Traveling Low Carb: Road Trip Diary


Low Carb Road Trip

I mentioned in my last 3-Day Low Carb Food Diary that I would be traveling over the weekend, and taking some fun low carb foods with me along the way, so here’s a photo tour of my low carb road trip. 🙂

I had leftovers for breakfast before I left on Friday (meat & veggies), and got on the road pretty early. I decided to drive straight through, so I ate one of my Know Foods Cinnamon Low Carb Cookies for lunch on the way.

Know Cookies: Low Carb Meal Replacement (Gluten Free, Great LCHF Macros, Keto Friendly)

These cookies are gluten free, only 4 net carbs, all natural and made with real foods – and HUGE! 🙂

I eat them as a meal replacement. If you eat them as cookies, definitely cut them in fours – or even eighths.;)

I just got my last order from Know Foods the day before I left, so this was my first time trying the cinnamon flavored Low Carb Cookie – and it was delicious!

Gluten Free, Low Carb Cinnamon Cookies

I left middle TN (I live between Nashville and Chattanooga) and drove halfway across the state to Johnson City to pick up my daughter – so we could head to Asheville, NC together.

She was hungry and so we whipped through Arby’s real quick on the way – and I got a double roast beef sandwich and just took the bun off and ate the roast beef…

Low Carb at Arby's - In a rush, lol

Not my favorite. ^ I would normally get a Roast Turkey Club in a box (without the bun) and eat it with a fork, but that would have been entirely too messy to try to eat while driving over the mountain. 😛

We got to Asheville just in time to check into our hotel room, get ready, and head to the Avett Brothers concert – which was about 1/3 of a mile walk from our hotel.

I was hungry again, and knew I’d have a few drinks 😉 so I scoured the concession stands at the concert venue for something quick & easy I could eat…

Concert Concession Stand Menu

I chose two of the Hickory Nut Gap Hot Dogs (no bun please!) because they were locally sourced from the Hickory Nut Gap Farm there in Asheville – and had no hormones and no fillers.

Definitely worth the extra dollar each, they were delicious!!

Low Carb Concession Stand Food - Concert Venue

They only had local beers at the venue and I had no idea what the carb count was on those… so I opted for rum & diet soda, which is zero carbs.

And I drank FOUR of those. 🙂

Low Carb Alcohol - Rum and Diet Soda

I had tickets for this concert two nights in a row, the first night in the pit (on the floor) where I danced more than 10,000 steps and had an absolute BLAST weaving through the crowd and enjoying various views of the stage – up close & personal. 🙂

Lynn Terry, the Low Carb Traveler

My daughter works event security, so she was “working the pit” that night. I was dancing my feet off and singing my heart out. 😉 lol – SO MUCH FUN!!

I have not had a drink in months. Quite a few months actually. To say I felt like HELL the next morning would be an understatement. 😐 😛

Our hotel had a free breakfast buffet so my daughter and I went down to scope it out. It was ALL CARBS, so I just snagged some condiments: cream cheese and whipped butter. 🙂 I knew I could use those with some of the low carb foods I brought with me.

Low Carb Condiments on a Hotel Breakfast Buffet

Here are the low carb foods I brought along on the trip, by the way – nuts, a bar, beef bites, the KNOW Cookies, almond butter, and my ChocZero dipping cups. 🙂

Traveling Low Carb - Road Trip Snacks

For breakfast on Saturday I warmed up another one of the Cinnamon Low Carb Cookies and spread a whole packet of the Philly cream cheese on it. YUM! 🙂

Eating Low Carb in a Hotel Room

That made for a VERY good breakfast! 😉

And yes, that’s a coffee filter – which served well as a “plate” lol.

I had breakfast late, so lunch was closer to dinnertime. My daughter and I walked over to Tupelo Honey Cafe – a favorite place of ours!

I got the Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad, and added grilled salmon on top of it. I was hungry. 🙂 And I ate ALL of that.

LCHF Cobb Salad - Low Carb Dinner at Tupelo Honey Cafe

The weather turned NASTY on us that second day, freezing cold and pouring down rain with a cold wind just to top it off. 😛

I had to dress in layers to try to keep warm and dry on the walk over, and actually brought an extra pair of shoes so I wouldn’t be dancing in wet shoes all night!

So I stripped down to a t-shirt and flip flops and danced all night again, for the second night in a row. 🙂

Back in my layers, and back in my shoes, with my flip flops buckled into the strap of my shoulder bag – dancing in the rain in downtown Asheville… with the statues. 🙂

LowCarbTraveler in Downtown Asheville NC

I travel VERY minimalist like that, and could actually live out of that little bag for like two weeks.:) lol, probably!

Well, except for my low carb snacks – I always bring a tote FULL of goodies to make it easy to “wing it” and stay on track on my road trips. 😉

Speaking of… I decided to make Low Carb Candy that day.

Yes, IN my hotel room!

This is what I LOVE about ChocZero. Did you see my ChocZero Review & Recipes post? I talked about how portable they are, and how great they are for traveling…

I had a microwave and a refrigerator in my hotel room, so I used what I brought and made up several kinds of low carb candy. It’s SO fun & easy, and you can make them anywhere!

Making ChocZero Candy (in a Hotel Room!)

I swear this is the BEST invention ever!! 🙂

I made some peanut butter cups, “sweet & salty almond bark” and a dark chocolate & almond butter cup with the ChocZero Dipping Cups.

They are so creamy & delicious. 🙂

ChocZero Low Carb Candy

My FAVORITE was the dark chocolate & almond butter. ♥ ♥ YUM!!!

Homemade Low Carb Candy - Dark Chocolate and Almond Butter Cups

Those were ready when I got in from the concert on Saturday night. I peeled out of my wet clothes, crawled in my warm bed, and SAVORED my delicious (healthy!) low carb treats. 🙂 ♥

My breakfast the next morning, not so much – lol.

We weren’t planning on going out until after lunch, and I was HUNGRY and craving some hot food. Fortunately (eh, lol) they had some microwaveable sausage egg & cheese croissants out that morning.

Low Carb Hotel Breakfast

That was not great, but I just ditched the croissants (actually my daughter ate those with jelly) – and devoured it. I was famished. So I ate it fast enough it didn’t really matter. 😀 😛 haha

That afternoon we drove back over the mountain, and in addition to the gorgeous fall colors… we got to enjoy a BEAUTIFUL first snow of the season in the mountains!!

LowCarbTraveler - First Snow of Winter 2017 in the Appalachian Mountains

Of course I had to stop and get out and play in it. 😉

We had some running around to do, and by the time I ate again it was a very late lunch – closer to dinnertime. We went to another one of our favorite restaurants: Cheddar’s. They always have great prices and BIG portions.:)

I got half a rack of ribs (no sauce, please) with “loaded broccoli” and green beans. Unfortunately the green beans had sugar in them, but I got full anyway without finishing those.

Eating Low Carb at Cheddar's Restaurant

I drove back last night after that meal, and was too road weary to eat again that evening – so I just went to bed when I got in.

I had to be straight back out this morning though, then get to my office for a FULL day of work, so I grabbed “4 sausage patties and 4 round fried eggs please” from McDonald’s while I was out.

I had two of each for breakfast, and the other half for lunch today.

Low Carb Road Trip - McDonalds All Day Breakfast (Sausage and Fried Eggs)

When I got home… I discovered my ChocZero package had arrived! 🙂

I got the white chocolate dipping cups this time too… so I made up some of those today and cannot wait to try them!!

ChocZero Chocolate Dipping Cups

I got A LOT of exercise on this trip. My abs, butt & hips are sore today 🙂 lol.

And I managed to get more than 10,000 steps on my Fitbit 3 days in a row!

Fitbit Step Goals - 10000 Steps 3 Days In A Row!


I hope you enjoyed the photo tour of my 3-day low carb road trip. 🙂

I had a GREAT weekend with my daughter and really enjoyed the concerts both nights, managed to keep it low carb the whole way, and got plenty of exercise too.

I’m happy to be home now though, and have a super busy work week ahead of me. But I’m making time to whip up some Low Carb White Chocolate Candy with the new ChocZero dipping cups I got!! 🙂

I’m down to a Size 8 / Medium now, by the way…

I was one pound up when I weighed this morning than I was before I left on Friday, but that’s totally normal for me with traveling. Whether I’m flying or driving, even. And also after consuming alcohol. 😉

Traveling plus Alcohol will make my weight fluctuate every time, but add in some good exercise – and you have Muscle Recovery showing on the scales too.;)

That kind of thing doesn’t bother me. I kept it super low carb through the entire trip, tracking everything on the MyFitnessPal App as I went, and stayed active.

That’s what it’s all about!

I stopped letting the scales “control me” a long time ago, and have just relaxed into a fun active low carb lifestyle – at home or on the go. 🙂

How was your low carb weekend?

Leave a comment & let’s chat.;)

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. Go to the ChocoZero Product Page and use code TravelingLowCarb for a special discount on ANY of their amazing products. 🙂 Enjoy!

The KNOW Foods coupon code is IKNOWBETTER for 20% off and Free Shipping on orders $50+ (which comes out to a free box of cookies!).

Our discount code for the Pili Nuts is: LOWCARBTRAVELER


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