Top Low Carb Picks: What’s Popular At Netrition This Month With Other Readers


Netrition - The Internet's Premier Nutrition Superstore!I’ve been shopping at Netrition for four years now, and I’ve had nothing but GREAT experiences. They have super fast shipping, a HUGE selection of products, and a low $5.99 flat rate shipping – no matter how much you order, or how much it weighs.

My local grocery store won’t even deliver for that!

I do love shopping from home. 🙂 Often you can find things cheaper at Netrition, or if you do a TRUE comparison you can get more product for the same price. Many of the items I get from Netrition though, I can’t get locally anyway.

My Netrition Order: Low Carb Products

As an affiliate for Netrition, I get a report every month of the products ordered by readers here at my blog, and by members of my Low Carb Challenge. That always gives me neat ideas for new low carb products to try! 🙂 I thought I’d share some popular items from the most recent lists with you, in case you’re looking for a little variety yourself – or a great place to get specialty low carb products…

Top Low Carb Picks From Netrition:

I put the items I’ve tried and use myself in bold.

Low Carb Bread Products:

This low carb bread company is amazing! Their products are kosher and GMO-FREE, and they even have gluten free breads too. If you’re concerned about the ingredients, view the ingredient comparison here.

They also have Gluten Free, Paleo Products:

I would love to hear what YOU are ordering, or what your favorite products are from Netrition! Leave a comment and share, so we can all find new low carb products to add to our order. 😉

You can use the search box below to see if Netrition carries your favorite products, or just type in “low carb” to see what all they carry:

Netrition - The Internet's Premier Nutrition Superstore!

Netrition Order

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8 Responses to Top Low Carb Picks: What’s Popular At Netrition This Month With Other Readers

  1. KimH says:

    I just put in an order today.. I ordered Fiberfit which is a liquid 0 carb sweetener (sucralose & fiber).. I used this years ago & find I just cant tolerate many of the LC sweeteners.. so back to it I go..
    I also ordered Chia seeds, Great LC Bread Co Everything (2) & Pumpkin Spice (1)
    bagels.. that was it for this order.. My last one was huge.. this one, not so much. 🙂

  2. Jo says:

    Netrition is my first go-to spot for low carb products. They have great variety and things you can’t find locally. Some of my tried & true not already mentioned are –

    EZ-Sweetz Liquid Sucralose
    ChocoRite Chocolate Bars
    Homestyle Fresh Chili
    La Nouba Low Carb Fruit Spread
    Moon Cheese Snacks
    Quest Protein Chips
    Rault Foods Smackaroos Low Carb Crackers

    ThinSlim Foods Love the Taste Plain Bread (their plain bread is very soft & makes an awesome pbj)

    Something I found recently on Amazon (and I wish Netrition would carry) is Carbolicious Melba Toast. Light, crunchy, 4 slices have 1 net carb. Bonus – #1 ingredient is flax seed meal, #2 is almond flour. So low carb and good for you, too. 🙂

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Great list, Jo! I linked your list so others can easily find those products, or check them out. I found several things on your list I want to try myself. 🙂 Thank you!

  3. Felicia says:

    Love netrition! Monin sugar free syrup – sweetened with erithrytol instead of sucralose

    Lilly’s chocolate bars and chips – sweetened with Stevia. No maltitol. Salted milk chocolate almond is so good!

  4. Felicia says:

    And Iove the Netrition shaker bottle that I got free with my over 75 dollar order. It’s a great water bottle.

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