The Keto Box – What’s Inside? (A Free BPC Mug!)


While we’re waiting on the next Keto Krate to arrive, this is a great time to tell you all about The Keto Box. It’s a similar company, I assume a direct competitor to Keto Krate, and the pricing and products are similar as well.

People have asked me if I’ve tried other keto delivery companies, so when they offered to send me a box to check out & sponsor this review, it was an easy Yes!

I’ve had a chance to receive & review two different boxes full of low carb products from The Keto Box, so I’ll share both of those with you here – because this is a GREAT way to discover new low carb foods you may want to try! πŸ™‚

The Keto Box ~ Review – Use Promo Code: THEMUG17 for the free mug!

Note: While I’ve been working with the Keto Krate company for a full year now, I am not affiliated with The Keto Box in any way outside of this sponsored review. Using the Promo Code above gets you a FREE MUG in your box, and also lets the company know who referred you, but no money is changing hands on orders. I’m required by the FTC to let you know things like that.;)

The Free BPC Mug Is Awesome πŸ™‚

Free Keto BPC Mug

Of all the great low carb products I got in the last two boxes, and I’ll tell you all the cool things inside each box in a second, anyway – the thing that got Aaron’s attention (and I admit, I love it too!) is the LARGE free mug included in the box when you use the Promo Code (THEMUG17). He has huge hands and LOVES a mug with a decent handle on it. I just love a HUGE mug of coffee πŸ™‚ lol.

I promise you those two mugs are the exact same large size. I don’t know if it’s the position of the picture, or his LARGE hand that makes his mug look smaller. πŸ˜› But they ARE both the same!

My First Delivery From The Keto Box

I’m not sure if the first box I got was the May Box or the June Box, but this is the first peek at it. I like “the low carb care package” part.:)

The Keto Box - First Delivery

That first box was full of GREAT low carb products, many of which I was already familiar with – and a few NEW things I was excited to try:

The Keto Box - Example of Low Carb Products Included

What you can’t see in the photo above, because they were stuffed down in the free BPC Mug, are the packets of Mushroom Coffee. These intrigued me, as they were recently featured on and Fox Business News:

Mushroom Coffee

I found the Four Signmatic Mushroom Coffee on Amazon and also at The Vitamin Shoppe. If you order online, make sure you have Ebates set up so you get cashback on your order! πŸ˜‰

This particular blend of “Lion’s Mane & Chaga” is vegan, vegetarian, & paleo friendly and made specifically for enhanced concentration & focus.

The Keto Box – July 2017 (My Second Delivery)

I found even more new low carb foods to try in my second delivery from The Keto Box. I was really excited to get another package of Good Dee’s Blondies Mix!!

But there were also some COOL new products that really got my attention – like the Chocolate Keto Shake and the Dry Riced Broccoli. πŸ™‚

The Keto Box - July 2017 - New Low Carb Products To Try!

I’m anxious to try that Dry Riced Broccoli from Keto and Co! This one bag makes a FULL pound in just 15 minutes! Stay tuned, I’ll be trying it this week.;)

I discovered they make Dry Riced Cauliflower too, and I’m thinking both would be GREAT for Keto Campers. πŸ™‚


For More Examples, Here Are Two More Past Boxes from The Keto Box

The Keto Box - Low Carb Food Ideas

The Keto Box - Low Carb Food Ideas


The 14 Low Carb Products I Recieved In Both “The Keto Box” Deliveries

To give you an idea of what kind of products to expect from The Keto Box, and also to give you new low carb food ideas (and where to get them!), here’s a list of what I received in the last two boxes they sent me.

Click on each image to learn more about the product:

Low Carb Blondies Mix Recipe

Good Dee’s Mixes are a favorite of mine! See my recipe & discount code here…

Oh My Spice - Making seared sasoned shrimp

This is amazing on shrimp, salmon & chicken! I *loved* it. See it featured in my Cauliflower Rice with Seared Shrimp & Roasted Veggies recipe.

Primal Kitchen Low Carb Salad Dressing & Marinade

I love ALL of the Primal Kitchen products, but this dressing is great as a marinade AND on salads.

Keto Bars - Delicious LCHF Snacks!

I was happy to see TWO Keto Bars in my first box too. Those are delicious, and remind me of a Mounds candy bar. πŸ™‚ (see picture below)

You can read my review here to learn more about them.

Keto Bars Texture - Reminds me of a Mounds Bar :)

Pili Nuts

These are the most amazing, unique, BIG soft & buttery nut I’ve ever eaten – and insanely nutrient dense! Read the Pili Nuts story.

Tip: They are GREAT to cook with!!

Chocolate Chip Fatsnax - LCHF / Low Carb Cookies

I love FatSnax. πŸ™‚ Ginger Turmeric is my FAVORITE flavor. See my review here…

NEW: Adapt LCHF Protein Bar

I have not been a big fan of Adapt products in the past, but THIS – their NEW Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bar, that was delicious. πŸ™‚

Fbomb Oils - Keto, LCHF Fuel

Ketologie Chocolate Keto Shake - LCHF and VERY Low Carb


I was thrilled to get another Blondies Mix. I’m eating two of those this morning while I write this for you. πŸ™‚ I also fell in LOVE with the Oh My Spice! Sweet & Savory, especially on grilled or sauteed shrimp.

The new Adapt Protein Bar was actually GOOD (compared to their other bars, which I did NOT like). Several other products I was already a BIG fan of, and the rest I cannot wait to try out!


My Thoughts (What I Know, and What I Don’t Know!) About The Keto Box

They’re now taking orders for the August box. I’m not sure what will be in it, but the four boxes I shared with you above should give you an idea of what to expect. – Use Promo Code: THEMUG17 for the free mug.

They don’t specifically say they are gluten free, or “malitol free” like Keto Krate does, or have any specifics on their site other than the products included in each box are “keto friendly.” So that’s all I really know, outside of the examples I’ve seen so far.

The products included in my two boxes have been GREAT. Very interesting, new FUN things to try – which is what I love so much about these low carb boxes & delivery services. It’s such a great way to discover new low carb foods I never would have found otherwise!

And of course I love the big BPC mugs. πŸ™‚

It is only available for delivery in the United States, although they WILL ship to Canada but the cost is just too high to justify.

The price is about the same between Keto Krate and The Keto Box, btw.

Have you tried a Low Carb / Keto Delivery service yet?

If so, I would love to hear your thoughts. I’ve really enjoyed working with Keto Krate over the last year, and trying so many great new low carb products, and it was fun to try The Keto Box in comparison these last two months too!

As you can see above, I discovered some IDEAL low carb hiking & camping foods that will be GREAT for my outdoor adventures. πŸ˜‰

Even if you don’t subscribe to keto deliveries, or don’t have an interest in that (or your outside the U.S.!) I would love to hear your thoughts on the 14 low carb foods I shared with you from these two boxes…

Have you tried any of them, or which products piqued your interest?

I can’t wait to try the Dry Riced Broccoli! πŸ™‚

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. If you want to try out be sure to use Promo Code: THEMUG17 to get the free BPC mug in your box.


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