Update! TRICKY Taco Bell Naked Egg Breakfast Taco (Beware The Hidden Carbs!)


This is something you could easily make at home. 😉

Keto SnacksI had to get out and run some errands this morning, so I decided to try the new low carb Taco Bell breakfast option while I was out.

They have a new Naked Egg Breakfast Taco on the menu, with the “taco” being made entirely of a single fried egg!

The idea of Taco Bell doesn’t necessarily appeal to me personally, but someone told me about it on my Facebook Page so I decided to give it a fair review so you would all know exactly what to expect. 🙂

Low Carb Breakfast Taco

Before I ever went out (and this is what I always recommend to you, too!) I checked the nutrition facts online, so I would know how to order – and the carb count of what I was going to order.

Like most fast food chains, Taco Bell has a handy nutrition calculator on their website where you can customize your meal and see the detailed nutrition facts for your order:

Taco Bell Nutrition Calculator

I had to remove the potatoes and nacho sauce and such, and decided to add steak & sour cream, and also swap out the cheddar for the three cheese blend.

But it was still WAY high in carbs! I figured out the culprit: they marked the ONE fried egg as SIX carbs, lol. So I removed that. 😉

Since my custom order was nowhere in MyFitnessPal, I had to enter it myself – which is easy enough to do when you have the nutrition facts (above) in front of you.

Then I just added an egg:

Logging Low Carb Fast Food in MyFitnessPal

UPDATE! I figured out the SIX CARB EGG trick!

Actually Kaylyn already figured it out and commented here, so I went to look it up.

They add food starch and cellulose gum to the egg, among other ingredients:

Hidden Carbs in Taco Bell's Egg Taco


All The Messy Details… 🙂

The Taco Bell Naked Egg Breakfast Taco is definitely lower carb than other menu options – if you customize the fillings, such as: bacon, steak, sausage, cheese, etc.

But it is NOT as low carb as you might think with the SIX CARB EGG. 🙄 😛

It is also definitely messy. 😉

This is NOT something I would eat while driving, or in the car at all…

Taco Bell Low Carb Breakfast: Naked Egg Taco

It comes in a handy little cardboard “pocket” to hold it with so you don’t get your hands all messy (greasy), but mine was leaking out everywhere anyway as you can see in the photo above – so I brought it home to eat.

Low Carb Fast Food: Taco Bell Naked Egg Breakfast Taco

I love the concept though! 🙂

You could EASILY make “egg tacos” at home…

Low Carb Taco Shell (made of a fried egg!)


I ate two of the low carb Taco Bell naked egg tacos for breakfast this morning, which (I thought!) came to 7 net carbs – the way I ordered them, as detailed above.

I actually ordered three, and had the 3rd one for lunch…

So those three SMALL egg tacos came to 27 CARBS!

Hidden Carbs at Taco Bell


Besides being messy, and way too high in carbs, they also cost more than my usual “sausage patties & fried eggs” from McDonald’s. I paid almost $12 for the three egg tacos ($3.98 each I think).

Of course, McDonald’s charges different at every location, but my McBreakfast is way cheaper and much less messy – and something I can eat while driving. And they use a real egg, cracked on site – with no added ingredients. 😉

The egg tacos were okay. Not much flavor in the egg or the fillings, so I should have used the mild sauce…

I’m disappointed to discover that they add so many ingredients to the “egg taco shell” instead of just using a fried egg, and that they are SO high in carbs.

Being very small, it takes at least two of the Naked Egg Tacos to make a “meal” which is just too many carbs for anyone on a ketogenic-style low carb diet.

So that settles that. I haven’t been to a Taco Bell in ages… and I doubt I’ll be back anytime soon. 😛

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

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18 Responses to Update! TRICKY Taco Bell Naked Egg Breakfast Taco (Beware The Hidden Carbs!)

  1. Kaylyn says:

    I looked this up out of curiosity, even though we don’t have a Taco Bell in my town, and I found the carb culprit(s) in the ingredients list. Why did they have to mess with a perfectly good egg? They put food starch and cellulose gum in it, I guess to make it hold its shape. But that’s where the 6 carbs come from. Still a LOT better option that a regular taco shell, anyway! 🙂

  2. Patricia L. says:

    I feel like our McDonalds is way over priced on their sausage and eggs, but it is probably similar to others. It’s like to eat healthier it cost me $7 to eat but someone else could get 7 cheeseburgers for the same price. A McDonalds tip for some people that don’t already know……… you can download the McDonalds app for super good coupons!! They normally always have a buy one get one free breakfast sandwich so I’ll order that and then tell them no biscuits and round eggs.

    For anyone that has a Braums close their breakfast is cheaper… eggs and a generous side of bacon for about $2.75.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      That’s a great tip, Patricia! I have heard about that before, and need to download the app. I love savings! 🙂

      I’m personally spending less eating low carb, and even on my McDonald’s stops. But I used to eat A LOT more food than I do now… and horrible choices. 😛 It was like I had zero self control, regardless of the expense.

      Now I know exactly what I’m going to eat, order just that, and only eat that. Even Taco Bell, at $12 which covered both breakfast and lunch, I used to spend $15-$20 going there… because I had to get x, y and z too. 😉

      • Patricia L. says:

        I know exactly what you mean! When I was eating what I wanted when I wanted I upsized my meal and was sure to add some apple pies or an ice mix to my meal!

        Great point, as always!!

  3. Tigertye says:

    Interesting. At my house we call those omelets and we tend to eat them with a fork, off a plate. It would never occur to me to try to eat an omelet with my bare hands 😉
    Have a happy!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      lol Tiger – that cracked me up this morning! Good point. 😉 Of course it being Taco Bell, they’re all about the “taco” angle!

      Where they GOT ME was on the product description page. They go into detail about it being a “naked egg taco” (meaning: just the egg – or so it sounded), and describe it as “all folded up in a fried egg.”

      I actually read the entire description and never would have guessed they added so many ingredients to that “naked egg.” 😛 I totally missed that in the Nutrition Facts / Calculator obviously when I was analyzing my order choices. lol… geez!

  4. Andrew (SJC) says:

    I just came from TB where I fell for this same egg carb culprit. I only had 2, sans potato, but learned a lesson and at 19 carbs, I’ll just have to be careful for the rest of today.

    Thanks for summarizing. Back to McD (I do fast food 2x per week. 1 mcd bkfst and 1 in n out dinner. Even though they are low to no carbs I pretend they are my cheats and keeps me honest.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      That’s a great mindset, Andrew. 😉 Just keep in mind that the cheese slices at McDonald’s are 2 carbs each, and the sausage patties are 1 carb each, so it can easily add up on you too if you aren’t watching!

      I usually get 2 sausage patties and 2 round fried eggs from McDonald’s (and LOVE that they serve all day breakfast now!!) for a total of 3 carbs.

  5. Dianna says:

    The cheapest way to get the egg/sausage at McDonald’s is to order the two egg/sausage mcmuffins with no muffins for $4.00! Also the 2 for $2.50 McDouble Hamburgers with no bun and no catsup and ask for it wrapped it lettuce!!! What a deal for 4 hamburger patties!

  6. Terri says:

    It like IHOP adds pancake batter to their eggs for omelets to make them fluffy. Ugh!

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