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I’m frustrated. I didn’t mean to leave you hanging on this (original note below). Two things happened. ✌️ First, I can’t see ANY of your comments on this post for some reason. They show up on a tablet or phone, but I can’t see them at all online – where I can sit down and reply to them.

Bear with me, I’m working on getting that fixed. 😉

The second thing is… I just found myself in a serious funk the last few weeks, and fell WAY behind. Sorry about that. This year has been super challenging! I know I’m not alone in that, and needing to step back and regroup now and then. I really appreciate your patience & understanding.

I’m over the hump and ready to kick off some FUN new fall challenges together though, so stay tuned for details!! 💕

In the meantime, several people asked me which keto meal delivery service I’ve been trying. It’s called “Eat To Evolve” and after several orders (4 now), I can happily say:

I am LOVING it!!

I also scored you 20% off your first order to make it easier if you want to try it out (too). Just use the discount code LOWCARBTRAVELER at checkout at TIP: If you’ve ordered from them before, use a different email address to get my 20% off code to work (again). 😉


I added an unboxing video on YouTube and also on Facebook (there’s more discussion there) if you want to see what to expect. 📦👀

That video will probably answer any questions you have, but feel free to reach out if you have a question about the Eat To Evolve fresh-made low carb meal delivery service.

I’m VERY impressed with them, and LOVING the convenience of perfectly portioned restaurant-quality meals made fresh & delivered fast (and FREE)!

⏰ Oh – and just FYI, if you order by 11am eastern time on Friday (tomorrow) your meals will be fresh-made over the weekend and shipped out on Monday. There’s a map on the website with details, but 10 central / 11 eastern tomorrow (Friday) morning is the cutoff to get this week’s meals delivered.

If you missed the note below the first time around, drop a comment & join the discussion. 🙂 I’m working on the technical problem, but you can still comment and I can still reply – and they DO show up on tablet/phone.

I can’t wait to kick off some fun new Fall challenges together! 💗

~ Lynn

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Keto Chat with LowCarbTraveler

Hey! 👋 It’s been a bit since we talked and I’d love to catch up real quick. I also have a question, a couple actually – and I’d love your input.

First though… How are things going with you?

It’s been a crazy weird year that feels like it’s flying by in super slow motion, to me at least. 😅 Whew! It’s like everything is slowed WAY down and I can’t keep up. 🤦‍♀️ lol ~ That makes about as much sense as… 2020. 🤪

I owe you an apology.

The reason I haven’t been sharing my daily food diaries with you, and why I haven’t hosted a new low carb challenge since our last one ended in the Spring, are all tied in with the same reasons I used an emoji above instead of a recent photo to say “Hi!”

I’ll save the details for later because it’s deep and good and complicated and simple – and I really just want to talk to you and about YOU for now. 🙂

I’ve been eating keto consistently for the last few months by the way, but I also started gaining weight “mysteriously” – so that’s something we can talk about in future chats too: what to do when the scales are being RUDE. 👀 (lol)

I have more news, updates & ideas too – but for now:

How can I help you?

It can be anything, low carb or not – like mindset, motivation, how you’re FEELING or what’s going on in your life lately (if you just want to talk) etc.

Mostly I’d just love to know what’s going on in your world, and how you’re doing! 🙂

Are you still eating low carb and actively working toward your health and/or weight loss goals – or have you had that on hold for a bit?

Yes or no, either way, how are you feeling about that?

⭐️ I also wanted to check in and see if you’re interested in doing some fun new group challenges for a fresh dose of positivity & motivation? 🙋‍♀️ Let me know!

What are you EXCITED or HAPPY about lately?

What are you STRUGGLING with right now?

A LOT of people have been messaging me privately just in the last few weeks about REALLY wanting to get back on track with eating low carb & losing weight.

So if that’s you (too) let me know: what holds you back from just jumping straight back into it?

Maybe it’s something simple! Maybe it’s not…

I’d like to catch up and hear how things are going with you personally.

I miss our great discussions!

I would also love for all of us “get back on track” as a community – sharing tips & meal ideas, motivating, inspiring and encouraging each other. We have such an amazing group of great people when we’re all working together!

I love that – and I miss it.

I have SO much I want to share with you! Not just “tell you” but SHARE with you.

I am, as we speak, eating my very first “egg roll in a bowl” by the way 🥣 if you can believe that. I’ve heard about it for YEARS and keep seeing pictures of it that make me want it, but it took me THIS long and… I’m hooked. Delicious!

In other random news (lol) my kitchen is “under construction” at the moment, and I’m super stoked about that. 🙂 I’ll show you some before & after pictures soon. There’s been A LOT of painting and rearranging and updates going on around here this summer actually. Fun!

I’ve also been reviewing a lot of different low carb ice creams and checking out some pre-made low carb meal delivery options too, so stay tuned for feedback & updates on those. 😉

In the meantime, drop a comment below and let’s catch up!

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. I scored you 💥20% OFF💥 your first order at Eat To Evolve if you want to try them out. It’s a GREAT keto / low carb meal delivery service – fresh cooked, chef/restaurant quality meals, never frozen, no assembly required!

See my unboxing video below. 😉

Use code: LOWCARBTRAVELER at checkout for 20% off ❤ (this week only) at You can do a subscription, just order the # of low carb meals you want, order a la carte, lots of options. ✔

I’m loving it so far. This week I’m trying the chicken marinara over spaghetti squash 🍝 and LOVED the old fashioned chicken salad. 😍

Discount Code for 20% off (this week only!): LOWCARBTRAVELER

The cutoff is 11am eastern / 10am central time on Friday to get on the list for this coming weekends fresh made low carb meals – and that’s also when the 20% off deal ends. 💕


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