Truth Time: Low Carb Bagel Update (YUCK!)


As expected, I came home this morning and found my bagel order had arrived. It was still outside, and the last two days have been warm, so no – the thermal packaging for an extra $3.99 was not necessary. That’s good news! It makes the shipping even cheaper. 😀

low carb cinnamon bagels

As you know from my last post, I love (love, LOVE) the “Everything Bagel” from The Great Low Carb Bread Company. I’ve been through two packages of them already, and every single bagel was absolutely delicious!

I originally ordered them at Amazon, but this last package (above) I got at Netrition – with much cheaper shipping. Like I said above, you can just pay the $4.95 flat rate shipping (no matter how much stuff you order) – there’s no need for faster shipping or thermal packaging, both of which are more expensive. My bagels arrived fresh and fast with their regular shipping.

Since I loved the Everything Bagels so much, I of course ordered them again – but also decided to try the Cinnamon Bagels. YUCK. 😛 Ack. lol…

To be fair, I should’ve researched the ingredients first. They contain stevia. I assumed they’d just have cinnamon – not a sweetener – and I could definitely taste the sweetener in them. 😐 I think the Cinnamon Bagels are OKAY, I just don’t care for the “fake sweet” taste that so many products try to accomplish.

I’ve been moving away from artificial sweeteners completely over the last few months. Except for a flavored creamer (sugar free hazelnut) I like in my coffee sometimes, I’ve all but eliminated it from my diet.

For something sweet, but still healthy, I’ve been mixing coconut oil and peanut butter with a dash of vanilla extract. It comes out like peanut butter fudge. 😀

I definitely prefer the Everything Bagel.

I would love to try some of their other breads and bagels too. I’ve heard their sourdough bread is fabulous! Just nothing “sweet” next time – which I probably should have expected, and definitely should have researched.

Like I said, the Cinnamon Bagel was OKAY. I did eat it, since I bought them and toasted it – I mean, you might as well eat it once it’s been buttered, right? lol… But as soon as I bit into it I could taste the Stevia. And yes, it left an aftertaste too. Blech! The “Everything Bagel” has a MUCH nicer flavor to it. Not overwhelming, but definitely nice – a nice hint of garlic is the thing that stands out most to me when I’m eating those.

With both bagels, the texture is nice – especially when toasted – and the Everything Bagel definitely makes for a flavorful hot sandwich! It’s not spongy, too dense, too light – it has a nice crisp to it, with a chewy bagel-like texture.

You might like the Cinnamon Bagel, especially if you like Stevia or don’t mind something with artificial sweetener in it. I just personally did not (like it). I do like cinnamon though. It’s especially nice to brew it in with your coffee sometimes, for a bit of a sweet change – and it goes very well with heavy cream, if you use that.

I’d love to know if anyone else has tried the Cinnamon Bagel from The Great Low Carb Bread Company – or which of their products you have tried. Leave a comment and let’s compare notes!

– Lynn

p.s. Here’s a picture of the Low Carb Cinnamon Bagel (with butter):

low carb bagel with butter

See the original post and definitely try the Everything Bagel! (shown below)

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19 Responses to Truth Time: Low Carb Bagel Update (YUCK!)

  1. sandi says:

    Thanks Lyn…I also tried the everything bagel. I got it from Netrition and was quite impressed. No ,you aren’t gonna mistake this for a real bagel. Is it great with cream cheese??YES. No sugar spikes as yet and no hunger after. So far so good. Order shipped super fast. Thanks for telling us about these.
    Ps hugs to you for loss of fur child. I wept with you when I read about your sweet pup

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Thank you, Sandi. It’s been a really hard few weeks. I really appreciate your kind words. Sad indeed…

      I’m really glad to hear you enjoyed the Everything Bagel! It’s definitely my favorite, and quite impressive considering all the “low carb breads” I’ve tested over the years. 😉

  2. Patricia Altenhof says:

    Hi, Lyn – – – too funny, I ordered right away after I read your review last week and my bagels arrived on Wednesday in great shape – – even though they were on the truck all day on a warm day in Wisconsin…. I did pay for the extra warm weather shipping, and I am glad that I did – – my usual delivery guy drops my packages off on his lunch hour, but I had a new driver with a trainee, so it was dinner time when they got here… Plus, my daughter likes the bubblewrap type ice bags that they use for her siatica problem – – so no big deal….
    Funny, I was in the mood for something sweet, and I tried my cinnamon bagel first and I was delighted – – I toasted it in my toaster oven and buttered it lavishly…. I did notice a different mouth aftertaste to it, but attributed it to not eating many things sweet, and the other thing I noticed was that there was a ‘cooling’ feeling in my mouth like mint or something would leave but it was not off-putting… My daughter tried one that I sent home with her and she toasted hers in a regular toaster, and hers got a bit too crispy… The toaster oven was perfect – – the crust was chewy and the dough had some spring to it and reminded me of some grocery store bagels from the bread counters that come in tubes of six… Not like the ones I used to have delivered to my door hot and fresh in NYC, but it was passable…
    The everything bagels are tasty and savory and have the same good mouth-feel, but I did add some garlic and onion powders and a light sprinkle of salt….. I toasted some shredded cheese on top of one of them and that was good, too….
    I will be buying these again…. I may pick up some lox and really treat myself…..

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Patricia!

      I saved the ice packs too (put them in the freezer) – I always find a good use for those, putting them in a lunch bag, etc. 😀 That said, mine were not frozen by the time I got home and got my package (my fault – I was away an extra day) and my bread was totally fine – not frozen, and nice and fresh!

      I’m really glad you LIKED the Cinnamon Bagel. I’m guessing it must just be a “stevia preference”. Stevia is a GREAT sweetener option of course, I’m just not used to having artificial sweeteners lately, so the aftertaste was not at all appealing to me. 😛

      The Everything Bagel remains my favorite, and I’ll definitely be ordering those again. I imagine they were great toasted with cheese! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts & experience. It helps a lot when deciding what to order next, or for others trying to decide which to try. *cheers*

  3. Jodi Lee says:

    After reading your post about the bagels being so good, I bought the garlic and butter bagels from netrition and they were so freaking gross!! I was so mad that I wasted my money. I also bought the multigrain bagel but I am way too scared to try My bagels were not frozen either when they arrived so that was a waste too. I ordered the low carb bisquick stuff and made pancakes…gross!!! Guy Fiery please dont let me down (bought the sugar free bbq sauce and havent tried it yet)!!!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Oh wow, Jodi – lol – you have me nervous about trying the other flavors! 😛 I *LOVE* the “Everything Bagel” – that one is SO good. And Patricia said she really liked the Cinnamon Bagel – so that must be a stevia preference on my end.

      I will say, the Everything Bagel has a nice garlic hint to it – if you like garlic. And I used real butter on mine. Maybe you’d like those better too!

      Please let me know what you think of the multigrain bagel – I’d love to hear your thoughts. The more we share our thoughts here, the better choices we can make about what we want to order next time! 😉

  4. Bev Mancuso says:

    Hi Lynn – I was SO excited by your post, that I too ordered the bagels – everything and sesame. I love them! I toast mine in the oven on 425 for 10 minutes so they get crispy – really yummy with butter! I did order the thermal packaging – thinking next time I might risk not doing that, especially if the weather isn’t extreme. Thanks for the info about them – I would not hesitate to order them again! After all, they are way better for me than regular bagels!!!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      I’m so glad to hear that, Bev! I’m adding the Sesame Bagels to my list, then – good to know! The Everything Bagel has definitely been my favorite. 😀 I do love them with real butter – but also piled up with fresh chicken and a thin slice of cheese. Delicious!! *cheers*

  5. Debi J says:


    Good to know about the stevia (can’t stand the stuff) so I probably won’t do the cinnamon bagels. I’ve ordered the Everything ones and the Rye. Sesame Seed will be on the next order if I like these. I’ll be sure to come back and share my thoughts.

    I do have the BBQ sauce…. and I LOVE it! I bought the Spicy, but I may go hotter the next time (I’m a big spicy food eater). It’s not too sweet as so many BBQ sauces are and I’ve been using it regularly on my pork ribs!!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Thank you for the feedback on the BBQ Sauce, Debi. Netrition is such a great source! One of my favorites. 😉

      I had another Cinnamon Bagel today, by the way – this time with spread thick with a Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss Wedge – and it was MUCH better. I could taste the Stevia less. I may try peanut butter on the next one since that worked. I’m still going to eat them… since they’re here. lol.

  6. Becky says:

    I think I’ve tried all the different flavors of the bagels and I’ve enjoyed them all…..especially with cream cheese, although using Kerrygold butter is good too. I also buy the Low Carb Factory sliced bread. No, it’s not as good as regular bread, but as toast it’s something to dip in my eggs!! And, as grilled cheese it’s ok too. I’ve ordered them several times.

  7. Liz F. says:

    Sesame bagel is yummy with almond butter! I bought the onion pockets will report back.

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  10. Patricia Altenhof says:

    Just wanted to report in on my second shipment of bagels… I ordered more Everything, they were my favorite until I tried the pumpernickel!!!! OMG!!!!! But then I also got the sesame and the garlic butter…. I probably will pass on the garlic butter ones next time – – not nearly as garlic flavored nor buttery as I expected…. The sesame were pretty good, but I think from now my standard order will be the Everything and the pumpernickel, and then I will add another flavor or two…. I did want to add that I have not had any stalls, nor cravings since eating these – – – I am, however limiting myself to one a day – – and will skip a day occasionally, but these are now my standbys – – – I cut up a Costco rotisserie chicken and made a big tub of chicken salad and piled on a buttered bagel was sublime….. My last cinnamon bagels from my last batch were consumed with peanut butter and also cream cheese with cinnamon and chopped toasted pecans added…. I heated that one in the toaster oven for just a moment and that was yummy…. I guess I still have a couple of flavors to try, and will report in after I do that… Thanks, again, Lynn for the tip on these…..

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