Free Pass to 24 Hour Fitness: Week Free!

24 Hour Fitness: Week Free! They have over 400 clubs across the U.S., and other locations worldwide. Some of them are open up to 24 hours a day, which is really nice. One of the perks is that they offer a…

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Curves Was Fun! Totally Loved It :-)

In my last post I told you about the special promotions at Curves Fitness Center. I printed off the coupon, good for a free week at Curves, and made my appointment…

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Free Week at Curves Fitness Center (Special Promotions)

I ran across this Curves Fitness Center Special Promotions offer online, and signed up to print off a coupon for a free week at Curves. They even had my middle-of-nowhere town listed! I’ve even heard their doing Zumba classes at some Curves locations now. How cool is that!

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FitDesk: The Exercise Bike Laptop Stand

I’ve been looking at the popular Fit Desk, which is an exercise bike laptop stand type thing. Several people have been talking about them on Facebook, but I haven’t met anyone yet that actually owns one…

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What I LOVE About My Gazelle Edge

What I like most about the Gazelle Edge is the versatility in exercises you can do. I like to lean back to work my abs. Lean forward to work my arms and shoulders. And you can stand sideways on it, with one foot on each footrest, and work your inner thighs (be prepared for a serious burn! lol)…

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Tried Zumba? Just ordered a Zumba Workout DVD

I’ve never tried Zumba, but I see it everywhere – and it looks like so much FUN! I was actually considering going to a local class, but when I mentioned it to my daughter she asked if we could get the Zumba Workout DVD for home instead. I especially like that it has a “20 Minute Express Workout”. This would be great for a quick morning workout on the days it’s cold or raining and I can’t get out for a walk…

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DaVinci Syrup vs Torani Sugar Free Syrup

As you can see in the picture, I like the Sugar Free French Vanilla. And after testing them both, I definitely like the Torani brand better. Not that the DaVinci syrup is bad, it’s just different – and I prefer the Torani in my coffee. I still have…

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Where to Buy Low Carb Products – Best Deals & Shipping

I started looking around for better deals, for interesting new things to try, and where to buy low carb products online that I couldn’t find locally. The more I looked around online, the more cool stuff I found. And as much as I hate to shop, I really love the idea of having things shipped right to my front door…

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Easy Low Carb Bread Mix You’ll Love!

Yesterday I decided to try the Low Carb Bread Mix from LC Food Corp. They have several mixes, but I chose the one that’s easy. This is literally something a kid could make. It took about 5 minutes prep, 15 minutes to cook, and I had a big hot batch of low carb bread ready to eat!

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Buy Low Carb Foods Online at Netrition

I just received my first order from Netrition today, and I have to say – this is a GREAT place to buy low carb foods online. They ship fast, via UPS, and they only charge one flat $4.95 shipping fee within the 48 states – no matter how much you order…

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Where to Buy Almond Meal for Gluten Free & Low Carb Recipes

I’ve mentioned Almond Meal several times, as that’s what I use in the low carb bread recipes. I have not been able to find it at any local grocery stores, including Wal-Mart or Kroger. You might be luckier in your area, but if not you can order Almond Meal online from Netrition. This is where Mom and I get ours…

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Quest Bars Review: Low Carb Yumminess!

I did a little research online first, and found that others were RAVING about them. And not just bloggers or affiliates, but people were commenting *everywhere* online – especially all over Facebook. I was also impressed with their pricing, and their special offers on shipping & larger orders…

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FREE Low Carb Brownie Mix & More!

Does that look DELICIOUS or what?! I just discovered and all the cool Low Carb Products they have, including this fabulous low carb brownie mix. The good news is I’ve secured us an exclusive Coupon Code so you can get ANY low carb mix from their website… for FREE!

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Best Digital Bathroom Scales? I Ordered an EatSmart Digital Scale from Amazon

I hopped on Amazon and did some looking around to find the best digital bathroom scales to order. I don’t trust my bathroom scale. It’s a dial scale, not digital, and lately it’s always off mark when I glance down at it. I have to adjust it every time I want to weigh. It’s been making me wary…

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