Challenge Day 6: Low Carb Meals


My mystery pound came back off, which brings me back to 151 pounds – and 3.6 pounds lost so far in the first 6 days of this low carb challenge. 🙂

I’ll share my Day 6 meals with you below… along with a food confession. 🙄

I got a solid walk in yesterday too, which felt great! Slim and I have a serious pace when we walk. We’ve been known to pass joggers (lol).

My muscles are really feeling all the exercise this week. Especially my butt, thighs and calves. So today I’m going to focus on upper body and give those a break.

On with the photo tour of my meals!

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Day 6: Saturday’s Low Carb Meals

I started the day by making my usual (favorite!) low carb breakfast. I only use Daisy brand cottage cheese because it has the best flavor AND it only has 3 (real food) ingredients. Every other brand I looked at on the shelf had a whole paragraph of ingredients I didn’t recognize. 😛

I also use an Ozeri Kitchen Scale to weigh & measure my food portions. It’s small, inexpensive, and super convenient for proper tracking! The blueberries I added to my breakfast yesterday were tricky. They required math (ack! lol). A serving size is a cup, and I had .35 ounces (less than half an ounce) – but you can see how I added that to my food diary below. I added it as “.05 of one serving” (as close as I could get).

Low Carb Breakfast Cereal Ingredients

My breakfast was 3/4 cup pecans, 1/3 cup cottage cheese, 4 small strawberries & .35 ounces blueberries. That came out to 8 net carbs and 85% healthy fats.

Healthy Low Carb Breakfast

I stir it all together and it’s a crunchy sweet mix that reminds me of cereal. 🙂 Delicious!! If you haven’t tried this yet, you definitely should!

Low Carb Cereal

I had a quick low carb snack before Slim and I headed out for our afternoon walk. Just 1.5 ounces of turkey rolled up with a slice of Colby Jack cheese.

Low Carb Snack: Turkey & Cheese Roll-ups

I got a healthy low carb dinner from Applebee’s Carside-to-Go last night (take-out). It was grilled salmon, sautéed spinach & mushrooms. Mmm!

Healthy Low Carb Dinner from Applebee's

I special ordered that meal. Here’s how I called it in: “just plain grilled salmon, mushrooms & spinach for the two sides please.”

I struggled yesterday.

I could have easily caved the entire day. I settled on ONE splurge, and it was fried green vegetable 😛 lol. I had a small order (appetizer size) of green bean crispers from Applebee’s too. They are 28 net carbs. That was me making the smartest of bad choices.

This is tough for me to confess. Here I am leading the low carb challenge, and trying to help you all make GOOD choices through the first weekend of the challenge, and I caved and ate an off-plan food that didn’t fit within my macros.

I suppose I could have omitted it from this diary, but that didn’t seem fair.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has had a weak moment this week. That’s life. This is why it’s called a “challenge” – because it IS challenging. We’re going to screw up sometimes. The key is not to screw up TOO bad, and to stay on track otherwise. That’s not permission (for you OR for me), it’s just reality.

No I don’t think that was the reason I was down a pound this morning. I still went to bed hungry. 😛 Honestly, I think I would have seen a nicer loss on the scales if I had stuck to my challenge macros. 😐

Here’s My MyFitnessPal Diary for Saturday:

Here’s how & what I track, and how I get Net Carbs in MyFitnessPal.

Calories: 1834
Net Carbs: 48
Total Carbs: 65
Protein: 74 Grams
Macro Ratios: 73% Fat, 16% Protein

Exercise: Brisk 2-Mile Walk
FitBit Steps: 5,797
Water: 32 ounces

Starting Weight: 154.6
Current Weight: 151 pounds
Weight Loss (so far): 3.6 pounds

I was still below 50 net carbs for the day, which is “low carb” by most standards. I regret my one bad food choice, but I’m not going to dwell on it. Guilt leads to feeling like a failure, which leads to discouragement, which leads to emotional eating. I ate fried green beans (at least it was a vegetable, lol).

Log it, live with it, keep on trucking <- that's what I always say. And YES, you should log off-plan foods. You should log everything you eat. It gets you in the habit of Mindful Eating (vs mindless eating), which is the key to taking control of your health.

Here’s a photo of Slim and I on our walk yesterday, and a photo of what he looks like after our walks. 🙂 lol. Poor guy! Great Danes have limited energy, and they’re good for maybe ONE mile tops. I have to encourage him the rest of the way. This picture made me realize I may be pushing him too hard – especially for his age (7).

Walking My Great Dane


I’m cringing as I hit publish to share this with you. I hope I didn’t let you down too terribly bad. I am not perfect. None of us are. That’s not an excuse, though. I feel like I’ve had a successful week regardless of that one bad choice, with many smart choices otherwise – and A LOT of exercise this week!

Onward and upward – er, downward on the scale. 🙂

How did you do on Day Six?

Leave a comment below, and let’s do this together!!

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

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37 Responses to Challenge Day 6: Low Carb Meals

  1. Yolanda says:

    Hi Lynn! I will not weigh myself until tomorrow morning but I did stay under my carb intake this week until I visited my good friends home and she offered me banana pudding…. So you are not alone. You’re human like the rest of us. I’m uneasy about weigh in tomorrow but no matter what I will press on. I still ate good– actually great this week until the “cave”
    I could have caved every day but I didn’t –I’m proud of that!

    You and the 90-day challenge have kept me motivated! So No –you have not let me down at all!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      I’m glad. 🙂 I’m proud of my week as well, and THAT feels good! It really helps to focus on the positive and stay focused on the goal. 😉 *cheers*

  2. JS says:

    I agree Lynn. I have tried lo-carb before and usually by day 5 I’m done. My stomach hurts and I shove down a bagel as fast as I can, then my stomach really hurts. You have kept me motivated. I’m hangin’ in there.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      That “day five” is probably keto flu, lol. It’s when most people cave, just to feel better – which means you have to start all over and go through it again. 😛 Kudos for powering through it, JS! *cheers*

  3. Karen says:

    I have lived by this since I started my weight loss journey in 2009:
    “One bad meal does not blow a day, one bad day does not blow a week and one bad week does not mean give up!”
    I’m human. I’m not a sweet lover but I occasionally (every 1 or 2 months) cave to bread or tortilla chips at a restaurant. I also have about 3 intentional/planned brownies a year. *gasp* I know!!

    I think we are doing GREAT with living this LCHF lifestyle! Every NEW day is a NEW start and my goal this last 6 years is to string a bunch or days or weeks together and keep on keeping on! Always tweaking.

    I also cook more than you, Lynn and I admire your ability to find GOOD food in restaurants. I’ve learned a lot from you. On the weekends I cook up 2 proteins and some veggies or spinach for salads, and generally mix those up through out the week. I’m a rut eater. 🙂 Almost ALWAYS bacon and an egg or 2 for breakfast. That said… I’m hungry so I guess I’ll stop rambling and go make breakfast!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      lol – Enjoy your breakfast, Karen! 🙂 I agree with you, and those are good words to live by. We have to be careful with those words too, though. One bad meal can become a whole bad day and before you know it you’ve been off track for months. It’s a slippery slope. 😉 But I agree – power on!! *cheers*

  4. Lisa says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Give yourself a break, at least you didn’t have fried Oreos. Fried green beans sounds like HEALTHY food to me 😉
    And it’s a lot healthier than the Cheetos I will be eating later today because I am pms’ing so bad. They actually jumped right off the shelf and into my grocery cart! Hey if I’m going to cheat, I may as well ENJOY it right? 😀

    • Lynn Terry says:

      That is exactly what I say to myself when I make an intentional off-plan food choice. 😛 Just be sure to log it in your food diary. I find it helps a lot to get in the habit of doing that. And no matter what you’re eating… Mindful Eating is so much better than mindless eating!

  5. Maribeth says:

    Down 2 lbs since we started! My downfall is peanut butter. The difference now is that I measure out tablespoons instead of eating it mindlessly. But I’ve been exercising like crazy. (3 to 4 miles on the treadmill and using weights) Net carbs yesterday were 31. Thank you for this challenge Lynn. It’s hard to do this alone.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      I agree, Maribeth – I’m so glad we all have each other. 🙂

      Kudos for measuring and tracking, and for exercising!! You’re doing great. 😉 *cheers*

  6. Michelle says:

    My splurge yesterday was a glass of champagne and a glass of chardonnay. I justified it by telling myself a 2.5 mile run cancelled it out. Ha! I linked my fitbit alta with my fitness pal and like how it helps add and subtract calories for the day based on activities. It’s the wrong time of the month for a weigh in so I’m aiming for next Monday to see how it has gone.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      I have mine synced too. 🙂 That said, you can’t burn off carbs the way you can calories – and calories don’t count on a low carb diet. Just keep that in mind.

      Also alcohol takes longer to metabolize than food, so it’s good you’re not weighing in until next Monday, as “the alcohol stall” can last a few days. 😉

    • I have my FitBit synced too.

  7. Kris S. says:

    The In-Laws are taking over my husband and son so I never have time with them any more. Got really bad last night… I’m an emotional eater and when I get stressed or depressed I tend to eat. Ate 2/3rds of a serving of Lily’s dark chocolate with sea salt… at least it was sugar free. We all have our triggers I guess, lately more and more often mine appears to be my husband’s extended family.

  8. Michele Markell says:

    I’ve been doing really well so far, I’ve stuck to under 20 grams which has been hard sometimes! I tried Hardee’s low carb thick burger last night and it was yummy – thanks for the tip Lynn. I’m down 5# and am hoping my stomach upset goes away soon so I can start enjoying this!!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      You’re doing great, Michele! 🙂 I do love the Hardee’s low carb thickburger. I like to order a double sometimes and then chop it all up into a big “hamburger salad.” I think I’ll do that today, actually…

  9. Jacqueline says:

    So far pretty good have kept it under 20 except for yesterday but it wasn’t to bad I did 31 net carbs I was upset at 1st but after reading this I feel better and today is a new day. Thank you ☺

    • Lynn Terry says:

      That’s not bad at all, Jacqueline. 🙂 I think being upset over it is worse than any food we can eat. We have to keep our head in the right place (hold it high!) and move forward with the goal in mind. You did fine! *cheers*

  10. Brenda says:

    I used ALL my carbs this morning on strawberries, so will have nothing but no-carb foods for dinner today. Probably shrimp only for dinner.

  11. Mary Harper says:

    Lynn, congratulations, while you are super, you are still human. We all fall off a little and it is good that you shared yours. Personally, I know that when I do (and I surely will), I’ll remind myself that no one is perfect. Thank you for your honesty!!!!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Thank you, Mary. 🙂 I’m pleased that it didn’t derail me, and that I’m still on track. I think it’s important to accept, forgive, and look forward.

      I’m working more and more on why I make these choices sometimes. I know the closer I get to my goal weight the more I tend to self sabotage. It’s definitely a mindset issue. 😛

  12. Valerie Chesley says:

    Good Afternoon, I ate alittle over 2000 calories today but stayed at 22 net carbs (5%) a 74% fat…Did I mess up that bad ???? 🙁

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Not at all, Valerie. 🙂 Fortunately you don’t have to count calories as long as you’re eating that low carb / high fat. There’s a science to the way LCHF works, so traditional calorie counting & such doesn’t apply. You did fine!

  13. Justine says:

    Well…as dreadful as the weekend is because of the temptation to cheat cheat cheat I didn’t do too bad yesterday. I only had a cheat with a few ff from fives guys while out with my hubby and kids. I maybe had a handful and I savored every single one of them but did not beat myself up about it which would usually cause me to continue the cheat treat to a treat week. So yay for that! I had a total of 21 net carbs which is a lot higher than I have been eating but oh well…it’s better than 121 net carbs.

    B:BPC ,2 eggs scrambled w/1oz colby jack cheese
    L: 2 ham and cheese roll ups dipped in mustard
    D: five guys bacon cheeseburger w/mustard and pickle only, handful of fries
    S: diet dr pepper, slim jim

  14. jessie says:

    Being a newbie…watcher at this stage i found this post totally refreshing. I am a manager and one if my sayings to staff is……. im glad you stuffed up it means i can too as im human. I know its not giving us license to eat incorrectly. removes the guilt from doing so. Guilt leads to contempt…… thank you for being honest and allowing to do so

  15. Teresa says:

    I have been eating the cottage cheese ” cereal ” I love it !!!!!!! I’ve been reading your posts. Very well put together. Haven’t gotten it altogether to start yet. I have done Pierre Dukan lo-carb in the past. It worked but hard to stay on. No fat or fruit. Thanks so much. Will start soon. . One more thing. I am addicted to flavored creamers. 🙁 I see you use coffeemate hazelnut. Is it sweet? Trying to stay away from sweeteners. Thanks again.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      I’m glad, Teresa – it’s my favorite low carb meal. 🙂

      I love the sugar free hazelnut powdered coffee creamer by Coffee-Mate. It’s deliciously sweet & creamy! If you want to stay away from sweeteners, just use HWC (heavy whipping cream). But if you need to transition first (which is totally fine!) use the sugar free hazelnut mixed half with the HWC. 😉

  16. Kate says:

    I am on spring break, so it has been particularly hard because I am in vacation mode. I have had 20 net carbs every other day and have been off the plan the other days. That has made me gain and lose the same 3 lbs this whole week. The only thing I’ve had going for me is I have exercised for 60 minutes every day of the break. Looking forward to being back n my regular schedule starting tomorrow. Love your website and all your advice!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Thank you, Kate! 🙂 I hope you’ve had a wonderful spring break this week. Here’s to getting those pounds off and getting on a great roll this week! 🙂 *cheers*

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