Ditch Your Weight Loss Goal! Here’s Why…


Keto SnacksStop dieting, and stop giving the scale so much credit. You’re driving yourself nuts chasing a number!

Here’s what I learned, and how it helped me finally lose weight… easily.

I wrote this 2 years ago (at 158 lbs):
What Is Your Ideal Weight?

It was interesting to read that again this weekend. 🙂

Your weight & health is more than just a number on the scales!

I got down to just under 135 pounds in Dec/Jan, which put me around a size 4 or 6. I’m now about 10 pounds up after being sick so long at the beginning of this year, and struggling with various antibiotics & medications that I discovered threw me out of ketosis. 😛

Thank you Spanx!I still feel fine at this weight (around a size 8), but I do NOT feel fine when my body is out of ketosis, so I’m glad to have all THAT behind me!

I did end up getting the scale I mentioned in that post I linked to above. It’s a full body composition scale – and a MUCH better indicator of your overall health & weight loss progress. 😉

It tracks your water weight, muscle mass, bone density, body fat, etc. Very important if you are not just eating low carb (losing fat) but also exercising (gaining muscle).

I included 3 other ways to calculate your body fat percentage in this post:

How To Figure Your “True” Weight

What IS my ideal weight? People ask me that ALL the time. 🙂 The answer: I don’t know yet. I always say: “I’ll know when I reach it!”

My goal this year is to lose the rest of my body fat, and get in amazing shape – and put on some muscle weight. It’ll be FUN to see how that plays out as a number on the scale. 😉

But a number on the scale… is not my GOAL.

My GOAL: To become the happiest healthiest version of myself.

I actually started out with a “goal weight” in mind, but realized when I reached that number… that I was wrong. I came up with my goal based on a size I was in the past – you know: the distant past, another decade (lol).

I discovered two things: First, that my body composition had totally changed and the actual number (your weight) doesn’t look the same at different ages – or different compositions (namely: less muscle tone). And second: that my body knows better than my mind, what weight it needs to be.

I think it’s great to start out with a goal, because it gives you something to work toward. But as we all know, weight loss is NOT linear…

There are many variables in the weight loss trend, such as holds and fluctuations – which are totally normal periods of adjustment.

Happy, Healthy & StrongIf you JUST go by numbers, those holds & fluctuations on the scale make you feel like you’re failing… when you are NOT.

Failing would be if you QUIT. The number on your scale is just an indicator of your – weight. period.

I’ve mentioned before, and I’ll say again: In the end I discovered that losing weight was the easy part all along. When I STOPPED “trying to lose weight” and just got OFF the dieting roller coaster – and instead focused on eating and living healthy – THAT is when the weight started to come off of me naturally and easily. And with MUCH less stress. 😉

My advice: stop dieting, and stop giving the scale so much credit. Just decide to eat healthy and BE healthy – to live an active healthy lifestyle, which includes a healthy low carb diet… and keep it THAT simple.

I promise you will be MUCH happier. I am! There are times my scales don’t budge no matter how low my carbs or calories are. There are times my weight fluctuates all over the place. There are times I dip in and out of ketosis. BUT… none of those things RULE MY LIFE anymore. It can become a very UNhealthy obsession.

Now, I just let my body do it’s thing while I stay on track and go about my life. And I’m finding there is SO much more to life than dieting. 🙂 So much FUN stuff to get out and do, think about, plan, and ENJOY – besides what I weigh, or want to weigh.;)

How are things going for you?

Questions, comments – or struggling with anything?

Leave a comment & let’s talk. 🙂

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. Here’s where I got that T-shirt: Happy, Healthy & Strong T-Shirt 🙂


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6 Responses to Ditch Your Weight Loss Goal! Here’s Why…

  1. Gina says:

    Great advice, Lyn. The numbers on the scale can be upsetting at times but you have the right attitude.
    When you are out of Ketosis you said you are not OK. Is it because the pain comes back. I am wondering because i suffer from chronic pain of arthritis and fibromyalgia. Some days are worse than others but i am so much better than i used to be.
    I have been having more carbs off and on. I try to stay with the lchf woe but some days its hard to stay on track for various reasons but i am trying again. I am going through stressful times and that doesn’t help things and i cannot always afford to buy all those great products from netrition that would help me stay on track. I am trying to walk more too. I have not given up…..never. 🙂

    • Gina says:

      Ps. I love the blue dress you are wearing in the photo here. You look fantastic in it. Your woe is definitely working well for you
      I have a skirt made like your dress….i call it a mermaid. Skirt. It is very flattering.
      You are my inspiration.
      I am struggling to get down further. I am fluctuating between sizes 14…12 or 16. Depending on the styles and makers of clothes. I wonder why i can wear a 12or 14 in some pants but in others it is a 15/16. So i do not know what size i wear. I am smaller on top. I can wear a Med to Large in tops. The Med fit well but i like some of my tops to fit loosely.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      I got that one on Amazon (too) and YES it’s called a mermaid pinup style dress. 🙂 I have to use the sizing charts and my measurements – and also read the reviews to see what others said about the accuracy of sizing. That always works out well for me!

      Other sites I order from a lot like Fabletics and American Eagle are very consistent with their sizing. Which is why I order from them a lot. 😉

      Right – when I’m out of ketosis I’m bloated and feel “icky” and I also start having pain flare-ups again. That’s the easiest way to tell! Well, that and when keto flu hits me again. 😛 Ugh!

  2. Roye says:

    Hi there, I meant to post yesterday but the day got away from me :). I’m only down .6 lbs this week :(, Oh Well guess it’s better than not losing or gaining. I know you say don’t worry about the scales but they keep me on track, otherwise I’ll keep gaining if I don’t get a hold of it early.
    I have those keto strips but am just showing as a “trace” of ketosis, so don’t know why I’m not more intp ketosis, I’m not eating carbs and I’m watching my portions. Even gave up diet coke and still no wine. Wish the lbs would come off faster.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Roye 🙂

      From what I understand, the levels on the strips/sticks is more about hydration. I’ve never used them, but it’s like a pregnancy test: you either are, or you are not. 😉

      Half a pound a week is a GREAT weight loss average, unless you’re extremely overweight or unless you just changed your entire lifestyle. You’ve been eating low carb for awhile, so half to one pound per week on average is actually GREAT.

      And I say “on average” because you won’t lose half a pound a week consistently. Weight loss is not linear like that. It might be more like 1.5 – 2.5 pounds per month if you’re consistent.

      You’re still tracking closely and doing the 20 max / 70% fat macros right?

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