Ketologie: 21 Day Keto Kick-Start Program


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You’ve heard me talking about the Ketologie products more lately, especially my amazing “Hot Coffee Shakes” and how their Roast Chicken Bone Broth gives me a noticeable boost of energy within the hour…

It actually started with a “skeptical taste test” though, when I got hungry on one of my recent fitness hikes and had this bottle in my day pack:

Keto Shake

That was the day I fell in LOVE with the rich, creamy Ketologie shake mix!

Those individual bottles are not available for sale, by the way. That was a one-time promo a few months ago through a keto subscription box I review, where you get 6-9 products to try every month – which is how I got the one I threw in my pack.

I added water and shook it up and took one sip – and was surprisingly impressed. It’s smooth and creamy with a rich chocolate taste, even with just “trail temperature” water added!

I got in touch with Dr. Tracey of Ketologie and got signed up as an affiliate (which means I earn commission on referrals). She sent me more of their products to try so I’ve been sharing about those with you along the way.

A lot of people have asked me about their 21-Day Keto Kick Start Program too, so Tracey set me up and I took the time to review the entire program and also give ALL of the products a proper test in my own kitchen.

She supplied the products and sponsored my review, and I took the time to test everything out and write this detailed post, because we both felt like together we could help you make a solid decision about whether Ketologie is right for you…

Join us for the Live Discussion on Ketologie

I’m going to go Live on my Facebook Page on Saturday at Noon Eastern for a fun discussion on Ketologie products and their 21-Day Kick Start Program, so we can have a Q&A style open discussion. Watch it here:

Ketologie Review

The Ketologie 21 Day Keto Kick-Start Program

Ketologie has an amazing product line of low carb products, so I’ll share more about those (and how I’m using them) in a bit, but I’ll start with the 21 Day Keto Kick-Start Program because it includes almost all of their products in one bundle:

Ketologie Products - Review of the 21 Day Keto Kick Start Program

The 21 Day Keto Kick-Start Program is $195, which is why so many people have asked my opinion on it before spending that much.

If you order the products individually it would be $184.80 for the 5 food products alone, plus $10 for the shaker bottle – not including the other things you get with the Keto Kick Start Program – which makes it a great value.


  • 1x Vanilla Keto Shake
  • 1x Chocolate Keto Shake
  • 1x Roast Chicken Bone Broth
  • 1x Smoky Beef Bone Broth
  • 1x Sweet Like Sugar
  • 1x Ketologie Recipe E-book
  • 1x Meal Planner PDF
  • 1x Keto Educational Email Series

+ FREE Ketologie Cooler Bag (Launch bonus while stocks last)
+ FREE Keto 101 Guide E-book
+ FREE Ketologie Shaker Bottle

Order the 21 Day Keto Kick-Start Program

♥ Use coupon code LowCarbTraveler for a special discount! ♥


If you just want to try the Ketologie Keto Shakes and not the other products, you can get the free shaker bottle & cooler bag when you order both keto shake flavors in this Keto Shake Bundle Deal.

Or let’s say you want the Collagen Protein Powder and you already know which shake & broth flavors you want – like just the Chocolate Keto Shake Mix and the Roast Chicken Bone Broth (my two favorites!), then this Keto Pantry Pack Deal is ideal instead. It also comes with the free shaker bottle & cooler bag.

You can also order any of the food products individually on the Ketologie website, but the bundle deals are a much better value!

Keto Kick Start Program Review


What To Expect in the 21 Day Keto Kick-Start Program

When you sign up you’ll get a box shipped to you with the 7 products listed above (keep reading to learn more about those!), and you’ll also receive an email with your download links so you can get started on the program until your package arrives.

That first email gives you instant access to 3 weeks worth of meal plans & recipe suggestions and a GREAT printable Low Carb Recipe Book.

I loved it! The Ketologie Recipe E-book has some great keto-friendly smoothie & low carb soup recipes. I want to try the Creamy Pesto Chicken and Pork Stroganoff dinner recipes, plus the Low Carb Cornbread – as a start.

They have great recipes & ideas for low carb sides. And delicious desserts & treats too. I definitely want to try the mousse & cheesecake recipes, those look amazing!

The meal planner you get is pretty simple and a great example of how to plan out a week or a few weeks in advance if you want to do meal prep, or go by a plan and have everything organized & on hand to make things easier.

Ketologie Review

The “Educational Email Series” is really good. They go above and beyond with little lifestyle tips in each message, on top of a GREAT education about “going keto” that are really helpful if you’re still learning all the science and health benefits behind it.

You’ll learn about important things like: fats, glucose, keto flu, dairy, dealing with cravings, the mental side of things, dealing with stress (and how it affects your weight), etc.

I found I really looked forward to the email messages even though I’m familiar with the info, because they were like FUN motivation-boosters. 🙂

They included some great extras in the email series as well, like free online exercise & training resources I wasn’t familiar with.

I really LOVE that Ketologie takes the same “keep it simple” and “ENJOY the lifestyle” approach that I do to living low carb.

Going through their simple recipes, Keto 101 Guide plus the email series was fun & interesting. They keep it light, without skimping on the info!

It was all very much in line with my own thinking and way of doing things, and a well done kick-start program for the keto lifestyle. After going through it all, I would definitely recommend it to someone just getting started.

It was fun for me too like I said, even as a seasoned low carber…

Plus the Keto Kickstart Program is a great value for anyone with the 7 products they ship you alone. 😉

Ketologie Keto Kick Start Program Review


My Experience With the Ketologie Products

I’ve now had a chance to try everything on the Ketologie shelf except their Collagen Protein Powder, which I didn’t originally think I would need or want – until I discovered all the health benefits (and results!) of adding collagen to your diet.:)

Ketologie Keto Shake Mix

After trying the Ketologie Chocolate Shake Mix on the trail just mixed with water, next I tried it as a “Hot Coffee Shake” by mixing it with hot coffee instead of cold water.

I got HOOKED on that. It is SO delicious!

Keto Coffee Shake, Better than BPC!

I decided to try it in my coffee because it’s better than BPC (bullet proof coffee) with all the same benefits and none of the mess.

Everything is already in the mix, including coconut oil AND collagen.

Plus it’s rich, smooth and creamy – even when it gets cold – unlike BPC which gets kind of icky when it cools off. 😛

Both the Chocolate and Vanilla flavors make a great hot coffee or cold shake, but they also stir in and dissolve so well you can use them as coffee creamer too – using much less, of course.

I really LOVE that, because the coffee creamer I’m using is full of “ingredients” (and expensive), and the Ketologie Shake Mix is all natural and a MUCH healthier alternative.

Low Carb Coffee Creamer Options


Ketologie Bone Broth

Like the keto shakes, their bone broth is “instant” (just add water) as well, making it super convenient to enjoy on the go – or on the fly without any fuss.

I love the Roast Chicken Bone Broth and find a hot mug of that very satisfying. I add a TBSP of butter to make it even richer, and it actually holds me over a lot longer than I thought it would.

I also experience a noticeable energy boost within an hour of drinking it!

Keto Bone Broth

Like the shake mix, the bone broth also contains collagen. Plus it has 14 grams of protein and only 1 net carb per serving.

It makes a great “chicken soup” too. I added some leftover steamed broccoli and spinach to it for a nice steamy bowl of soup. 🙂

Ketologie Instant Bone Broth

I wasn’t sure what I would do with the Smoky Beef flavor… until I had some Eye of Round Steak to cook, and discovered it’s great for the slowcooker and crockpot!

Eye of Round Steak Recipe (How to make it tender!)

Or even just to simmer covered on the stove. 🙂

Easy Low Carb Dinners


Ketologie “Sweet Like Sugar” Replacement

Their all-natural sugar free substitute is made with organic stevia and organic erythritol. It’s granular like sugar, and measures out the same as sugar as an easy replacement in any recipe.

Organic Sweetener - Ketologie Sweet Like Sugar

I’ve had the chance to bake with it several times, and have used it in my coffee as well.

It’s GREAT. It doesn’t have the strong aftertaste like straight stevia or most sugar substitutes, and it’s ideal for low carb recipes.

Speaking of recipes, Ketologie will give you a lot of creative ways to use their products – including simple & delicious pancakes with their Keto Shake Mix.

Keto Pancakes with LCHF Collagen Protein Low Carb Shake Mix

I’ve made those twice and they’re delicious. 🙂

When I get bored with eggs, but want something more than a shake, this really hits the spot!

Keto Pancakes

I have to say though, my absolute favorite use of the Ketologie Keto Shake Mix so far is to make a Hot Coffee Shake using either flavor.

You can just stir it in, shake it in a tumbler, or if you hit it with a hand mixer for a minute it gets all frothy. 🙂

Vanilla Keto Shake

The vanilla is rich and creamy, but the chocolate is more like a Hot Chocolate… with coffee. Yum ♥

It just depends on your mood, chocolate or vanilla, hot or cold, it’s great pretty much any way you make it!

Low Carb Chocolate Coffee Shake

Both of the Ketologie Keto Shake Mixes come in large jugs with the scoop included, making it easy to portion out servings. You can use less or more depending on your preference.

I found that mine is lasting me a lot longer than I thought it would, based on the number of servings it says it has – but a serving is A LOT, so I don’t always use that much.

Ketologie Chocolate Keto Shake - LCHF and VERY Low Carb


The Benefits of Collagen

I wasn’t aware just how beneficial collagen can be as a food supplement until I started using the Ketologie products.

Apparently it’s a hot topic and I was the last one to know 🙂 lol.

Read more about the benefits of collagen.

It’s great for joint strength, as an anti-inflammatory, for more youthful skin and for longer/stronger hair & nails – just to name a few perks.

I can tell a difference already just using the shakes & broths that contain this collagen in smaller amounts, so I want to start adding this in daily!

Collagen Protein Powder

It dissolves into soups, broths, smoothies, shakes, coffee, tea – you name it.


Why Ketologie Keto Shakes vs “Protein Shakes”

I always find it curious when people are asking about protein shakes in low carb circles.

We don’t need “protein shakes” or “protein powders”. You want to keep protein at 25% of your total daily calories, for ideal Keto Macros.

Protein Powder is a product made for bulked up men doing intense muscle gain – NOT for women (or anyone) trying to lose weight. Unless you’re a man lifting 3-5 times a week with zero body fat – you don’t need a protein powder product. 😉

That’s what I love about Ketologie Keto Shakes. Their mix is like “Instant BPC” with more healthy fats (coconut oil) than protein.

They also have GOOD organic ingredients and NO junk on the label.

When you compare similar products (anywhere close to the quality of Ketologie), they have good pricing and offer a great value. I encourage you to do comparisons – and be sure to consider the size/quantity, price AND ingredients.

Things to watch out for (and avoid) in meal-replacement shakes:

* Soy
* High Protein, Low Fat
* “Iffy” ingredients

Go for the highest quality and fewest ingredients.

If you are using low carb shakes as a meal replacement, it only makes sense that they have as much nutritional value as possible. 😉


I hope this review, my experience with each of the products, and my overview of what to expect from the Ketologie Keto Kickstart Program proves helpful. I’ve been getting A LOT of questions, so I tried to cover them all on this one page.

You’ll LOVE the Ketologie products.

I’m enjoying them way more than I thought I would. 🙂

Here are all of the links again in one handy spot if you want to learn more about them, check out the ingredients or do some comparisons:

♥ Use coupon code LowCarbTraveler for a special discount! ♥

The Kick-Start Program and the Bundle Deals are a great value, depending on which products you want – like I mentioned above. You can order any of the individual products from the website as well of course.

I hope this helps you make a decision if you’ve been on the fence.

Dr. Tracey has been a PLEASURE to work with. I love their mission, their passion for the keto community – and of course their delicious products, which have now become staples in my own low carb lifestyle. 🙂

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. If you’ve tried any of the Ketologie products I would love to hear YOUR thoughts! And of course as always: let me know if you have any questions at all – just leave a comment below.:)

You can get Ketologie Shake Mix on Amazon (see link below), but none of the other products. The better value is the Keto Kick-Start Program or the Pantry Pack & Shake Bundle Deals I linked to above.

You can’t get those special deals & free bonus products on Amazon…


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