Summer 2018 Low Carb Challenge Details

2018 Low Carb Challenge * Join us for a 13 weeks of FUN as we challenge ourselves to be happier, healthier, leaner & stronger than ever before!

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Feeling Defeated, Discouraged, Disgusted or Disappointed in Yourself? Read This Today…

If you do NOTHING else, read this free download today… because it’s time to stop letting life get in the way and take control of your goals again!

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Patience: Trusting The Weight Loss Process

Food Diary & Update: My weight dropped half a pound the day after my last report, from 141.1 on Thursday to 140.6 pounds on Friday morning. On Saturday, I weighed in at 140.8 – and have stayed there, every morning: 140.8 Saturday, Sunday, Monday – on repeat, lol…

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Low Carb Weight Loss Stalls: Identifying Food Culprits That Affect Your Ketosis Levels

Experiencing a Low Carb Weight Loss Stall or a plateau in your weight loss trend? Here’s what you need to know, simple things you can try, and how to identify the potential culprits…

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Getting Serious About Your Weight Loss

Stop giving up, stop starting over, stop quitting on yourself, and STOP putting off what you KNOW you want. If you find yourself saying things like: I’ll start tomorrow, there’s always next week, I’m almost ready, I blew it so what’s the point, I just don’t have the willpower, etc, etc etc…

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Weight Loss Motivation: Staying on Track & Sticking to Your Goals

Earlier on in my journey, with many more pounds on and much farther away from my goal, I had plenty of days where I figured a cheat or a binge wasn’t going to make that big of a difference anyway… I WAS WRONG.

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“How Do You Know If You’re In Ketosis?” (Weekly Weigh-In & Keto Talk)

People often ask me if I use Keto Strips or do Ketone Testing. The answer: not until now! Find out why, and what you need to know about testing for ketosis…

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Weigh-In: Motivation to Stay on Track & ENJOY Your Low Carb Lifestyle

Tips from the trenches on weight loss motivation, sticking to a low carb diet, navigating all of the opportunities and excuses and feelings, and ENJOYING your low carb lifestyle…

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2018 Low Carb Challenge Details

2018 New Year Low Carb Challenge – Join us for a 13 weeks of FUN as we challenge ourselves to be happier, healthier, leaner & stronger than ever before!

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Year-End Low Carb Challenge – Starting Now!

Let’s finish the year STRONG. Are you IN? Join in for the Year-End Low Carb Challenge as we power through the holidays together, so you can feel AMAZING heading into the New Year…

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Mindset & Motivation: Focusing On What Matters To Achieve Your Goals (Faster)

It’s time to get out of your own way, let go of the thoughts and feelings that don’t serve you, and get back to what REALLY matters in your life…

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Week 4 Weigh-In: Why Every Pound Is Not Equal (Photo Proof)

Even at the same weight (on the scales) my body composition has changed dramatically over the past year. Or over the last 9’ish months, to be more accurate. And that’s because…

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Week 3 Weigh-In + New Low Carb Q&A Videos

3 new Low Carb Q&A Videos, fun interactive chats addressing the biggest questions about eating LCHF and the ketogenic low carb diet…

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Week Two Weigh-In + Low Carb Q&A

It’s time for the 2-week weigh in for the Fall Low Carb Challenge. How are things going for you so far – any questions? Leave a comment and let’s chat!

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