A Bacon Love Story 🥓🥰


🌎 In a world-gone-mad and a 2020 nobody would ever want to repeat, smack dab in the middle of a pandemic and political warfare, there are still good and beautiful things happening. This is one of them…

Bacon Love Story

This bacon 🥓 brought me to HAPPY TEARS!

It was totally unexpected…

I know I’m not alone in reevaluating my friend circle and relationships this year.

I’ve been calling it “pandemic personalities” 😳🤯😅 – I mean, people I’ve known for YEARS are blowing my mind. 🤪

You’ve seen that too, right?! 👀

But Aaron, the man I’ve been dating +/- 4 years, through losing a business he worked his a** off to build, and watching a country he served for 20 years crumbling, he has changed too … in so many wonderful ways.

He’s been kind, calm, patient, supportive, funny even! 🙃

While out of work he’s been painting my walls & helping me with home projects and maintenance. 🏡

I couldn’t be more grateful for the help!! 🙏

But the other night, after painting and working all day on my kitchen, I walked in to THIS : him cooking me bacon, in the ONE little spot on the counter not scattered with power tools. 🥓

He doesn’t even eat bacon, or any pork or beef. He did that (meal prep) for ME. 🥰 And roasted my tomatoes too.

I broke out in happy tears and threw my arms around his neck in so much appreciation. ❤ What a guy!!

It may seem like a small thing, painting my cabinets and making me bacon… but it’s not (to me), it’s not small at all.

It’s everything. 🙌

It’s unselfish, kind, thoughtful. It’s love – and love is beautiful, in all the ways it’s shown… like in a pound of beautiful perfectly crispy bacon strips, that he won’t even eat. 🥓

In a time full of change and uncertainty, I’m SO grateful for his company and companionship. There are no words for my depth of appreciation… just tears and smiles as I stand in a freshly painted kitchen eating a slice of bacon, feeling: 🥰

So I’ll show you my bacon and eggs and share my food diaries with you

But now you know what I’m FEELING, and all the JOY behind that plate. 🍽 💕

Bacon and Eggs Keto LCHF Meal Diary

Lynn Terry
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. People are weird. Let go of the crazy ones, and HOLD ON TIGHT to the good people in your life right now. xo

p.p.s. If you liked this story, be sure to read For the love of eggs! 😅 Pandemic moments to remember too – where, back in April, he said: “There’s no one I’d rather spend a pandemic with… than you.” 💕

p.p.p.s. I did go back and order those Perfect Keto Peanut Butter Keto Cookies for Aaron. He kinda deserves them, don’t you agree? 🙂 They’re expensive to me so I grabbed them while they were on sale, but they do go a long way – and they ARE delicious. Plus Aaron LOVES them, so… yeah❣️ he can enjoy those while I eat my bacon with a heart full of smiles. 😉


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