3-Day Keto Food Diary w/Macros


I made a delicious new low carb recipe, had a keto starbucks coffee, went out and had low carb beers, picked up some easy keto takeout this week… and got some great exercise in too! 🙂

Keto SnacksHere’s a three day keto food diary complete with my MyFitnessPal logs so you can see how my macros worked out on each of those days.

The goal is 20 net carbs max and 70% fat minimum, and I keep it THAT simple.

One of the three days I went over my 20 net carbs a little, but it didn’t affect my ketone levels – and I’ll show you that too.

I don’t ever stress over the numbers, but you will notice in my food diaries that I ate super low carb otherwise knowing I was planning to go out and might go over a little. 😉

My Keto Meals on Wednesday

I finally had a little free time to get in the kitchen and try that Keto Biscuits & Gravy recipe from the Southern Keto Cookbook.

And WOWSA was it ever amazing – and so simple to make!!

Keto Biscuits and Gravy - Low Carb Breakfast Ideas

I got this new cookbook at Natasha’s book signing & keto talk event in Nashville last week. All of her recipes are super easy with everyday ingredients.

Southern Keto Cookbook by KetoIsLife

Her recipe for Keto Drop Biscuits is PERFECTION.

They are crisp on the outside, and soft & fluffy on the inside. The best low carb biscuits I’ve ever had. 😉

Keto Drop Biscuits

The recipe made 10 biscuits and a large batch of sausage gravy, so I had it for both breakfast and dinner.

In the afternoon I snacked on Cinnamon Pecan Crunch keto granola from Lolli’s Keto Cookie Clusters (use our coupon code LOWCARBTRAVELER for a discount).

That stuff is delicious, and this flavor is only 1 net carb per serving. 🙂

Keto Sweets - Gluten Free Low Carb Granola

I also had four coffee’s with Coffee-Mate Sugar Free Hazelnut Powdered Creamer on Wednesday. Here’s how I logged those meals…

Wednesday’s MyFitnessPal Keto Food Diary

MyFitnessPal Keto Food Diary with LCHF Macros and Net Carbs

1938 Calories
19 Net Carbs
Protein: 55 grams
85% Fat, 11% Protein

How To Get Net Carbs In MyFitnessPal (Free)

You’ll notice that Protein is only 11% of my total daily calories, yet I had 55 grams of protein. The recommended daily amount of protein for women is 46 grams a day.

So while I’m eating “high fat” I’m also getting *plenty* of protein.

This is why you can’t go by grams, but rather have to go by ratios or percentages. See this link for a detailed explanation & illustration of proper macro ratios:

Keto Macros & Tracking Made Simple


My Keto Meals on Thursday

I knew I was going to go out Thursday night so I kept my meals super low carb that day. Starting with an easy keto breakfast of cheesy eggs.

I made 5 eggs with colby jack cheese, scrambled in butter – then made two smaller meals out of that. I can only eat about 3 eggs at once, but I had a super busy workday to get through. 😉

Eating Clean for Ketone Testing

I also had some of Lolli’s Keto Cookie Clusters – my favorite flavor: Peanut Butter Macadamia! – at my desk while I was working. 🙂

I love the bigger chunks in the bag, they’re like fresh baked cookies!

Gluten Free Keto Granola

For dinner I had another serving of the Keto Biscuits & Sausage Gravy I made the day before, which made for a quick & easy meal before I headed out.

Keto Breakfast - Sausage Gravy and Biscuits

Then I went dancing for HOURS during which I had a little too much Michelob Ultra, lol.

It’s 2.6 carbs per 12oz bottle, and I had 4 1/2 of those – I didn’t finish my 5th beer.

That’s a lot for me. Three beers is my usual limit. 😛

Keto Night Out - Michelob Ultra Low Carb Beer

I also had 5 coffee’s with Coffee-Mate Sugar Free Hazelnut Powdered Creamer on Thursday. Here’s how I logged those meals…

Thursday’s MyFitnessPal Keto Food Diary

MyFitnessPal Keto Food Diary with LCHF Macros and Net Carbs

2087 Calories
27 Net Carbs
Protein: 78 grams
75% Fat, 18% Protein

My Keto Meals on Friday

I stayed in the city on Thursday after dancing all night, so I stopped at Starbucks on the way home the next morning for a BIG iced coffee. I needed it, lol. 🙂

I ordered a Trenta (31oz) iced coffee with no classic syrup, 1/3 cup of Heavy Whipping Cream, 4 pumps of sugar free vanilla and 5 pumps of sugar free cinnamon dolce.

Keto Starbucks Order

Some people count 1 carb per pump of syrup, but I don’t. I just log the amount of HWC (Heavy Whipping Cream) I get in mine. At 0.4 carbs per TBSP, mine with 1/3 cup of HWC comes to 2.1 carbs.

I also got take-out on the way home: 3 fried eggs, 3 pieces of grilled tenderloin and an order of bacon. This is from a little local “greasy spoon” in my town.

Zero Carb Keto Takeout

I had the three eggs, one piece of tenderloin and one piece of bacon for breakfast with the rest of my iced coffee.

My great dane got ONE of those bacon slices. 😉

Then I made cheesy eggs in the afternoon and had that with another piece of tenderloin.

I couldn’t finish it all, so I had the 3rd piece of tenderloin with the rest of my scrambled eggs before I went out dancing again.

My Easy Keto Meals - Low Carb Food Diary

This time I only had three beers. 🙂

And later that night I finally ate that string cheese I got at Starbucks with a handful of the low carb granola – just for a quick bedtime snack.

I also had four coffee’s with Coffee-Mate Sugar Free Hazelnut Powdered Creamer on Friday. Here’s how I logged those meals…

Friday’s MyFitnessPal Keto Food Diary
MyFitnessPal Keto Food Diary with LCHF Macros and Net Carbs

2107 Calories
19 Net Carbs
Protein: 116 grams
70% Fat, 26% Protein


Even with the “log it or don’t log it?” sugar free syrups from Starbucks (I don’t personally count them) and going over my carbs a bit with low carb beers, neither of those things affected my ketone levels – or knocked me out of ketosis.

Testing Keto Levels for Ketosis

I use the Keto Mojo Glucose & Ketone Testing Kit to check my ketone levels, or test various foods. We have a 15% off discount coded in my affiliate link here. I love mine!


You probably noticed in my MyFitnessPal logs above that it said I “earned extra calories from exercise” those last two days. I don’t actually count calories, but that shows up because I have my Fitbit synced to my MFP account.

Fitbit Exercise Goals

The biscuits & gravy were a NICE treat this week. Of course since I made the full recipe I had to eat it for several meals. 😛

It was SO nice to get out dancing too! I rarely drink, but I enjoy Michelob Ultra or sometimes rum & diet coke when I’m dancing – or in the summer out on the lake.

The dancing was GREAT exercise. My thighs, calves, hips & butt are really feeling the two nights in a row of dancing for HOURS in 4″ heels, lol.

What a workout!!

How are things going with you?

I would love to hear if you’re participating in the keto challenge, how things are going so far, or if you have any questions about the keto diet…

Leave a comment and let’s chat!:)

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. I just had a DELICIOUS but super easy low carb dinner. Stay tuned, I’ll show it to you in my next food diary – along with a GREAT keto grocery find from Kroger. 😉


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  1. Monica Carletto says:

    Thank you Lynn. I love reading your blog posts and admire you so much. I have a Keto Mojo and was wondering when you test? AM or PM, after eating or not? Thank you.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Monica,

      You want to watch all the short videos on the Keto Mojo website as that will explain SO much. I found them really helpful! I also shared all my research in this one post after I got mine: https://www.travelinglowcarb.com/22335/how-to-improve-ketone-levels/

      I don’t test daily, just when I am testing a new food, or if I don’t feel well – basically as needed. In the morning before you eat will be your lower levels, your highest levels later in the day before your last/evening meal.

      You can test at various times of the day and before/after eating to get an idea of your baseline numbers – but definitely watch the videos because those are great!

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  4. Fran Dagostino says:

    Hi Lynn! Any chance we could get that biscuits and gravy recipe?? Thanks

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