Spanx Shapewear: What You Need To Know! Warning: VERY Revealing Review (LOL)


Spanx ShapewearAnd finally, the details you’ve been waiting for on my FUN (first ever) Spanx experience! 🙂

WARNING: This is a very revealing review, lol.

Not only will I show you photos of “my underwear” (er, undergarments – the more appropriate term!), I’m also going to share the nitty gritty details about “the spanx experience” – you know, the things you REALLY want to know. 😉

I also decided to try a cheaper knockoff brand of shapewear, just to compare them – and find out if Spanx is really worth the price. Wait until you see what I discovered in THAT experience. 😯 haha – Ack! 😛

(Brace yourself – there are scary pictures…)

Getting In & Out of Spanx Shapewear Undergarments

I was nervous about trying Spanx after hearing horror stories of people fighting to squeeze in and out of them, or having to CUT themselves out of one. LOL. Honestly, Spanx are pricey to be cutting off your body with scissors. 😛

Fortunately, that was not the case at all. I found it VERY easy to get on and off, yet it fit like a second skin. In fact, it felt fabulous! 🙂 But yes, slipping in and out of it was as easy as bra & panties, or putting on pantyhose – super easy.

It was so easy to get on and off, and so comfortable, that I wore mine 3 days in a row – for 12+ hour days! I loved it so much I actually MISSED IT on the fourth day, lol.

Interestingly it didn’t get hot, or damp / sweaty / icky – at all. It had great compression yet I didn’t feel squeezed or hot, even in the Orlando heat!

What About When You Have To Go Pee?!

I pee A LOT. Especially being in ketosis, as it’s a natural diuretic. Fortunately the model of Spanx I ordered has a very well made “pee hole” (though I’m quite sure it has a more proper name, lol). It was very well designed on this particular model, and made it easy to use the bathroom without having to take it off.

You do have to spread the opening apart to go pee. It has great coverage so you don’t have to wear undies (although you could if you just had to) but the hole works well for those frequent bathroom breaks. No getting undressed required!

Spanx Pee Tip: Just make sure “your parts” are positioned for a straight stream. 🙂 haha. It’s easy. Like I said, I wore mine 3 days in a row… and never got pee on mine!

Choosing The Right Spanx Shapewear

The shapewear piece I bought was the SPANX Slimmer & Shine Firm Control Open-Bust Bodysuit. I got mine on Amazon, but I’ll share other options with you too so you can find the best deal.

There are many similar models, but this one was a total WIN. I settled on that one after reading quite a few reviews, and determining there were slight differences between them all – even though they look the same.

I chose an “open bust” model so I could wear my own bra, and also to avoid a chest flattening or “uni-boob” effect. 😛 Highly recommended!

Getting the right size is key. I found the sizing chart & reviews on Amazon to be incredibly helpful for that. I ordered Size Medium (I am 5’5″ tall, 150-155 pounds, and wear a Size 10 in jeans). I got Rose Gold. That color goes GREAT under lighter colored clothes, so it was a great universal pick no matter what I wear it under.

I thought about the Slip, but honestly I was afraid there would be a bulge where it stopped at the top (a “muffin top”). I’ve experienced that before with compression panty shorts. I also wanted to be able to wear it under pant suits. That’s why I chose the full body style to wear with my own bra.

This model was perfect – even for wearing under pants & jeans! The legs never crawled up, and they didn’t make a line or a dent under my dress or pants either. They were short enough for above the knee summer dresses too.

I’ll show you some photos below…

I’ll also show you a cheaper knockoff shapewear undergarment I tested, and how it FAILED. I discovered that Spanx is worth every penny! 🙂

Where To Buy Spanx

As I mentioned, I ordered my Spanx on Amazon here. At the very least, check out the sizing chart and read the reviews at that link – and make note of the model. If you decide to buy it in a local store, you’ll be more informed when you go. 😉

You can order from the Spanx website too: Shop New Arrivals! You can also scroll to the bottom of that page and click Store Locator to find a store near you.

When you go to you’ll find pants, swimwear & lots of fun options!


Ebates Coupons and Cash BackIf you’re an Ebates member, you can get cashback by ordering from either Amazon OR the Spanx website! If you’re not, it’s free to sign up:

Sign up for Ebates & Save!

Definitely sign up for Ebates before you shop online. It’s quick & easy, plus you’ll earn cashback on TONS of shopping you do online. I just recently signed up myself and already got my first cashback payment. 🙂

(I earn commission on referrals and sales, when you sign up for Ebates or order Spanx through my links here, so thank you in advance for using my links! That’s what keeps this blog and all of my food diaries FREE for you!)

Spanx Photo Reviews & Proof!

I’m going to show you some very revealing photos.

As a conservative southern woman, I’m not one to flaunt my undergarments on the internet (lol) but I really want you to get a true image of what Spanx is like – and why it’s the ideal shapewear (and worth every penny). I’ve included comparisons of a cheaper knockoff brand so you can see the difference for yourself…

Front view of the Spanx Open-Bust Bodysuit:

Spanx Shapewear Review

As you can see, it has very good coverage. And the open bust is absolutely perfect. If anything, it gives the girls a little lift. 😉 Below is a back view. As you can see, the back comes down low enough to wear with lower-back dresses:

Spanx for Dresses

This is the first dress I wore, which is a thin clingy Spring/Summer dress. The rose-colored Spanx did not show through at all, and it gave me nice smooth curves – including a more shapely bum!

Spanx Photo: Under A Dress

I even wore it under this soft, clingy shorter American Eagle dress. The legs stay in place, and they’re short enough for even your summer dresses!

Wearing Spanx

Notice ^ there are no lines showing under my dress. 🙂 No lumps and bumps and panty lines – nothing! Spanx gives you a VERY smooth look.

I discovered I was not the only one wearing Spanx…

Spanx Review

Apparently women everywhere are doing it!

That’s my friend Alice, and we had great fun comparing our Spanx experience. 🙂

Actually, hers was a different brand and she said she had trouble going to pee in hers – so she had to go up to her room and undress every time. LOL – Spanx is definitely smart with their pee features!!

Speaking of other brands, I decided to test a couple myself…

I won’t even bother looking up the name or link, because I do NOT recommend them. I’ll show you one, and you can see why for yourself. Here it is – the first time I put it on the “weird fit” was immediately obvious:

NOT Spanx - Cheaper Knockoff Shapewear

It has an extra large “pee hole” (again, I’m SURE there is a proper term for that, lol – sorry!). You might think that’s a perk when you’re reading the reviews, but as you can see above… it creates a weird “squeeze out” bulge effect at the top of your thighs.

I have fatty thighs, and that was just gross 😛 lol. Plus it will definitely show through in my lighter dresses, or in slacks. Ack! 😯

I managed to get a better fit by pulling it way up, but I did find I needed to wear panties with this one – due to the gaping hole.

Here’s a full front view of the cheap knockoff:

Cheap Shapewear Undergarment

Here’s a back view. As you can see, it comes up WAY high in the back – and your butt hangs out. 😛 That creates a weird fatty bulge too, lol. This is not ideal if your dress has a lower back. Oh – and this one WAS hard to get in and out of!!

Inexpesive Shapewear - Not Worth It

You’ll also notice you can still see my rolls & dips – the shape of my actual body – under that one. It has hardly ANY compression or shaping factor to it compared to the Spanx:

Cheap Shapewear

Then there’s the weird top and straps…

And there’s my famous “armpit tits” for you. 😉 haha.

It doesn’t fit under your bra right, and I’ll show you why that matters in a second. But the thick straps were awkward and kept rolling up. Plus they created more of an “underam bulge” – making me look even more dumpy than I do without shapewear on! 😛

Spanx Knockoff FAIL

I put on this cute American Eagle dress, and it looked fine. As long as I stood totally still, lol.

American Eagle Dress

Here’s the cold hard truth:

Undergarment FAIL

That picture ^ says it all. UGH!!

I swear that undergarment made me look WORSE than wearing none at all!

Cheap shapewear or Spanx knockoffs are a total waste of money.

In contrast, here’s me wearing Spanx again… feeling comfortable, confident & happy:

Friends Wear Spanx Together

Here’s another photo of me “sitting in Spanx” happily:

Wearing Spanx

BIG difference, right?!

(yes, I got photo-bombed, lol)

This is the ONLY shapewear undergarment I’ll EVER wear from now on:

Spanx Shapewear Review

Check Out The Spanx New Arrivals!


I was VERY impressed with Spanx, and with how comfortable it was to wear – and the HUGE difference it made! Not only in how I looked, but also how I FELT.

I wasn’t self conscious and fidgety with my clothes (like usual, lol) but instead… confident and HAPPY. I’ve never had underwear make me feel so great, lol.

Spanx was worth EVERY penny! 🙂

Again, this is the one I ordered for myself, and highly recommend:
SPANX Slimmer & Shine Firm Control Open-Bust Bodysuit

What about you – have you ever had a Spanx Experience?

I’d love to hear about it!! Leave a comment and let’s discuss. 🙂

I hope this “revealing review” helped you make a decision for yourself. I wish I had discovered Spanx YEARS ago. I love looking better – smoother, curvier, sexier – but the biggest perk for me personally was how GREAT I FELT.

Confidence shows, and lights you up! When you feel great about yourself, you shine… and that’s even more beautiful than any physical feature ever could be.

Don’t forget to Sign up for Ebates & Get Cashback!

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. My bras are Victoria’s Secret. Wearing the right undergarments makes ALL the difference, and they’re worth the investment. They last, they work, and they make you look and feel fabulous! Our bodies are not perfect, but on our weight loss journey… we might as well feel and look the best we possibly can! 😉 *cheers*


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70 Responses to Spanx Shapewear: What You Need To Know! Warning: VERY Revealing Review (LOL)

  1. Tawnya says:

    You said it felt like a second skin and I’d be curious (being peri-menopausal with hot flashes) if you know if it is hot to wear? I know you aren’t at that stage in your life yet but you were in Orlando wearing it and I assume it was warm there. How was it wearing in humid hot weather? I’m worried I would feel suffocated wearing it during one of my hot flashes and would love to hear yours and others opinions in regards to that. And kudos for you for bearing it all for your review that takes guts LOL!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Tawnya! 🙂 I was JUST adding that bit to my post above actually. It didn’t get hot, or damp / sweaty / icky – at all. It had great compression yet I didn’t feel squeezed or hot, even in the Orlando heat!

      That really surprised me because it was very humid. I don’t know what Spanx are made of… I’m guessing MAGIC lol. It literally felt like a second skin, MY skin, but better – tighter, curvier, smoother. 🙂

    • Venessa Jones says:

      I am 64 have went through menopause I am postmenopausal I still have hot flashes sometimes but my Spanx are cool I wear them all day everyday you will love them if you get the right ones and not the cheap ones I know how to get in and out of them fast enough to use the bathroom now I do not do the open bra because that mean I have to get naked to use the bathroom take off blouse or shirt then the pants and all that no I just do the Spanx that come up to my bra the shorts not the briefs but I like them I get mine for me Lane Bryant good luck and I’m not a little woman I’m a big woman

      • Lynn Terry says:

        I agree Venessa. They are not hot at all, and definitely nice and breatheable! The Spanx brand at least. I can also wear mine all day with total comfort, even in the heat. 🙂

  2. the Spanx inventor, Sara Blakely, has an interesting backstory. Check her out at

  3. Cathy says:

    LOL Lynn – great review! I have been wearing Spanx high waist shapers for years and love them. I also wear the high waist pantyhose with the *gusset* (that’s the word!) opening to make it easy to use the restroom (urinate anyway). LOL again for your description. I love the Spanx slip too – no panties just the slip which you can wear with your own undewear. The high waist shapers are my favorite though because they hold in my pork chop thighs and trim my tummy wonderfully.

    Tawnya – I do not sweat in my Spanx even while dancing at weddings, they must be made of a “wick” fabric that does not hold moisture. I’m not a fan of the open bust shaper but whatever, to each girl her own choice- bottom line is Spanx products are great. I find them more time consuming to get into but not super difficult and they *are* comfortable (to me). Congrats to you, Lynn for having the confidence to review these products but I must say you look GREAT so you should not be embarrassed!

  4. Edie Wainwright says:

    Just ordered the same one , thanks !!

  5. lillithanne says:

    It looks amazing and I would love to be able to wear this. However, if you suffer from urinary incontinence, the open “pee hole” is not a good thing.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      You can wear underwear with it if you want to – I just didn’t. But you certainly can. The “pee hole” is not actually open all the time. It has great coverage. You have to open it to go pee. 🙂

  6. Amy says:

    Zuilly sometimes has GREAT prices on Spanx too!!!!

  7. Marti says:

    Thanks for such an in-depth post with pictures! I really want to order but after my last experience with a “spanx knock off” I’m very hesitant! Let me explain. My fiance’ invited me to an evening service at his church and of course I wanted to look my best as his family was going to be there also. Slipping on my new “not spanx” high waisted shaper along with panty hose a new dress with matching jacket I was ready to go. It looked great…if I stood up perfectly straight and didn’t move. It wasn’t long though until the waist rolled down and the legs rolled up AND my body temperature was reaching a critical level. At one point during the service my son asked why my face and neck were so red! I had to have some relief. I was hotter and more miserable than the hell the preacher was talking about. Finally during a lengthy prayer I slipped off to the restroom and stripped off the spanx wanna be, panty hose, and bra. My bra went in my purse but the other went straight in the trash can! I then went outside in the 30 degree weather to cool down, even squatting down to cool all parts of me!! When I finally went back inside, there I set in church naked under my dress next to my finance’s mother. So please, if anyone else has great feedback on the spanx Lynn is wearing let me know. I need to build my confidence before ordering!!! Lol

    • Lynn Terry says:

      lol Marti – what a GREAT story!!! hahahaha 🙂

      You saw my experience with the knockoff above. It was HORRIBLE. It made me look worse than I do naked! 😛 The Spanx brand is NOT hot at all. I don’t know what it’s made of but it doesn’t even get damp in heat & humidity. I was shocked at that. And it never rolls. Or squeezes. 🙂 You’ll LOVE it!!

  8. JoAnn White says:

    I’ve never wanted spanx more. Thanks for the review, best one I’ve ever seen!

  9. Vicki says:

    Hi Lynn! I loved your review and found it so informative that I actually just ordered the same undergarment as you have! Thanks for your brutally honest and brave article. Lol. Take care.

  10. Lynn Terry says:

    I’m so glad you all found this helpful. It was REALLY hard for me to put it out there. 😛 🙂 lol. I am going to order this same model again, and also get it in a couple of other colors.

    I always find something I totally LOVE and then it gets updated or taken off the market, and I’m left crying – wishing I’d stocked up. 😐 haha Like my lip gloss, which was discontinued, and now I have to pay 5x more for it on eBay! 😛

    So yes, I’m off to order a few more myself. I’m in love. 🙂

    • Marsha says:

      Thank you for putting the info out there, I Love My Spanx! I’m going to purchase the “full-body” next time in place of the high waisted. I am trying to learn the secret to “peeing” without having to remove. Any tips? Thanks!

      • Lynn Terry says:

        Hi Marsha 🙂

        I’ll just be totally blunt and graphic if that’s okay. I mean, after all, you just saw me in my underwear 🙂 lol.

        Your model and mine both have the “gusset” (what I called “the pee hole” lol). You pull up your skirt and make sure it’s out of the way and not dipping into the toilet of course. Then position your gusset for easy access…

        Open the gusset and position your “parts” for a straight stream. It helps if you lean forward slightly and keep your hand in place – to position/control your stream.

        These tips will also come in handy if you ever find yourself having to “pop a squat” (I’m from Tennessee, lol) in the woods, off the side of a boat, or in a public restroom. 🙂

        It does help to concentrate, to really need to PEE, and to control the start/stop so you get a strong stream instead of a dribble. And now I’m blushing. 🙂 haha

        • Denise says:

          Well, it’s 2019 now and your review is still coming in as the best review out there. Thank You so much for doing this for us.
          I’m going to order. I’ve had the knock off brands only to roll down at the waist constantly. I kept pulling it back up. It started with it being just higher than the natural waist. Within 4 hours, it was so stretched it could have been pulled over my head! I went to the rest room, removed it and stayed bare under my clothes for the next few hours. I felt such relief when I took them off. The shape wear was squishing my organs, I got such heartburn. Immediately felt better after removing them. I can’t tolerate restrictive clothing. My daughter is getting married so I need shape wear. My research brought me to this page. I’ll order the one you got. I’m just concerned because I’m shorter. I’m 5’ 2 1/2 and weigh 135 but 137 at night. I’m afraid if I buy a size smaller I’m in for a night of “prison in spanx “. That’s what I call it.

  11. Cay says:

    Lynn – I totally laughed out loud at your pictures of the knock-off brand. You’re so normal and real and that is what real people look like in those damn things. I’m going to order a Spanx even though I don’t have anywhere to wear it until June. BTW, I’ve been one of those people who cut the cheapy ones off with scissors. They’re creations from Hell. LOL.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      lol Cay – it was scary and sad wearing it and seeing myself look THAT bad, haha. And to think I paid for something to make me look like that!! 😛 Ack!

      You might be surprised at how often you wear your Spanx, even before whatever’s coming up in June. 😉 I’m in love with mine, and want to wear it all the time now! 🙂

  12. Deborah says:

    Lynn, I was just wondering if you have tried Assets by Spanx that they sell at Target, Khol’s and Penneys. I have worn the camisole but it does smash the girls, like you said. Although it was comfortable. I have trouble with the open front (in other brands) as the straps are so far to the side they hurt under my arms. Do you have this problem with the Spanx?

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Deborah,

      I haven’t tried those. The nearest stores are a 2 hour round trip for me, which is why I ordered mine online.

      The straps on the model I got were perfect. At one point I felt like the straps were tight on my arms, but I realized the thing had scooched down a bit and I just had to put it all back in place. That was only once in three days though. 🙂

      I would love to try some of the tanks and other tops, but the whole point of shapewear (in my opinion) is to look MORE shapely – not flatter in certain areas. 🙂

  13. Cynthia M says:

    I just bought a Spanx at macy’s…it is a Macy’s exclusive style it says. I am loving it too. It goes from mid thigh to under my bra. It does have some small straps you can loop to your bra to keep it up if you want, just haven’t figured out how to use them… I don’t have too much roll down, and I can wear it with jeans or leggings and you don’t see a line on my thigh. I am tall- 5’11” so I worry about one piece garments not being long enough. Are the straps adjustable?

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Cynthia,

      I love that too – that you can wear them with jeans, leggings, pant suits, etc. 🙂

      YES, the straps are adjustable! I didn’t realize they were, lol – but then I’m short waisted (short torso). But yes, they are adjustable like bra straps. 🙂

  14. Kat Williams says:

    Years ago I bought a Spanx similar to the one you recommend above. At that time all of the model covered the boobs. My friend and I (who went shopping together) are large breasted. Our boobs were smushed flat and pushed out under our arms. Nasty look. My friend loves to sew so she looked at the construction and decided it wouldn’t hurt the garment to cut out the breast. So we ended up with the look you have above. Loved Loved it. I still have it in my drawer but it is currently too small for me. I WILL fit into it again thanks to 90 day Challenge. Thank you!

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  16. Susie says:

    Hi Lynn
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    I can’t seem to find the one you bought on the spanx website. They had one similar but not with the exact name as the one you bought. Would you mind helping me please. I have a gift card for their site and would love to purchase the one you bought.
    Thanks so much!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Susie,

      It’s unfortunately they don’t have that model on their website! 🙁 If you search “shine” in the searchbar at the top, they only have 3 Slimmer & Shine models on the site. That’s too bad. Try calling the phone number to see if you can use your gift card over the phone. 😉

  17. Gayle says:

    Lynn, no big deal but I was wondering if you have been compensated by Spanx. I love the line also

    • Lynn Terry says:

      No, I have not Gayle. 🙂 And I purchased mine myself on Amazon at full price.

      That said, I would love to work with them to review more of their products, and it would be great fun if I could score us a coupon code or a giveaway. 😉

  18. Alicia says:

    You have no idea how helpful this is! I have a gorgeous dress that I bought to wear for a wedding that I am attending on April 23rd and I’ve been contemplating buying some type of undergarment like this. I have a general label slip but I really wanted something like this one you are recommending as the slip tends to ride up. I’ve ordered it and can’t wait to try it out! Thanks Lynn! You rock!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      I’m so glad, Alicia. 🙂 This model I bought is PERFECT for dresses, pant suits, or anything you are dressing up and want to look your absolute best. Enjoy!!

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  22. Linda says:

    Can’t find the Slimmer and Shine in many sizes on amazon, and Spanx doesn’t seem to carry it at all. They do have Slim Cognito, which looks similar to what you are showing. Do you know the difference?

    • Lynn Terry says:

      I don’t, Linda – but hopefully they will have more available on Amazon soon. I noticed they didn’t have that one on their website for some reason. My advice: read the reviews on Amazon between the different models. That will give you the best idea what to expect.

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  25. Janice Hall says:

    Why has my Spanx experience been so negative when everyone else seems to think they’re the greatest? I’ve had 2 pair of the midriff to above the knee Spanx and when I wear them they both have this wiggly line straight up the front from the center seam. I can see the model you are wearing is seamless in the front, which is definitely a better look. I’ll try your model. Thanks for the in depth review.

  26. Sherman Bryan says:

    I have been offered the opportunity to distribute this product and while doing my research I came across your blog and read it with intent, thank you for this. Because of your blog, I have made my decision to be a manufacturer’s representative for this company and product here in the US.

  27. Erica says:

    Thank you for the review, I appreciate it. I am having trouble finding the model you purchased. I can’t find it on Amazon (they have a small only), and on Macy’s I can’t find this model at all. Is it an older model and no longer being stocked? Help!

  28. Sheryl says:

    Have you tried BodyWrap shape wear? I swore by Spanx until I tried them. I buy the thong ones and they have firm control. I’m 6′ and they fit nicely under my bra with no rolling.

  29. Tina says:

    Thank you for your reveling post. I have been fighting with shorts that don’t work very well and was wondering what to try next. They are out of stock in my size, bummer. Do you know if they get them back in? Thanks again for the post.

  30. Deanna says:

    I just got some spanx for myself and my daughter. I hope it all goes well. I have not used mine yet because I am scared to wash them. How do I wash them without ruining them ? thank you

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Deanna 🙂 They have washing & care instructions, but I’ve washed mine in the washing machine on cold – then hang up to dry. And mine have lasted great! You will LOVE them. 🙂 Enjoy!!

  31. Peggy Scroggins says:

    I didn’t see anyone ask if the spanx almost to the knee stay put or do they roll up on your leg like most do? Once I know for sure I will buy one and try it. Also do they run true to dress size or do you need bigger?

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Peggy 🙂 No, they don’t roll up or ride up at all! That’s what I really LOVE about this model. I have even worn them under jeans and leggings. 😉

      They have a sizing chart which I found to be accurate. I think I bought a medium when I was closer to a large (or teetering between a medium and large) and it worked out perfect for compression.

      The great thing is how shapely it makes your bum look. 😉

  32. Sara says:

    I can’t find the style/color on Amazon 🙁 Rats!

  33. Gail says:

    I with you could have showed us if you had any belly fat or rolls.we only see you with the spaks on.

  34. Jannette says:

    I really appreciate your feedback. After having surgery they recommend me to use one. Of course I tried the cheap ones and they rolled down. I was very dissapointed. Thanks to you I order mine. I will let you know as soon as I try it on.
    Thank you

  35. Renee G says:

    My oldest is getting married in the fall, I bought a gown I NEVER thought I would ever have the guts to wear, or even look at!!! My entire life I avoided clothes that “touch” me, if they weren’t baggy or even a little baggy, I passed on them. I recently lost 40 pounds due to being diagnosed with diabetes and starting to eat what I could. Anyway, I bought this gown, long sleeved, cold shoulder, fitted all the way to my knees. I had the guts to try it on for my husband and my mother. They were both speechless in a great way, and it did feel great on but I can’t get over my belly. Though MUCH smaller it’s still there. My question is, do spanx really hold in the belly??? I’m comfortable with everything else, just my belly. I was think of getting the style that you had on in your story. I really want to feel great on that day so need a great “sucker inner” as my daughter and I call them

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Renee,

      How exciting. 🙂 Congrats on losing 40 pounds, too. Doesn’t it feel GREAT to be able to wear fitted clothes?!

      I find the Spanx brand specifically is great at tummy control, and also at making everything smooth between the waist and thighs – all the little lumps & bumps. 😉 You definitely want a smooth look under a fitted dress. It made a HUGE difference in my midsection, where other brands failed me there. I tried three and Spanx is the one that made ALL the difference.

      You’ll look and feel *amazing* that day, I’m sure. 🙂 You have enough time between now and then to work on some targeted firming and muscle toning exercises too, which would also help.

      My favorite is the Ab Carver Pro: (I need to get back to using mine daily! lol) – and Tricep Dips are great for toning your arms QUICK, and can be done anywhere. Those work super fast. 🙂

  36. Katherine says:

    Love the review and your honest approach to helping all of us. One thing I can’t figure out though, is sizing. Do I buy the size I AM or the size I WANT to be? If I am a XL but want to wear a slightly smaller dress, do I buy a L? Or do I buy an XL? Thanks so much! Was super worried about wearing this in the heat but feel comforted by your review.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Thank you Katherine 🙂

      I bought the size according to the size chart on the site. You want it to fit comfortably – not be miserable – but the compression is built into it.

      I wore mine in the Austin HEAT last week, which felt like a sauna lol. They breathe really well. 🙂

  37. Katie says:

    This is a fantastic overview. Well done. You have all the info I wish I could have seen in what felt like a million spanx product reviews I’ve been reading all day on Amazon 🙂 haha
    Thank you!!!!!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      I’m glad, Katie – I know what you mean. 😛 I bought THREE to compare, and spent endless hours reading reviews myself. I still LOVE this one, and it’s holding up great!!

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