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Hey there! How are you? We have a little catching up to do… 😉

Since we last talked I’ve hiked Greeter Falls and Boardtree Falls, hiked the Window Cliffs State Natural Area, flew to Austin TX and back, went out dancing, and am currently in a mad dash to meet a tax deadline – lol, eek! 😛

Keto SnacksIt’s been awhile since I’ve shared a food diary with you. I’ve been super busy since the last challenge ended. Obviously!

We’ll be starting a new challenge soon though, so stay tuned for details.

Anyway, I thought I’d start back by giving you a quick photo tour of my last two weekends of eating low carb on the go – plus a few keto meals at home in between.

I’ll just start with my FAVORITE low carb restaurant meal in ages, which was Friday night at Logan’s Roadhouse. This was FABULOUS!

I ordered the chopped steak topped with grilled onions & sauteed mushrooms, steamed broccoli and grilled asparagus:

Keto Restaurant Meals at Logan's Roadhouse

Onions can really add up on you in carbs, and honestly I don’t like the actual onions as much as like the FLAVOR of cooked onions – so I only ate maybe 1/4 of the onions.

Otherwise I cleaned that plate. 🙂

I haven’t had a FUN night out in ages, so I decided to get out and dance for a few hours after dinner.

I rarely drink, but now and then (and especially when I’m dancing!) I love Michelob Ultra in the bottle – 2.6 carbs each.

Keto Night Out - Michelob Ultra Low Carb Beer

I had an amazing time, and logged some serious Fitbit steps in my 4″ heels that night. 😉

And let me just say… there’s something about a man that can dance!

LowCarbTraveler - Dancing For Exercise

But the HIGHLIGHT of my evening was the asparagus.

Definitely the asparagus. ♥

Keto Restaurant Sides

While I’ve been on the go I’ve been getting my usual sausage & eggs from McDonald’s along the way.

I actually had coupons for free Egg McMuffins that came on my McCafe Coffee that I buy at the grocery store – so I’ve been cashing those in for a “free lunch.” 😉

I love that they serve All Day Breakfast! You can order the Sausage Egg McMuffin “with no cheese and no bread please” (their cheese is 2 carbs per slice!) or you can order: “3 sausage patties and 3 round fried eggs please” (a la carte).

Keto on the road - McDonald's Low Carb Fast Food Ideas

It’s cheapest to download the McDonald’s app and do their BOGO deals!

Speaking of great deals (and how did I NOT know this before now?!) Starbucks does free or super cheap REFILLS!

I just discovered that when I stopped at a Starbucks to catch up on some work for awhile, and went to order a second coffee before I left… and the refil was only 99 cents. 🙂

Keto Starbucks Drinks

IMPORTANT: Always make sure you request “no classic syrup please” in your iced Starbucks drinks. They are served “lightly sweetened” by default, with a full 30 grams of sugar in a Venti iced coffee or tea! 😯

See: Beware! Starbucks Carb Count Warning: The Secret Sugar In Your Iced Coffee or Tea

The weekend before I was in Austin TX for a business meeting, and I was there for a couple of nights… but I only actually ate ONE meal. Or I only went out to eat once I should say…

LowCarbTraveler in Austin TX

I brought plenty of keto friendly snacks with me, knowing it was going to be a busy trip, including Ketologie Keto Shakes because YES: the individual packets are FINALLY back so you can take them on the go with you now! 🙂

(our coupon code is LowCarbTraveler 🌻 or if that doesn’t work, try: TravelingLC)

It was late when I got into Austin the night before my meeting, and I was tired too, so I just grabbed a bottled water from the vending machine in the airport and shook up a quick Keto Shake right there at the airport.

Portable Keto Shakes On The Go

Quick & Easy! And those Ketologie shakes really hold me over. 😉

The next morning I started my day off with coffee, but I finally got hungry about halfway through my meeting. Go figure! lol 😛

Luckily I had the portable FBOMB Nut Butters in my purse, and they’re small enough to stash practically anywhere – which I love. So around 10 or 11am that morning I had a tall glass of water and this convenient fat bomb:

Keto Portable Fat Bombs On The Go

This is my current favorite of the 4 different flavors of FBomb nut butter packets in their variety pack:

Keto Fat Bombs - Traveling Low Carb

This affiliate link has the FBomb Discount coded into it for you already, so you’ll see 20% off at checkout on your first order by using that link. 😉


It was probably close to 4pm before I had my first “meal” and I walked down to the Eureka! Restaurant on 6th Avenue based on several HIGH recommendations.

I was NOT disappointed. I had the most amazing cobb salad. 🙂

It was chock full of avocado, chicken, bacon, egg, fresh spring greens, and I got feta instead of bleu cheese crumbles (just preference).

Keto Meal at Eureka in Austin TX

The service was second to none too. 🙂

Austin is such a FUN city!!

Traveling Low Carb in Austin TX


I only ate half of my salad at the restaurant, and took the rest to go.

After dinner I walked a block or two over and got an iced coffee at Starbucks so I could settle in and wrap up some work.

I also grabbed some string cheese and bottled water while I was there, and had the string cheese with the other half of my salad later when I got hungry again. 😉

Traveling Low Carb with LowCarbTraveler

I made a big Ketologie Keto Shake for breakfast the next morning, this time mixed with coffee instead of water, and headed back to the airport.

Those shakes and fat bomb packets were extremely compact, but came in VERY handy on my trip!

Both are something I actually ENJOY (love, definitely LOVE) and they are both something I knew would hold me over between meals or even AS a meal.


Since I’ve been home I’ve been eating my usual low carb foods, including my quick & easy cheesy eggs – and lately with sausage links too:

Easy Keto Breakfast - Low Carb Meals

I’ve been super busy with work so I have hardly cooked (unless you count eating raw pecans out of the bag or scrambling a few eggs, lol).

I did get some GREAT low carb take-out meals this week though, including this delicious hamburger steak with roasted broccoli & cauliflower:

Keto Take Out Dinner Ideas

And this Philadelphia Chicken (2 breasts smothered in sauteed mushrooms & mozzarella, no onions on mine) with roasted broccoli & cauliflower:

Low Carb Take Out Dinner Ideas

I love roasted veggies! ♥

Oh, and I finally tried the new Rebel Creamery keto ice cream. BLECH!

I did NOT LIKE any of the five flavors they sent me to review. The actual flavor didn’t stand out at all, and they ALL had a terrible aftertaste.

You can read the discussion here.

Rebel Creamery Keto Ice Cream Review


I’ve also been testing the brand new recipe for the new smaller Know Cookies, and I’m happy to report: they do NOT knock me out of ketosis AND they’re delicious!

I especially like their newest Peanut Butter Keto Cookie, which I made a meal out of by topping it with creamy peanut butter:

Chewy Peanut Butter Keto Cookies

The coupon code COOKIES will get you 15% off right now, btw. 😉

They have five flavors of keto cookies now, and the lemon 🍋 has been my LEAST favorite. I’m not really into lemon anyway, to be fair. But topped with cream cheese… it tastes like PIE. 😍

Lemon Keto Cookies

I’ve been talking to the new CEO of Know Foods and getting the scoop on all the changes they’ve made this year, so stay tuned for more fun updates on that!

They have a lot of great low carb products, and they’re always putting out good deals & coupon codes too.

Oh – and these are less like cookies or snacks, and more like a keto meal replacement bar – but as a rich chewy cookie!

They have better ingredients than most bars (super clean, real food),and hold me over WAY longer, so they’re great for eating on your way out the door… or making a quick meal out of on a busy day. 😉

Know Foods Coupon Code 2018

Other than that I’ve been keeping it simple with easy foods at home, or super simple take out meals like this grilled chicken with roasted veggies.

Healthy Keto Dinner Ideas


I’m back to my daily home workouts, mostly strength training still, AND I’m back on the road today. 🙂

I look forward to getting back to my daily food diaries here, and also catching up with you. Are you planning to start the next Low Carb Challenge this month?

I’ll be announcing the start date soon!

How are things going with you?

Leave a comment and let’s chat!

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler


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2 Responses to Living Low Carb: Keeping It Keto On The Go

  1. Margaret says:

    Welcome back, Lynn! I’ve missed your posts. I was a kickstarter sponsor of Rebel and recieved 12 pints. I think the ice cream tastes okay, and I don’t notice an aftertaste. My favorite flavor is Chocolate, as it seems to have the most flavor. I didn’t sign up for the Mint Chocolate.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Margaret 🙂 Glad to hear you liked the chocolate! I couldn’t enjoy any of the 6 flavors I tried. I had a friend try them too, and that didn’t go over well either lol.

      I am so spoiled on the ORIGINAL Halo Top ice creams that were SO great! I really hate that they changed the recipe and increased the sugar and carb count on them all, because they’re awful now. :-{ blech!

      There are some new ones coming out that I am holding out hope for, but for now… it’s been a GOOD thing that I’m over my ice cream binge, low carb even. 😉 haha

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