Day 83 Low Carb Food & Fitness – Let’s Finish Strong!!



Here is my Low Carb Food Diary for Day 83 of the “Get Lean For Summer!” 90 Day Low Carb Challenge. It’s NEVER too late to join if you haven’t already!

Note: I haven’t set a start date for the next 90 Day Low Carb Challenge yet, but the group stays open & active year round. Join in and stay tuned…


I had four meals yesterday plus a SERIOUS temptation- that I resisted. 🙂

It’s nice to be this close to the end of such a long (90 Day!) challenge, because it’s easy to say “just x more days” every time I think I’m going to cave – lol.

Fortunately I also KNOW that those temptations are never as good as they might sound in my head. 😛

Not to mention the fact that sugar and junk food makes me feel SICK (icky, lightheaded, lethargic, etc)… and I’m LOVING my high energy lately!! Especially for all the ambitious hikes and for pushing my workouts like I’ve been doing.

Day 83: Saturday’s Low Carb Meals

I had my usual “Low Carb Cereal” for breakfast – with a few raspberries this time!

It was 1/2 cup crushed pecans, 1/4 cup Daisy brand cottage cheese, 2 small diced strawberries and 1/8 cup (17.5 grams) of raspberries.

That came to 6 net carbs and 85% healthy fats.

Low Carb Breakfast of Nuts & Berries with Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese

For lunch I had leftovers from dinner the night before: smoked sausage & squash with cucumber salad (which is just diced cucumber with salt & mayo).

Easy Low Carb Dinner : Smoked sausage & summer squash with cucumber salad

Later in the afternoon I had to run out, so I stopped by the Sonic Drive-In…

They had sent me a birthday postcard with a free cheeseburger earlier this month for my birthday, so I cashed that in – and turned it into a “burger salad” when I got home. 🙂 (I just ditched the bun.)

Eating Low Carb at Sonic Drive-In

I finished off the rest of the leftovers (sausages, squash & cucumbers) late last night too. The burger was more of an afternoon snack. 🙂

I still prefer Hardee’s for a low carb burger. They have a Low Carb Thickburger on the menu. So far I’ve tried that at Sonic and Wendy’s, and they haven’t even come close to the awesomeness of Hardee’s low carb burger!

Here’s My MyFitnessPal Diary for Saturday:

MyFitnessPal Net Carbs Food Diary

Tracking Macronutrients (Simple Explanation of Macros)

How To Get Net Carbs in MyFitnessPal

Calories: 1257
Net Carbs: 22
Total Carbs: 30
Protein: 44 Grams
79% Fat, 14% Protein

Exercise: Ab Carver Pro (120 Reps)
PLUS: 20 Tricep Dips
FitBit Steps: 2,155
Water: 40 ounces

I did double the Tricep Dips yesterday (20 instead of my usual 10) plus an extra 20 reps on my Ab Carver too. It felt GREAT to push myself just a little bit harder than usual. 🙂 Here’s how you do the easy Tricep Dips (for flabby batwings!):


Have you tried the Tricep Dips yet?? They’re so easy!! I love that I can do them anywhere. They don’t take long either, but I can really FEEL them working!

Oh – I mentioned a “serious temptation” yesterday. That was at Sonic. 😛 I’ve been holding on to that “free cheeseburger” card for WEEKS, trying to decide if I could really resist the temptation, lol. And I did it!! *whew* haha

How are things going on your end?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

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I love making the low carb diet EASY for people with a busy lifestyle (like me!) with my KISS / Keep It Simple method. :) About Lynn Terry: Host of the Low Carb Challenge
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4 Responses to Day 83 Low Carb Food & Fitness – Let’s Finish Strong!!

  1. Gargamel says:

    Why so much processed food? Couldn’t this be more naturul/healthi?

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Gargamel 🙂

      The smoked sausage is Johnsonville Polska Kielbasa (no fillers). And besides that and the sonic cheeseburger I had: fresh squash and cucumbers, raspberries, strawberries, pecans – and Daisy Brand cottage cheese is “real food” with only 3 ingredients (no chemicals).

      People still need to be able to eat out, or grab something on the go, while eating low carb – or ketogenic or diabetic. And the smoked sausages are just a personal favorite.

      I do my best to eat well, and eat MUCH healthier than I used to. But I’m definitely not a food snob, lol. To each their own. 😉 *cheers*

  2. Gigi says:

    I love your meals. The sausage and squash looks so yummy. I love cucumber salad. It all seems very healthy to me. 🙂
    I particularly love your low carb cereal. Cottage Cheese,strawberries and pecans or walnuts is a staple for me now
    i am so happy you taught me how to eat low carb with it not just being about eating meat and eggs….
    i have a question for you, Lyn
    my digital scale stopped working ( i broke the scale lol. )
    I know you posted about the scale you have for weighing yourself but i cannot find it
    i need to buy a new one. Can you tell me the brand and where i can find it?
    I cannot buy on line cause i am still at the hotel and i am not sure if i can get deliveries here

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Gigi 🙂

      This is the scale I use & love: It comes with a free body tape measure too. They will deliver it to you there. Just ask at the front desk how you should have it addressed. You might be able to find it offline, but I’m not sure…

      I love it because it’s simple, pretty 🙂 and the batteries last forever! I have only changed mine once in over 5 years and I weigh daily!

      I love the cereal too, especially with blueberries lately! I’m on a blueberry kick, lol. And it’s almost time to go pick fresh berries… 🙂 YUM!

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