Super Moist Layered Low Carb Chocolate Protein Cake Recipe


This recipe is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Atkins. The opinions, text and recipe are all mine.

This is my third Atkins shake recipe. It’s been fun to get creative with different ways to use the Atkins shakes! The Atkins Creamy Ice Cream Bites were fun, and the Low Carb Cinnamon Crunch Coffee Cake Recipe was a HUGE hit! 🙂

This time, I decided to bake a low carb chocolate protein cake instead, using the Atkins Plus Protein & Fiber Creamy Milk Chocolate Shake.

Then I got creative with it and made a layered cake with crunchy toppings using Atkins White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Bars. 🙂

The result…

Low Carb Chocolate Cake Stack with Crunchy-Topping.

Atkins Shake Recipes - Low Carb Chocolate Cake

This low carb cake can be made with or without the cream cheese layer, the sugar-free chocolate syrup and the crunchy cookie-like topping.

The recipe also makes delicious chocolate cupcakes or muffins, which are great for meal prep, so you have a quick breakfast on hand:

Chocolate Protein Cake Recipe - Low Carb Meal Prep

Low Carb Chocolate Protein Cake Recipe


Atkins Low Carb Cake Recipe

  • 11oz Atkins Plus Protein & Fiber Creamy Milk Chocolate Shake (room temperature)
  • 3 Cups Almond Flour
  • 2 Large Eggs
  • 1/2 Cup (8 Tbsp.) Melted Butter
  • 2 tsp Baking Powder
  • 1/4 Cup Sweetener*
  • 1/2 Tbsp. softened butter to grease your pan
  • Optional: 2 Atkins White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Bars
  • Optional: 5 ounces of cream cheese
  • Optional: sugar free chocolate syrup

* You’ll want to use the artificial sweetener of your choice. Some of them measure out different than sugar, so start with the equivalent to 1/4 cup of sugar – and sweeten to taste from there.

* This recipe works best if the Atkins shake is room temperature. If refrigerated, warm them up to room temperature in the microwave for a few seconds.


Optional: chop two Atkins White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Bars into small pieces.

Atkins White Chocolate Macadamia Bar

Atkins Bar Recipe

This option is for a crunchy toasted sweet topping for your cake, or to use in your middle layer if you make a layered-style cake.

Atkins Bar Recipes - Protein Cake Topping

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Grease your cake pan liberally with real butter.

I used half a Tbsp. of butter to grease two 8 x 5.5″ glass dishes.

You can make this recipe in a well-greased muffin pan or with muffin papers, or in a larger glass dish or non-stick cake pan.

I used these two smaller glass baking dishes to make a layered cake stack instead of a single cake.

Atkins Low Carb Baking

Add dry ingredients (almond flour, baking powder, sweetener) to a large mixing bowl. Beat two eggs and melt the butter, then add those to the dry ingredients.

Stir the mixture together, then slowly pour in the Atkins Plus Protein & Fiber Creamy Milk Chocolate Shake (at room temperature). Mix on medium speed until well blended and smooth.

Atkins Shake Recipes Chocolate

If it seems a little lumpy, that’s okay!

It bakes into a smooth and super-moist cake. 😉

Atkins Shake Recipe Ideas

Pour your cake batter into the greased cake pan or glass dishes.

If you’re making two layers, pour half of the batter into each pan or dish.

Atkins Shake Cake Recipe

Bake at 350 degrees.

A single cake in a standard cake pan might bake for 35 minutes. My two smaller sized dishes were done in 20-25 minutes. Muffins may be done in about 15 minutes.

Optional: Spread chopped Atkins Bars on top about 10 minutes before it’s done, before the cake sets up completely.

Check it every 10 minutes until the edges are golden brown and a toothpick comes out clean.

Let the cake cool COMPLETELY before cutting or removing from the pan.

Low Carb Chocolate Cake Recipe

Optional Cream Cheese Layer:

I use Philadelphia 5 Simple Ingredients cream cheese, which is half a carb per ounce instead of 2 carbs per ounce. I used 5 ounces of cream cheese and warmed it up for about 15 seconds in the microwave to make it “fluffy.”

Fluffy Cream Cheese

Low Carb Cake Recipe - Atkins Shake Recipe, Keto Friendly with Ideal LCHF Macros

You can add sweetener to the cream cheese if you prefer, or even stir in sugar free chocolate syrup. Get creative with it! 🙂

Low Carb Protein Cake

You can easily create a simple chocolate cream cheese frosting by mixing cream cheese and sugar free chocolate syrup.

Chocolate Protein Cake Recipe - Low Carb Meal Prep

You can also mix sugar free chocolate syrup (or melted sugar free chocolate chips) with just a bit of coconut oil to make a nice smooth chocolate drizzle over the top of your cake.

A sugar free chocolate syrup alone will work, but if your syrup or melted chocolate is too thick, then coconut oil is a great way to make it creamier and thinner.

Atkins Shake Recipe - Easy Chocolate Protein Cake

Layered & Topped Cake Macros: 5.5 Net Carbs per Slice.

Your macros and carb count will depend on the size of your cake servings.

I cut my cake into 10 large slices, so they came out to 5.5 net carbs and 406 calories per serving with 15 grams of protein each.

If you cut it into 12 servings, they would be 4.5 net carbs each – using the same ingredients and brands that I used.

The cake alone, without the cream cheese layer and Atkins Bar + sugar free chocolate drizzle topping, comes to 3.5 net carbs per serving if you cut it into 10 servings.

Protein Cake Nutrition Facts

The net carb for 2 servings of the layered cake above count includes the cream cheese, chocolate syrup and two Atkins Bars.

The plain cake and my “dressed up version” both have great LCHF macros with 80% fat and also a great serving of protein.

You can use the MyFitnessPal recipe calculator to enter your recipe based on the labels of your brands for each ingredient, and what you choose to add and/or leave out.

Atkins Cake Recipe


This deliciously moist low carb cake recipe can be made in different flavors using any Atkins Shake. It can also be made into smaller cakes and frozen, for personally-portioned desserts you can enjoy anytime!

Individual Low Carb Cakes

This recipe works best in a well-greased glass baking dish.

I’ve also made it in smaller (5″ x 5″) glass dishes for individual cakes you can freeze separately.

Low Carb Cake Recipe

Low Carb Cake

The smaller cake above was made with the same recipe, with an Atkins French Vanilla Shake instead. You can see that original Atkins cake recipe here.


Low Carb Cake Recipe - Atkins Shake Recipe, Keto Friendly with Ideal LCHF Macros

Enjoy this super simple low carb protein cake recipe! 🙂

I kept it really simple using things you probably already have around your low carb kitchen, or can easily get at your local grocery store.

I originally used this recipe to make a Low Carb Cinnamon Coffee Cake which was a BIG hit. This chocolate version is great as well. 🙂

My recipe is not overly sweet, but just sweet enough to enjoy – and even great for breakfast! You can sweeten yours to taste of course, if you prefer it sweeter or would like a more rich dessert style cake.

Atkins Chocolate Protein Cake Recipe Ideas

Ideas To Try:

As I was baking the cake & cupcakes last night I considered all kinds of options for the recipe.

You could add unsweetened cocoa and a sugar free sweetener to make it even more chocolatey.

Another fun idea would be to add sugar free chocolate chips to the batter.

Have fun with this one. 😉

I look forward to hearing your ideas for additions, or any modifications you try – and how those turn out! *cheers*

Lynn Terry
aka @LowCarbTraveler

P.S. I often refer people to the Atkins site for the Acceptable Foods List. The phase one list is ketogenic friendly and is exactly what I used to get started eating low carb. You can also check out their site to learn more about The Hidden Sugar Effect – foods that you think are healthy that actually turn into sugar when digested. You don’t see the sugars, but your body does – and make sure you’re avoiding foods that you may think are healthy, but aren’t actually as healthy as you think.

On Atkins, you eat the right foods, not less – which I love! You never have to go hungry with a low carb lifestyle. They have a new lifestyle book out by that title: Atkins: Eat Right, Not Less too that you’ll love!


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