Tried Zumba? Just ordered a Zumba Workout DVD


I’ve never tried Zumba, but I see it everywhere – and it looks like FUN! 😀 I was actually considering going to a local class, but when I mentioned it to my daughter she asked if we could get the Zumba Workout DVD for home instead.

(She’s not a big fan of classes for some reason.)

She tried Zumba over the summer with a friend and really loved it – said it was a lot of fun. I’ve been trying to encourage her to get on board with me, to work out and eat healthier, which can be hard with any teenager. But I haven’t pushed because I don’t want to give her a complex.

That can be a fine line as a parent. I would like to see her get in better shape and encourage her to lose the weight that we put on together. Just seeing me lose almost 25 pounds has inspired her to take an interest, but she hasn’t quite been sold on making major changes. And I don’t want to push her.

She is a bright, beautiful, confident child and I love her just the way she is! As a 15 year old teen girl, I know she can be very impressionable – and the last thing I want to do is make her self conscious or less than happy with herself or her appearance. One of the things I love most about her is her attitude and her confidence.

So like I said, it’s a fine line. I want to encourage her without affecting her self-confidence. So I don’t push, but I do try to inspire. (She’s 30 pounds heavier than I am at the moment, by the way.)

Anyway, this was not really meant to be about my daughter, except that I am trying SO hard to get into a regular workout routine – and I’m finding it incredibly difficult. I think it would be much easier if I had someone to do it *with* – both for fun AND for accountability. Or if the workout itself was actually FUN. And of course easy, meaning I don’t have to shower and get dressed and drive somewhere just to do it (LOL).

So when she suggested Zumba, I was all over it! 😉 I had her look it up and find the one she wanted on Amazon. She chose the Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD Set, which comes with the toning sticks too. I checked it all out, and even read the reviews – which were overwhelmingly positive. If you check out the video on that page you can see how much FUN it is. I can’t wait to try it out!

I especially like that it has a “20 Minute Express Workout”. This would be great for a quick morning workout on the days it’s cold or raining and I can’t get out for a walk.

I also like that it’s a DVD set, and not one that only works on a game system, because I can take it anywhere and play it on anything (even my laptop).

The package should be here tomorrow (you gotta LOVE Amazon’s fast shipping!), but we’re heading out on a road trip for the weekend. There’s a nice gym in our hotel so we’re packing workout clothes and planning to work out while there. But I can’t wait to get back and try out the Zumba Workout DVD when we get back!

I’m going to make it a point to start on Monday, with or without her, and just hope that she joins in. 😉 Mostly for me, because it would be more fun to do WITH her – and because I love that I have a 15 year old that actually *wants* to hang out with her mom (LOL). But for her too, because I do care about her health, and I’d really love to see her take an interest of her own, without any pressure…

What about you? Have you tried Zumba classes, or do you have a Zumba Workout DVD?

I would love to hear what you think of it!

Click Here for details on the Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD Set

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26 Responses to Tried Zumba? Just ordered a Zumba Workout DVD

  1. Well, Lynn, you may have just put a bee in my bonnet!

    I have been thinking off and on (more off, really) about either getting a Zumba set or going to classes. Several classes are offered here at different times, although none fits with a time that I’d like to go.

    So I may just have to resurrect my thinking on this again and get a set.

  2. Angela Wills says:

    I have tried Zumba a couple of times. I really liked it but it was intense! At the time I tried it I was 20lbs heavier than I am now though so it would probably be a lot easier now than it was then.

    What I liked was the music. I’m not sure what the music on the dvd is like and when you go in person I think it really has to do with the taste of the instructor. One thing that I had a little problem with was some of the moves were hard on my knee.

    hmm..You’ve got me thinking though that I should try it again!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      The music is what appealed to me most, too. This set has a wide variety of music, which was commented on a lot in the reviews (as a positive). I used to LOVE to dance, even just around the house 🙂 , so I think I’m really going to enjoy Zumba. I can’t wait to get it and try it out!!

  3. Kate says:

    Hi Lynn,
    This is so timely for me! I just took my first Zumba class at a local dance studio last Saturday. It was intense, but fun. (And cheap at $5 for a drop in). I think a Zumba video is a neat idea, but there is a lot of floor space required for Zumba and I just don’t have it at my house!
    Have you tried Debbie Sieber’s Slim in 6? Zumba reminds me of that video, for some reason. I have had really good success with it, and it requires less floor space. Plus, the Slim in 6 comes with 3 different workouts – each CD gets progressively harder as you get accustomed to the moves. I recommend!
    Have fun with Zumba!


  4. Called 2 Action says:

    Hi Lynn,

    You look great and I’m seeing less of you, (20lbs less) keep doing what you are, and enjoy life I tried Zumba it works if you keep working with it, Best of Luck.

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  8. Melissa Ingold says:

    Hmm…it says the item is under review by Amazon.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hmm. I didn’t see that message on my end. I can’t imagine why it would be under review. I *LOVE* this DVD set. I’ve also been looking at the Zumba Fitness Exhilarate: The Ultimate Experience DVD Set, which is the new one you see a lot of infomercials for lately. It looks FUN!

      • Melissa Ingold says:

        Ha! Just went and looked again and the “under review” message is gone 🙂 It said something about complaints regarding the way it was packaged and shipped or something along those lines.

        Anyway, I added it to my Amazon wish list. I’m going with my sis-in-law and a friend to a class this Sunday just to see if this is something I like. If I like it, I’ll grab the DVD set so I can do it at home. Thanks for sharing your review 🙂

        • Lynn Terry says:

          Some people like the classes better, some don’t. I think it depends on the instructor. I like doing it at home because I’m not very graceful or coordinated :p lol… so I can relax and just have fun with it. And I close the blinds haha 😉

          • Melissa Ingold says:

            Yeah, that will be me, feeling like a dope in a group, LOL! But I figure it will give me an idea of whether or not it’s something I’d like to keep doing. And I like the idea of doing it at home too because then I don’t have to go anywhere to do it – less likely to do it that way because of the hassle of driving to and from class. Whereas at home I can take a break from work, do the workout, and then go back to work 😀

          • Lynn Terry says:

            Right – without having to shower first, and I can even do it in my PJ’s lol. Let me know what you think of the class. I’ve heard mixed reviews from people that have done them – depending on the instructors and such. Hope it’s fun!!

  9. Melissa Ingold says:

    So was able to make an actual class last night, and I have to say, I enjoyed it. Man is it a workout, LOL! One of the dances was pretty fast and I couldn’t keep up, so I just stood there watching. I personally think that the hour long class was too long, I think 30-40 minutes would have been the perfect length, and I found the dances after the first half got a little crappier, LOL!

    I will go back to the class just to get out of the house, but I’m also going to pick up the DVD set too so that I can do it at home if I don’t feel like going to class. The 20 minute express workout you mentioned is very appealing since I think longer workouts are overkill and make you unmotivated to do it again 😀 I have a DVD that has a 10 minute yoga, pilates, ballet, and kickboxing session on it and I find I really like the shorter workouts.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      I’m the same. And I can do the 20 minute express workout twice a day, at my convenience, which I really like. Class schedules don’t always fit my schedule – plus I live in a small town where the classes come and go.

      Glad you found one you can go to when you want to, doing both would be ideal! 😉

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