Brand New Keto Blondie: Love At First Bite! (Save 15% Today Before They Sell Out)


It’s chunky, it’s chewy, it’s rich and sweet and sinfully delicious…

It’s the splurge you crave – without the consequences! ♥

Keto Blondies - New Recipe by Keto Brownie - Low Carb Treats On-the-Go!

Brand New Keto Blondie: Love At First Bite!

And yes, it also comes in a double chocolate almond brownie! 🙂

Which begs the question, which is better:

– the Keto Brownie or the Keto Blondie?

New Keto Brownie Products packaged for easy Low Carb On-the-Go!

Keto Brownie is back with TWO brand new products in place of their original bar I loved so much. I’m hoping they’ll sell the recipe for that bar to someone else, because it was my FAVORITE. But the new products totally rocked my low carb socks too. 😉

Knowing how much I loved the original bar, Nick (the owner and master keto recipe creator) sent me a box of each of the two new products: his Keto Blondie and the new Chocolate Almond Crunch Brownie – and asked me what I thought of them.

He also sponsored this post and my review to support our community here AND he gave us a 15% discount code to use this weekend, which good until Monday night at midnight eastern time or until they sell out.

I coded this link to give you the discount: Keto Brownie & Blondie Discount but if it doesn’t show up you can just add the code LOWCARBTRAVELER at checkout.

Keto Brownie vs Keto Blondie - Which is Better?

Keto Brownie vs Keto Blondie – Which is Better?

Both the Blondie Brownie and the Chocolate Almond Brownie are absolutely delicious. They both have the same great texture, and the perfect combination of chewy and chunky – full of big rich chocolate chunks and little bits of crunch.

They have ZERO aftertaste, so no weird feeling in your mouth or icky taste to them, and NO weird ingredients that cause tummy upset either.

They taste like they’re your grandmother’s secret recipe, or something you got from a sweet lady with a twinkle in her eye at a local bake sale.

They do NOT taste like “low carb diet food.” 🙂

After several rounds of testing (mmm!) I find I keep reaching for the Keto Blondie over the Keto Brownie…

Low Carb Packaged Treats

The Chocolate Almond Brownie is REALLY GOOD too.

It’s just as chewy, rich & delicious with BIG chocolate chunks and little bits of crunch, just like the Keto Blondie.

Keto Brownie - Chewy, Chunky Chocolate Almond Low Carb Brownie

I go back and forth. When you’re craving GOOD chocolate, the Chocolate Almond Brownie definitely hits the spot.

But just LOOK at that Blondie though! 😯

Low Carb Blondies that will ROCK your Keto Socks!

Of course, the first thing I did was perform a “clean keto test” on both the Blondie and the Brownie to see if they knocked me out of ketosis or affected my weight loss…

I’m happy to report: the results were positive! Both treats are delicious, have NO aftertaste, they’re keto friendly and they do NOT knock me out of ketosis.

I also love that they’re individually packaged, making it easy to grab one (or two!) on the go for a quick filling low carb snack – or to keep you on track when a sweet tooth hits you sideways. 😉

Low Carb on the go - Keto Treats you can pack!

Keto Brownie Macros & Ingredients

If you go to this page you can choose between the Blondie and Brownie and look at all the ingredients & nutrition facts.

Actually, before you click on one, scroll down and watch the video on that page. Those two guys mirrored my thoughts & reaction exactly.

And if you look just below that video, you’ll see a picture of ME! 😉

They are sweetened with a combination of Stevia, Erythritol and Monk Fruit Extract.

They both have good amounts of protein, fiber & healthy fats.

The Keto Blondie is 5 net carbs and the Keto Brownie is 6 net carbs, but you can easily cut them in half or even quarter them to satisfy a sweet tooth.

New Keto Brownie Blondie - Low Carb Dessert or Meal Replacement?

They’re really chewy so a whole Blondie lasts much longer than most treats. And it’s a real save when you’re craving sweets or feel like you need a spurge.

I’m not personally big on desserts, so I eat them like a bar – as a meal replacement, or a “power snack” to get through long afternoons at work.

If you DO like desserts, they would be really great warmed up a little and topped with low carb ice cream too. Just sayin. 😉

Keto Brownie Review

Sinfully Delicious – Like a Splurge or Cheat, Without The Guilt!

I could easily get in the habit of eating these daily like a bar, in place of a meal or to get me between meals, or in a pinch when I’m on the go or stuck at my desk.

They’re best used as a treat though, and at 5 or 6 net carbs each you want to allow for that treat in your macros, or enjoy them on days when you have a little room to spare in the carb budget.;)

They would be PERFECT to have in your bag on movie night so you can skip the theater concessions with a SMILE, or on those nights when your family is enjoying desserts or sweets and you feel like you’re missing out.

Or just when a SERIOUS sweet craving hits you.

They’re so chewy that you actually get to savor them, and they last longer than a bar or low carb candy… which I can finish off in a quick minute! 😉 😛

I’ve discovered they hold me over longer than most bars too, so they’re ideal and super convenient for me when I’m traveling.

Individual Keto Brownies - Low Carb Chocolate Almond Brownie

I wanted to wait until Aaron had a chance to try them both too, because I’m anxious to see which one HE likes best.

We share the same taste for the most part, but there are some products we differ on – so I always like to get his input to balance out my own opinions.

The Blondie is definitely sweeter than the Brownie. The Brownie has that really nice rich cocoa flavor though, and it’s better when I want something a little LESS sweet.

It’s still plenty sweet mind you, but the Blondie just has a totally different delicious flavor combo. I think it has more texture variety to it too, the Blondie, with the chocolate chunks and crunch really standing out more.

NEW! Keto Brownie and Blondie

Both of the Keto Brownie products are brand new and not available in any stores yet. They are currently only shipping within the United States but they’re working on international shipping expansion.

They have a 9 month shelf life and do not require refrigeration.

They’re 29.99 + 7.95 shipping for a box of 12 – which comes to $33.45 with our 15% discount. That makes them $2.79 each

They are available on Amazon too for $36 + free shipping. They are not eligible for Amazon Prime though.

That may seem expensive, but a box of candy at the movie theater is around $4.00 and will make you bloated, sick, induce cravings and knock you out of ketosis – TOO. Yet people pay that all night every night at the movies.

Wal-Mart sells a variety pack of 12 Quest Bars for $33.99 – which comes to $2.83 each. Quest sells them individually on their site for $2.39 each, or in a 12-pack for $24.99.

But honestly, I’m hungry within an hour of eating most bars. I think it’s because their macros are off: too much protein, not enough healthy fats.

While they’re not “cheap” that makes them a good value in my book, given I eat them like a bar (as a meal replacement or a VERY satisfying snack) – and given they are good enough to keep me from going off the rails on an all-out binge. 😉

(note: a MINI blizzard at dairy queen is $2.89 – and once I’m on a roll, there’s nothing “mini” about it! lol)

Keto Blondie and Keto Brownie Review

So there you have it… my detailed feedback on the taste, texture, difference between flavors, pricing, value, macros & keto testing.

I love that the Blondie is just as good as any NON-keto dessert I’ve ever had, and tastes like a fresh home baked dessert.

And that it doesn’t knock me out of ketosis. 🙂

They’re not chalky, coarse, dry or dense. They truly are just like a thick, rich blondie or brownie you would make at home.

The new Keto Brownie is great too, but the Keto Blondie is definitely my favorite of the two. It’s richer and more moist.

If you want to try them, Nick created us a unique coupon code for a 15% off discount – good through the entire holiday weekend. Now through Monday at midnight Eastern time you can use this link to get the discount automatically added to your order.

Note: I expect they’re going to sell out FAST, way before our discount ends on Monday night!

I coded this link to give you the discount: Keto Brownie & Blondie Discount but if for some reason it doesn’t show up you can just add the code LOWCARBTRAVELER at checkout.

I would love to hear your thoughts, or any questions you have…

Is this something you would like to try, or do you prefer to bake your own low carb sweets? And if so, what do you do when you’re traveling or on the go?

I would love to hear YOUR favorite sweets, bars or “power snacks” and where you get them – and what you think of the value of Keto Brownie compared to similar options.

Leave a comment & let’s chat! 🙂

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler


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