detailed nutritional data before you ever place an order:

Subway low carb menu calculator

Most of their salads are very low carb, but you do want to avoid the Honey Mustard or Sweet Onion dressings.

Subway Salad Dressings:
– Chipotle Southwest = 2 net carbs
– Oil & Vingar = 0 net carbs
– Ranch Dressing = 2 net carbs

More Low Carb Subway Menu Options:

Creamy Broccoli & Cheese Soup: 9 net carbs

Chopped Salads with 6g of fat or Less…

– Black Forest Ham Salad = 8 net carbs
– Double Chicken Salad = 6 net carbs
– Oven Roasted Chicken Salad = 6 net carbs
– Roast Beef Salad = 7 net carbs
– Subway Club® Salad = 8 net carbs
– Turkey Breast or Turkey Breast & Ham Salads = 8 net carbs
– Veggie Delite® Salad = 5 net carbs

Other Subway salads…

– B.L.T. Chopped Salad = 6 net carbs
– Buffalo Chicken Salad (includes Ranch dressing) = 9 net carbs
– Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt Salad (includes Ranch dressing) = 10 net carbs
– Cold Cut Combo Salad = 8 net carbs
– Italian B.M.T.® Salad = 8 net carbs
– Spicy Italian Chopped Salad = 7 net carbs
– Steak & Cheese Chopped Salad = 10 net carbs
– Subway Melt® Salad = 9 net carbs
– Tuna Chopped Salad = 6 net carbs
– B.L.T. with Avocado Salad = 7 net carbs

What are YOUR favorite low carb Subway menu items??

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19 Responses to Low Carb Subway Menu & Special Offers

  1. Julie T says:

    I actually get the salads JUST like I would have gotten the sandwich. No salad dressing, just the usual mayo, mustard, oil and vinegar, etc. I do get some crazy looks but it’s really no different than just eating the “innards” of the sub or just toppings on a pizza, right?

    I like the Subway salads because I feel like you do get a lot for your money but I am often confused at the pricing and I think they would sell more salads (especially to a LC demo like all of us) if pricing was more explicitly posted on the menu board somewhere (is it the cost of a foot long….is it $5…is it some other price, etc.?). Also, side note, glad they are chopping up the ingredients now. Lol. That was a pain before to try and cut big veggies with plastic silverware!

    Great post to show how exponential the options really are, Lynn! 🙂

    • So interesting that you put mustard on your salad! I’m really tempted to do that now.

      I’ve been ordering salads for years at Subway and love that I can get all of my favourite sub ingredients (namely pepperoni), but I’m so excited that they’re chopping them and making it easier on me. I always felt like I was the only person ever ordering a salad there with the way the ingredients weren’t quite fit for salads the way they were pre-prepared for subs.

      • Julie T says:

        Lol. I just consider that even the fanciest vinaigrette or salad dressing can be broken down to some combination of mustard, mayonnaise, oil, and vinegar. That, and it just plain tastes better to me than any of their salad dressings. I feel less deprived if it tastes just like the naughty carb filled sandwich I might have had otherwise. Win win!

  2. Erin Van says:

    One of the things that I love to get is a sandwich with all the fixings then I get home throw out the bread cut up the chicken breast and have a salad that way, cause sometimes their lettuce doesn’t look toooo appealing to me but just the veggies! 🙂

  3. Leslie W says:

    Glad I found this. I think Subway’s menu is a bit confusing because looking at their board I got the impression you only had 2 or 3 choices for a salad not all the options you listed above. Also when I asked if their flatbread was any lower in carbs than the other breads I got a blank look & the answer was “I don’t know”. Now that I’m better informed I know what I will order next time.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      I would skip even flatbread. It’s best to cut out all wheat & flour from your diet. 😉

      • christine chin says:

        Ok i’ve 1 table spoon of sugar and 3 tbs of non dairy creamer and then use the liquid stevia. Shame on me but have been loosing weight. Now haven’t ate yet but cooked 1 hamburger,4 slices of bacon and fried zucchini for lunch. But i am craving a salad at subway….any suggestions on if i should and what to get as salad….thank u

  4. Joanne Henehan says:

    Is there a charge to belong to this?

  5. christine chin says:

    What wud u recommend for a salad at subway Lynn terry, how wud u order yours

  6. Great info! Just searching the net looking for low carb options at Subway and found you 🙂

  7. Sara says:

    LOL someone just bought a subway 6″ for me, Italian spicy, and I was disappointed that they wasted their money on me. (just started lc yesterday). Anyhow, I googled low carb subway it. sub. and YOU are the first result. ^_^ HELLO and thank you.

  8. rick sly says:

    Thank you thank you

  9. Deanna says:

    Began online searching for subsway keto and saw this first! Great ideas for the salads and dressing! Gonna get the mayo w oil and vinegar w a salad.

  10. KennyDee says:

    I cant find the build your own salad calculator on the Subway web site. It may have been there back when this article was first published.

    One thing is for sure. The restaurants that make it easy for me to choose low carb, get my business. Subway is getting none of it so far.

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