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50% off nearby events & adventures.You can find all sorts of travel deals online if you search around enough, but the absolute best travel deals I’ve found are through DealChicken!

I just signed up for it a few weeks ago because they had an awesome special I was interested in. Since then I’ve been getting amazing deals from them by email – with a lot of really cool travel deals.

Most of the deals are local, which is really cool, for all sorts of services – restaurants, spas, house cleaning, you name it. And they are seriously good deals – up to 90% off the regular price!

But some of them are for vacation packages that will truly blow you away! To give you a few examples, here are just some of the deals I’ve received from DealChicken in the last couple weeks:

8-day/7-night resort getaway for 2 at 3,500 resorts worldwide
$1,295.00 $99.00

$199 for a 7-night/8-day stay at Ocean Breeze, Riviera Maya
Mexico Travel Company
$1,340.00 $199.00

$249 for a 4-day/3-night stay at Peppertree at Thousand Hills in Branson, Missouri
$430.00 $249.00

50% off 4-day Carnival cruise for two, plus 2-night hotel stay
$1,200.00 $599.00

8-day/7-night Egyptian freestyle cruise on the Nile River
$1,425.00 $599.00

They have a lot of great food deals too, like these examples:

  • 50% off 2 vegan meal kits from My Veggie Chef
  • 50% off food and drinks at Grassmere Grill
  • 50% off food and drinks at Benchmark
  • 50% off 50-piece assortment of gourmet cheesecake pops at The Appetizer Store

These are just a few examples of course. You’ll want to sign up to get deals in your local area, in addition to the travel deals. They have everything from event tickets to massages and other services – such as house cleaning and tons more…

Deal Chicken is really cool. Take a minute and check it out. You’ll be surprised at all the great deals in your area, including some of the best travel deals you’ve ever seen! 😉

Travel Deals at

Get 50%-90% off the best things to see, do, and eat in your town with

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4 Responses to Best Travel Deals

  1. Sherie Smith says:

    Whoa! How in the world can they offer such GREAT DISCOUNTS! I’m in… 🙂

    • Lynn Terry says:

      It’s kind of like Groupon and other deal sites. It’s a way for the merchants to get exposure, and hopefully win you over as a future customer. And they have A LOT of great deals in our area!! 😉 Enjoy!

  2. Kent A says:

    Just one thing to be aware of at least some of the dealchicken deals is investigate who is selling them. We are heading to Branson this summer, and I noticed a DealChicken deal for them. It was from, who don’t have a long history on the web. I did some additional searching, and the associated address came back to a D+ rated timeshare reseller. I don’t know if the deal posted is good or not, but I was glad I personally did my homework on that one.

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