A Fun Low Carb Conversation With Kathy!


While I was in Orlando recently, I met up with Kathy for a fun low carb lunch – and great conversation!

I thought you’d enjoy hearing all the fun things we talked about, including… finding your fat side for pictures. 🙂 (lol)

Kathy and I met on Instagram, but then became fast friends when we spent most of the day together that Monday. I’m @lowcarbtraveler and Kathy’s profile is: @buttercup.low_carb.

It’s always SO much fun to meet other low carbers in person on my travels, and share our stories – and just get to know them. I’ve met some amazing people all over the world, and can’t wait to meet more of you! 🙂

Here we are enjoying our low carb lunch, Kathy on the left and me on the right:

Low Carb Meetup

(I was flirting with the waiter! lol)

Before lunch though, we sat out on the patio in the warm Orlando sunshine and chatted & laughed for hours – like we’d known each other for ages. 🙂 It was such a nice way to wind down after my busy week there!

Of course we had to get a picture together for our Instagram streams, and this is where the “fat side” conversation came in (lol).

Did you know you had a fat side?! There are A LOT of tricks to taking good photos, but knowing your good side / bad side is definitely key. 😉

Here are two pictures of Kathy and I out on the patio at The Florida Hotel & Convention Center. We swapped sides so you can see what a big difference it makes:

Your Good Side, Bad Side, and FAT Side!

Finding Your FAT Side in Photos

I look thinner in the bottom picture, and Kathy looks thinner in the top picture!

It may not seem like much of a difference to you, but it was a HUGE difference to Kathy and I – lol. We determined we would have to NOT face each other in order to get both of our good sides in one photo. 😛 haha

Here’s a few more tips for you when taking pictures, to look leaner in your photos: Stand up, shoulders back, suck in your gut, hand on hip (raise the arm!), hip out. 🙂

Our fun Low Carb conversation…

Kathy and I talked about why I was in Orlando and what I do for work. I was there for an industry event, one of my favorites where friends & peers from all over the world get together. I’m a professional blogger, international speaker and do some consulting.

I’ve been in business just over 19 years and work from home – when I’m not traveling around. I travel by choice, by the way – to attend events of meet up with friends. 🙂 I spoke on a panel at this event, but otherwise socialized and learned new trade trends and cut some deals. 😉

Our Keto Discussion

We discussed ketosis, the hell of keto flu, why going on & off plan a lot is hard on your body – going in and out of ketosis constantly – and how, interestingly, one off-plan meal doesn’t throw me out of ketosis. It has to be a relatively healthy off-plan (higher carb) meal though, not an all out binge or a piece of pie. 😛

We also discussed drinking in ketosis, because I had quite a few drinks one night in Orlando. 😛 The thing you need to know (before you drink!) is that alcohol hits you harder AND faster when you’re in ketosis. So you definitely want to drink slower and drink less. Drinking alcohol can also induce cravings.

And of course you may not make the best food choices if you’re buzzed. 😉 lol…

Black & White Retro DressSpanx & Cute Dresses

Of course we discussed all of the photos I’d shared on Instagram during my Orlando trip, so she was the first one to hear all the nitty gritty Spanx details!

I think I even commented how much I was MISSING my spanx that day, lol.

It was the first day I hadn’t worn it after three days of feeling so smooth and lean. 🙂

The dress we talked about was the cute black & white retro dress. I love LOVE love the material! It’s 60% Cotton + 35% Polyester + 5% Spandex.

It packed well, didn’t wrinkle or need ironing, it was thick but it breathes well – so it wasn’t hot to wear, even in the Orlando heat! It was fitted, but moves with you so nicely – no binding under the arms or around the hips when you sit. It was PERFECT!

Kathy was looking for a new dress for an upcoming event, so I recommended looking up that one and noting what it was made of… and finding one made out of the same material, because it was SO great! That’s what I did, and I ordered several new dresses. 🙂 I can’t wait to show them to you!

The “Green Fries”

We had lunch in the hotel pub where I was eating all week and I introduced Kathy to my favorite “green fries” and pesto dip.

I love nice crisp green beans, which I eat with my fingers just like french fries 🙂 and I love to dip them in mayo – or at this restaurant I mixed the pesto with mayo to tone it down and it made a delicious veggie dip!

Low Carb Restaurant Lunch


There was lots more “girl talk” of course, many laughs and an all around great time. 🙂 Thanks for meeting for lunch, Kathy – I had such a fun day hanging out with you!

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. You can subscribe by email below to get notified of upcoming low carb meetups and other fun stuff – like my daily food diaries! I’ll be in White Rock Beach next, just outside of Vancouver. 🙂

I live in Middle Tennessee, by the way. What about you – where are you based?


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6 Responses to A Fun Low Carb Conversation With Kathy!

  1. Yvonne A. says:

    I live in Richmond, BC – that’s where the airport is and you will go through it to get to White Rock. I would love to hear about any unique low-carb products you find while here. We are getting better at gluten-free products, but low carb takes a little more work.

  2. Kathy says:

    I had the best day with you Lynn. Thank you for all of your great support and ideas. I am excited about the low carb challenge to get me back in check.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      I’m so glad you joined in, Kathy! 🙂

      I had a great day too. Thank you again for that! What a great way to wind down on my last day in Orlando. 🙂 I look forward to seeing you again soon!

  3. Kate says:

    I think I had Keto flu yesterday…day 3. However, I’m hanging in with low carb eating, and I’m delighted to report that I weighed 8 pounds less this morning than I did Sunday night. I understand that my frequent bathroom trips during last night are largely responsible, but it sure is an encouraging way to start!

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