Weight Loss & Low Carb Meal Plans Made Easy


healthy meal planning ideas at CookMoreAre you looking for healthy meal planning ideas?

I found some great free diet meal plans with a huge collection of recipes for nearly any diet or culinary preference.

Kenmore (the Sears brand) has a new site called Cookmore that offers SO much more than just recipes…

Sign up for Cookmore now to start finding great new recipes, adding your own favorite recipes, creating cookbooks, planning your meals & grocery lists, and entering GREAT contests.

You’ll be able to organize your entire recipe collection in one place. This will make it easy to plan for those upcoming holiday meals, or even create your weekly low carb meal plans, with an estimated calorie count built into the recipe planning process. Plus, you can create a grocery list to get everything you need for your meal plan.

Talk about making it easy on us! 😉

It only took a second to sign up. They specifically cover dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian in their “diet meal plans” but I used the search bar at the top left of the site and typed in “low carb” and got several cool recipe results.

You can also add your own low carb recipes (or any of your recipes) to share with everyone else on the site. 😀 And by submitting your favorite recipe, you could be featured as the next “Recipe of the Month” PLUS you’ll be entered for a chance to get an invitation to cook in their Live Studio with chef Kari Karch!

Create Your Weight Loss Meal Plans

The Meal Planner feature is really cool. You can find healthy meal planning ideas right on the site, then add those recipes to your custom meal plan. You’ll get a calorie count, which is especially helpful if you’re counting calories AND carbs, and you can use your meal plan to create your grocery list too. All you have to do is add the recipes, go into your meal planner, and click “create grocery list.”

You can also create your own cookbook using a collection of your favorite recipes!

While they don’t specifically have low carb meal plans, it’s a great place to add all your favorite low carb recipes and then create your own meal plans, or cookbook, and print out your detailed grocery list.

When it comes to losing weight, and sticking to your diet, meal plans will come in extremely handy. And with the grocery list feature, you can be sure to have all your ingredients on hand. Planning & Preparation are key in sticking to your weight loss plan. 😉

Check it out for yourself: Register at Cookmore – Free!

Like it? Love it? Prefer something else for your Weight Loss Meal Plans and recipe collections? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts. 😉

I know a lot of you use mobile apps and various software programs, so I would love to hear what you use and what your favorite features are – specifically when it comes to finding low carb recipes, preparing your meals & grocery lists, and creating low carb meal plans in advance

It’s really helpful to have all your recipes in one place, which can be a challenge when there are so many great sources. That’s why I love the idea of being able to create your own cookbook and add your own recipes on Cookmore.

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  1. Lynn Terry says:

    Update on Cookmore: I just found out they regularly do sweepstakes for Kenmore appliances!!!

    Just a heads-up. Definitely makes it worth signing up. 😉

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