Facelift Friday Photo (Motivation!) + Good/Bad News About Keto Krate


Two things crossed my screen today…

Perfect for “Facelift Friday.” 🙂

Facelift Friday Low Carb Weight Loss Photo

First (left) was a profile picture exactly 4 years ago: July 7th 2013. Second (right) was my One Year Keto Krate Anniversary. 🙂 The difference between the two photos is *only* about 24 pounds. Seeing these two photos of myself side by side in my Facebook Memories this morning was shocking… and motivating. 😉

It’s amazing what a BIG difference losing as little as 20’ish pounds can make in your appearance, and in your life!

Note – Good News/Bad News on Keto Krate: The July Keto Krate delivery has been delayed by one week BUT they have 500 extra boxes to ship this month – so you’re still guaranteed to get a July box if you sign up now! ♥

In the photo from one year ago today, July 2016, my actual weight on the scales is the same as it is today. My body composition has changed, but I’m currently fluctuating at 143-145 lbs (a little on the high side for me, lol).

In the photo on the left, July 2013, I was around 169-172 pounds. It’s amazing what a BIG difference even 20-30 pounds weight loss makes. Not just in my face, but in having a WAIST again. 😉

My highest weight was around 200 pounds, so these photos represent somewhere near half my weight loss over the years…

Keto Krate has been a GREAT addition to my low carb lifestyle, helping me mix things up and get more creative in the kitchen! Plus it’s helped me find GREAT low carb, sugar free replacements for some of my old favorites. (Thank you!!)

I’m excited to be celebrating a full year of working with Keto Krate to “share the love!” with the keto world… and was also really SHOCKED when my Facebook Memories showed me these two photos/updates side by side… WOW.

It was a good reminder to stay the course, eat healthy, keep improving, and continue challenging myself to be happier, stronger & healthier!

If you’re not getting the FUN Keto Krate box every month, I highly recommend it: http://www.travelinglowcarb.com/ketobox It’s such a great way to REWARD yourself, and add a little excitement to your low carb kitchen. 😉

* The delay on getting the July boxes shipped out to us was out of their control. There was a shipping issue with one of the companies featured in this month’s box. They sent out an email about that, so you may have already seen it if you’re on the list. They’re currently arranging their own pickups from suppliers so they won’t have that problem in the future.

I also spoke with Jordan personally this week about their current stock, and he let me know that they have 500 extra boxes created for new sign-ups, so even if you sign up this late in the month (a week in) you can feel confident you’ll get a July box too!

But I wouldn’t wait much longer, because they DO sell out fast every month.;)

Learn More About Keto Krate

They send you a FUN box filled with 6-9 full sized low carb products every month. They are now gluten free too! Every product is guaranteed to be 5 net carbs or less, they have a “No Malitol” policy with their products, and it’s always great variety!

If you want to get an idea what to expect, you can see a detailed overview of the June Box here – and that post has links to a full year’s worth of Keto Krate boxes too. You’ll discover TONS of new low carb foods & ideas in those posts. 😉


So… this update feels all jumbled up, which exactly how *I* feel today -lol.

Happy Friday! 😛

I had so many mixed emotions seeing myself chubby, seeing myself thin, realizing today marked my one year anniversary working with Keto Krate (such an AWESOME company, and the beginning of so many amazing opportunities… and delicious MEALS! lol). Plus the difference in my life then, and my life one year ago today, and my life now… just for starters. THAT was a head-full.

Apologies for not getting my thoughts together better before I wrote this for you.:)

I did want to make sure you got the update on the delayed shipments though, and let you know you can still get a July box – even this late in the month.

I have NO idea what’s going to be in it though. I haven’t gotten a “sneak peek” this month! I’m anxious to see what we get too… 😉

Let’s talk!

Feel free to be as “all over the place” as me.:) I’d love to hear YOUR experience looking at before & after weight loss photos of your own, or how going low carb has changed your life. Or what you think of Keto Krate, how you feel about this month’s delay, or just whatever you want to talk about! Leave a comment and let’s catch up.;)

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. I had some delicious, healthy & COLORFUL meals yesterday so stay tuned for my next Food Diary post… coming next. 😉 *cheers*


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2 Responses to Facelift Friday Photo (Motivation!) + Good/Bad News About Keto Krate

  1. DJ says:

    I actually think you look great in both pictures!!! But I’m also sure you feel healthier losing the weight.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Thank you, DJ 🙂 YES, I feel AMAZING compared to a few years ago. Going low carb and taking control of my health & weight is the BEST thing I’ve ever done for myself. 😉 I have more energy, less pain, and am having FUN now that I’m able to live a more active (more adventurous, lol) lifestyle. *smile*

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