Have you tried the Quest Protein Chips? My dog and I did, and…


Have you tried the Quest Protein Chips yet? I decided to give them a taste test, even though I am WAY out of the habit of eating chips – outside of making real cheese chips at home, that is.

They actually have a great texture: very light & crisp…

They’re not something I would eat on a regular basis, but they are definitely a great replacement if you’re looking for a low carb alternative to potato chips!

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I love making the low carb diet EASY for people with a busy lifestyle (like me!) with my KISS / Keep It Simple method. :) About Lynn Terry: Host of the Low Carb Challenge
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38 Responses to Have you tried the Quest Protein Chips? My dog and I did, and…

  1. Leigha Baer says:

    I so appreciate your honesty about the chips Lynn. I’m being really stingy with my carbs right now because I’m not planning well enough and and since I’ve already gone over a couple of times, I’m afraid I’ll go over my limit again. I’m sure this will get much easier the longer I go on eating this way.
    I had to laugh when I heard you talk about the Tuna “juice”. I do the same thing and put it over Lucy’s dog food. She loves it!
    Have to mention too that I love the new screen behind you. Very pretty!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Lucy and Slim are lucky pups, hey? 🙂 He also loves chicken broth over his kibbles, which is always a BIG treat. Slim has a hard time keeping weight on, so sometimes it helps to offer him broth or spinach – his two favorites!

      It’s SO easy to go over your carb limit if you’re eating “products”. I find I can easily stay within my limits (and even way under) just eating “real food”. Not to mention I lose weight faster and feel better…

      That said, if I were going to “binge on a bag of chips”… these would definitely be the chips I’d pick for that! 🙂

  2. I agree, 5 grams of carbs is a lot, but like you said, you don’t have to eat the whole bag in one sitting. So perhaps it would be worth it for 2.5 grams of carbs. Personally, I’d be more interested in the BBQ ones. I might have to give them a try.

    I was thinking…if someone is struggling to follow a LCHF lifestyle and a holiday is coming and they’re going to a cookout, these chips might be a great replacement for the standard potato chips and might help them stay on track rather than “giving in” and eating potato chips.

    Anyway, great vid. Thanks. 🙂

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Thanks, Scott – I totally agree. These are definitely better than the alternative! For some reason I expected them to be hard, like kettle chips – so I was pleasantly surprised at the light crisp texture. That part was impressive! It can be hard to get the textures right with low carb foods…

  3. Alicia says:

    I don’t think they will ever invent a low carb chip! Actually what I would love is a low carb cheetos in a bag. I had tuna tonight myself, I make it basically the way you do only I do add fresh diced jalapeno and some red onion. I know it adds a few carbs but I just love red onion and jalapenos!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      That sounds really good, Alicia! And I imagine it would be easier if you kept diced onion and jalapeno (and for me: boiled eggs) on hand and ready to use. I’ve had diced salted cucumber in my tuna salad before, and loved that too. 🙂

      The Just The Cheese Chips are the closest thing I’ve tried to “cheetos”. Not the same, but close.

  4. Renee says:

    I tried the sea salt ones today! I was not a fan. I liked the crunch but the after taste was like a burnt chip! My husband liked them so I guess that’s good bc he is a big junk food man!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      I liked the texture too – a lot! 🙂 I didn’t notice an aftertaste though. Interesting! It may be because I was eating them with tuna though. They’re nice for sure. They did a great job with the texture, carb count, and freshness even.

  5. Diana Kirkham says:

    I love your videos and all the tips. I make my tuna salad like you although I usually have boiled eggs in the fridge all the time and sometimes add one but if I don’t already have them I’m fine with just the mayo, mustard, and sugar free relish. One thing I really, really like is the Netrition Everything Bread. Last night I had tuna salad on 2 slices of bread toasted and OMG it was so good and crunchy! And it was only 2 carbs. That could be your crunch!

  6. Angie Lopez says:

    Ha ha! Loved the video. I like that you are not a low carb snob and you don’t cook. I’ve learned so much from following you on Facebook and reading your blog. We just need to do what works best and trial and error is how we learn for our individual bodies. We are all different. I love the quest bars. I used to buy them but then my sugar cravings would come back with a vengeance and I have to completely eliminate them and the Atkins bars. Real food is best to lose the weight and I figure once I reach my goal I can add a few bars once in awhile.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      It really does help to “keep it simple”. 🙂

      I have the same experience with the bars. Like I mentioned above, I think it puts me back in my old mindset with food & eating for some reason. I find having a whole box on hand… is not a good thing – for me. lol.

  7. Pat Altenhof says:

    I was a chip junkie in my past life. I think that they invented the “bet you can’t eat one” campaign around me. In fact, I have not touched even not potato chip in three years, because I know that if I start, I will scarf down the whole bag then I would have to deal with having to hide the empty bag and would have to go to the store for a replacement, and since I had succumbed to them already, I would have to buy more, ’cause I would be on a binge…. Seems that it touching them in the first place would be easier.
    But, there are times when that crunch is necessary… I actually had a pumpernickel bagel that had gone a bit stale and I sliced it into little circles, brushed the slices with a bit of melted butter and sprinkled them with sea salt and toasted them in my convection toaster oven u til they were crisp and dry… OMG!!!! Remember those rye slices in packaged chex mix???? One bagel yielded a Ziploc baggie full of chips that has lasted all.most a week and they are great with cheese, tuna, homemade legal dip and by themselves just for the crunch. Gonna try slicing them on an angle for larger more elongated chips… Yum…

  8. Pat Altenhof says:

    Good grief… Auto correct is scary…. Sub the word “one” in the couple of places where I don’t make sense. And of course, that bagel was a low carb one…. Sheesh!!!

  9. Johanne says:

    Hi Lynn

    I agree making cheese chips or even, making one of the numerous low carb recipies for cracker are better! As for the Mayonnaise my husband who is a chef make ours without no sugar of course, an egg , oil, and Dijon mustard and voila… last up to 3 weeks in fridge no problem! I always have boiled eggs on hand just in case . I guess the key is to prepare a lot in advance so as you have on hand stuff in a pinch ! Don’t know if you saw my post on the 90 day challenge about bacon.? It is time consuming but i take as if i am preparing for the times that i don’t have time and taking care of myself ! As for the tuna salad just as is, is fantastic just the same!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Ahhh – a chef for a husband. 🙂 Nice! My handsome fellow cooks (low carb!) which is such a treat. I do usually keep boiled eggs made up, but just haven’t lately. I definitely need to get back in the habit. And yes, I saw your post – smart!!

      • Johanne says:

        Having a Chef for a husband is a blessing sometimes and can be difficult sometimes as well ! He can do everything BUT it’s hard to get him to get away from what he knows about cooking and re-inventing it ! Like making Stromboli/pizza with mozzarella crust or cooking with coconut and almond flour and it not turning out like you expect !
        I have taken it upon myself to integrate all of this new way of cooking …. He gets very surprised and talk to his work college about what i cook ! Best is since we started last year he’s been very supportive about it !

      • Lynn Terry says:

        That’s awesome! You really can’t beat the support. 🙂 Ricky is not totally familiar with low carb foods or cooking things a certain way, but he’s definitely willing – and he’s become an expert label reader. haha. 🙂

  10. Nichole says:

    I love the videos!!! They are fun keep it up!

  11. Theroda Gaillard-Britt says:

    Lynn,thank you for giving such informative information. I am new to low carb and I love the fact that you always say to keep it simple. I do have a question. What do you suggest for constipation? I always experience this when I do low carb 🙂

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Theroda,

      You’re not alone. However I’m the exact opposite – my system moves *better* eating low carb, and I have problems when I don’t. You’ll find everyone goes one way or the other on that. Which is odd!

      The best thing to do is make sure 1) you’re getting enough healthy fat in your diet. At least 70% of your calories should come from fat. See: http://www.travelinglowcarb.com/7006/macronutrients/ because I make it super simple. 🙂

      Magnesium is the main ingredient in most laxatives. Always choose real food over medication when you can! Sources for magnesium in low carb foods include: spinach, swiss chard, sunflower seeds, almonds, turnip greens, summer squash, edamame, peanut butter, avocado, salmon, halibut, chicken, beef, broccoli.

      See: http://www.travelinglowcarb.com/4393/healthy-fats-and-super-foods/

      Make sure you’re eating a good balanced low carb diet of meat & greens + healthy fats. Hope that helps! *cheers*

  12. Barb says:

    Totally new to all this but sooo appreciative of all the info ! Has anyone here tried ‘Moon cheese’ from Amazon ? I hoped that might be a crunch solution…the label says it is ‘just cheese’ ?

  13. Shelley says:

    I love the videos as well!!
    I agree please keep up with them, sometimes when you get a little down to try something new a funny video with idea’s come along.

  14. Jill Kirson says:

    You are simply hysterical!

    This made me smile.

    Thanks for the honesty. Once I saw you had the shirt on, I thought you were working for them!


    • Lynn Terry says:

      Thanks Jill! 🙂 And LOL – nope, I just love my “swag”. I’m a big fan of Quest, so I got the shirt with one of my orders last year. They’re great people too. I’ve worked with them before on a giveaway. Hmm – I’ll have to get in touch with them to do another one!

      In my “water bottles” video I think I was wearing a Netrition shirt. Did you catch that video?? I actually got that shirt free with one of my more recent orders. You get a free gift with orders over a certain amount. The time before I got the Speed Jump Rope free…

      I am an affiliate for both companies, but I order my own products – and shirts. 🙂

  15. Barb says:

    Incredible site ! Thanks for including me. I am in Canada and a new ‘no carb’ snack is just about to appear here called ‘Moon cheese’…please could you tell me if any of you might have tried it ? I am just about to end my second twenty-one day fast and want to remain extremely low carb…if this product is any good…it just might help !

  16. Joni says:

    Great video……I thought it was going to be a big promo add but it’s not. To be honest, I finally took the time to watch this video because I’m a huge dog lover (boxers in my house) and I wanted to see Slim! great name. I’m afraid to do the chips…I’d devour the entire bag and want another. But in a pinch, I know they are out there.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Thanks Joni! And “lol” at big promo. I do love what I love, but I’m very honest about what I like (and don’t) and why. 🙂

      Slim is my first pet – a rescue – and I’ve since fostered several Danes for that same rescue organization. I love it! I named him that because he has an eating disorder and has a hard time keeping weight on. And he’s “slim”. 🙂 He’s a runt because his growth was (unfortunately) stunted his first year before he was rescued.

      I’ll try to get him to make more of an appearance in future videos. 🙂

  17. Traci Knoppe says:

    Ok – so had to go buy some of these to try them. I bought the sea salt and also the salt & vinegar. So far, I just tried the salt & vinegar. You can really taste the vinegar, which is typical for this flavor of chip and I like that. The texture other than that is different. Not sure if I like it or not. I did miss the crunch of chips – so this is a nice alternative, and i don’t hate it. Just don’t love them either. These would be good to have when the family is having regular chips, at least I have an option.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      I felt the same way, Traci – didn’t love them, but didn’t necessarily hate them. They’re interesting for sure, lol. I would definitely eat these on those nights I feel like binging out on a bag of chips & dip. Those nights are rare, thankfully. 😛 haha

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