The Perfect Low Carb Shirts For Workouts (And Just For Fun!)


Low Carb T-ShirtsRemember the “You Had Me At Bacon!” low carb t-shirts? Well I got mine in the mail recently, and I LOVE them!

I got the flowy tank, an oversized tee, and a hoodie. I relaunched the campaign in case you didn’t get a chance to get one – you can get yours here for a few more days.

You know what I discovered?

The flowy tank is super awesome!! 🙂

It’s perfect for workouts, it makes a great cover-up on the boat over my bathing suit, and it’s just downright comfortable and FUN!

It pairs great with a light sweater or jacket too, like in the picture above. Especially if you’re going to be in public and want to cover up your back fat and armpit tits (lol). I got that jacket from (American Eagle) by the way (for exactly that reason!!).

The T25 workout is awesome!!I mentioned the Flowy Tank is great for workouts. I say that because it’s light and breezy, and also because it’s a great fit with workout pants or shorts.

This is a goofy pic of me about to do the “Fast Results” Focus T25 Workout – which is AMAZING, by the way!

It’s like working out with Will Smith. 🙂

I love, love love it!!

Check out the reviews on Amazon…

I’ll show you some pictures so you can see what the Flowy Tank really looks like and how it fits. And feel free to laugh – some of these pictures are goofy. 🙂

I ordered my white tank in XL and the blue tank in 2XL because I wanted them to be roomy (to wear over a sports bra or bathing suit). And also because I wanted to be able to wash & dry them without worrying about them shrinking TOO small.

The XL fits me great (after washing & drying), but I could definitely go with just a Large size next time. I’m 5’5″ and around 160 pounds in these pictures, with a 36DD bust – if that helps you decide on sizing for yourself.

Okay, here goes the pictures…

This is what the back looks like:

Low Carb Tank Top

It makes a great (lightweight) cover-up at the pool or on the boat:

Bacon Tank

The flowy tanks are great for workouts too:

Low Carb T-Shirts

I’m wearing my Fabletics workout pants, by the way – which I LOVE:

Fabletics Workout Pants are super comfortable!!

Workout TankThe Fabletics athletic wear is SO comfortable!!

My daughter and I both love their sports bras too. Super cute!

Check out their special offer here…

I enrolled as a member so I get a new workout outfit every month – or I can skip a month if I want to. It’s a lot of fun!!

It also keeps me motivated to exercise because I have so many cute new workout clothes to wear, lol…

Here’s the blue Low Carb tank:

Low Carb T-Shirts - Blue Tank

And that’s my big goofy great dane, Slim. 🙂 Sweet boy!

(Yes, he’s a runt, lol)

If you love the white tank, you can get on here:
“You Had Me At Bacon!” Low Carb T-Shirts & Tanks

Those are only available for a couple more days, but it comes in white t-shirts, a yellow t-shirt, and a white tank just like mine (above).

I love the fit & feel of the flowy tanks SO much that I decided to create some more, so I can have a variety to wear all summer long. 🙂 Here they are:

Shop ALL Low Carb T-Shirts & Tanks

Grab the styles & colors you like the most… and ENJOY! 🙂

Lynn Terry
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. One of the new shirts comes in a HOT pink v-neck tee! 🙂

Low Carb T-Shirt

Click Here To View All Shirts & Tanks
* (available this week only!)

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