⏰ Free Stuff + Half Off = Perfect Keto Party Time!


The sale I’m referring to in this post has now ended, but make sure you’re signed up by email to get notified of their next BIG sale! And keep reading for the current deals – because I’m always scouting the BIGGEST savings for you. 😉

📲 Perfect Keto 15% Off Discount Link

Perfect Keto is STILL offering free gifts (free products!) and free shipping, plus $20 off certain keto bars – and their 45% off ALL keto bar flavors, so definitely check out the deals (plus the 40% off nut butters below) and play around on the site to see what kind of discounts you can score. 🎯

📲 Current Special: Get 40% Off Perfect Keto Nut Butters!

Want to see what I ordered today, and how I got 🖐 FIVE free products + half off the normal price using two different Perfect Keto discount links?!

I’ll show you exactly how I got the MOST stuff for the LEAST amount.

I’m all about using every trick to maximize savings & get stuff cheap! 😉

You can see what all I ordered, even if you’re just curious. 👀

Oh – and their Unflavored Collagen Powder and Peanut Butter Cookies ARE back in stock. 👍

Perfect Keto Best Deals August 2020

Perfect Keto had another one of their BIG sales this week, and I ALWAYS stock up during their sales! 😉

I started by ordering 3 tubs of their Unflavored Collagen Powder because I use that daily in my first morning coffee. ☕️ Perfect timing too, because I’m near the bottom of my last canister as we speak.

🎁 They added a FREE vanilla macadamia nut butter to my order at checkout too!

Perfect Keto Collagen B2G1 Free

Note: this sale has ended, but you can still get 15% off using this discount link or using the code LOWCARBTRAVELER at checkout.

First though, if you like the Perfect Keto Bars and you wait to stock up when they’re on sale, this 45% off 4 boxes is a WAY better deal than the current sale they’re running! ❤

That link is not on their website anywhere, so just click here to order Perfect Keto Bars – but don’t add anything else to your cart, only bars. Everything else is on sale, so you can place a different order for other items.

This is my order using that deal today. 👇

I might have stocked up for the winter… lol – but what a DEAL! And they added ANOTHER free vanilla macadamia nut butter to this order too. 🥰

Best Deal on Perfect Keto Bars Half Price

So I had two FREE vanilla macadamia nut butters (those are GREAT to bake with!!) a FREE collagen powder, half off my keto bars…

And wait 🤔 I should tell you those are not ALL for me. 😆

Aaron LOVES the Perfect Keto bars and gets into my stash quite a bit when he’s here painting, or grabs a few to take along when he picks me up for a hike.

They do have a great shelf life though, so I’m not opposed to being “over stocked” when they’re half price. 😉

Anyway ~ two FREE vanilla macadamia nut butters, a FREE collagen powder, half off my keto bars… and then I decided to grab some more Chocolate Hazelnut Nut Butter too.

Truth: Aaron gets into that too. 🧐 But also because I want to do some more baking with it AND because it’s my favorite “magic shell” on low carb ice cream. 😍

Perfect Keto Best Deals

And look: a THIRD FREE vanilla macadamia nut butter (yay!!) + my third 2-pack of nut butter FREE … then they offered me a special deal at checkout: a box of Cinnamon Roll Keto Bars for only $19.99 ($20 off!).

Um, yes please!

I feel like I seriously SCORED today with the FIVE free products and half off ALL the bars. I am shopping for two like I said, but the bars and collagen and nut butter are staples in my keto pantry – and you really can’t beat those deals.❣️

📲 Perfect Keto 15% Off Discount Link

📲 Current Special: Get 40% Off Perfect Keto Nut Butters!

📲 45% off Perfect Keto Bars (don’t add anything else to your cart!)

I think I’m going to place one more order… and snag some of their DELICIOUS peanut butter cookies. I only have one package left, and I’ve had it stashed away (hidden from Aaron!) for a special treat. 😉 haha

Poor guy, he loves those – and I’ve been holding out on him. 😇 I don’t really snack much or eat a lot of sweets, but Aaron DOES – and he loves to have something sweet in the evenings when he watches a movie.

So yeah, I should go grab those too. The peanut butter cookies are their BEST flavor (in my opinion). I love them, even for breakfast with coffee – or smeared with peanut butter and sugar free preserves. 🥰 yum!

I’ll put some pictures for you below to give you an idea of the textures & flavors of their bars & cookies, in case you haven’t tried them yet.

I hope you enjoyed a sneak peak at my keto shopping & great deals today!

A lot of people in our group ONLY stock up during their sales, so I try to make sure you don’t miss those. Apologies for the late notice on this one, but I just got my own order in a few hours ago… It’s been a crazy full week here! 🤪

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

Their cookies are softbatch style, by the way: very moist. The double chocolate cookies are more like a “brookie” (brownie cookie) in texture.

Perfect Keto Cookies

I do like those, and the chocolate chip (they’re all good) but the newest Peanut Butter Cookies are my FAVORITE:

Perfect Keto Peanut Butter Cookies

Perfect Keto Bars

Perfect Keto Bars Deal

This is the Birthday Cake bars 👇 which are softer like the Cinnamon Roll bars. Those two flavors are softer and creamier than the others. I love them both!

My top favorites are Almond Butter Brownie, Lemon Poppyseed and Cinnamon Roll. (Aaron loves the Salted Caramel!)

Perfect Keto Birthday Cake Bars


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