Keto Challenge Final Weigh-In & Update


It’s time for the Final Weigh-In if you’ve been participating in the Spring Keto Challenge. Post your update in this thread in our private Facebook group, or here on this post if you prefer or you’re not on Facebook.

If you want to look back over ALL the weigh-ins, from the starting weigh-in all the way through the entire challenge, you will find links to each of those in the pinned post at the top of the challenge group.

Keto Challenge Final Weigh In

This update is coming to you a couple of days late, so my apologies. I just got back from KetoCon in Austin, so I have LOTS of fun updates to share with you…

And… I’ve been really sick. Throughout this whole challenge actually. That’s why I haven’t been publishing my food diaries or writing as much lately.

We’re discussing that here:

We’re also discussing MCT Oil (and my recommendations) here based on my experience with it, and GREAT results:

Now that I’m on the better side of things, and fingers crossed my consultation with the specialist goes well tomorrow (I doubt I’ll get any definitive answers anytime soon – it’ll be a process!)… anyway, I have lots of fun things lined up for you and look forward to getting back to our GREAT discussions. 🙂

Next up is a GREAT keto friendly loaf bread recipe that made an AMAZING low carb grilled cheese. You’ll love this one!

And of course we’re going to be kicking off a new Summer Keto Challenge – but this time I plan to do things a little different. So stay tuned for details and updates! 😉

As for my weigh-in…

I’ve lost 11.8 pounds since January 1st of this year – across both our New Year and Spring keto challenges.

How are things going with you?

Don’t forget to weigh in this week

Leave a comment and let’s chat:)

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aka @LowCarbTraveler

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4 Responses to Keto Challenge Final Weigh-In & Update

  1. Susie Leonardo says:

    I understand your pain, but mine turned out to be my gall bladder. My husband had extensive back surgery a year ago. Prior to that he had to be in a wheel chair to endure the pain, it was a rough year before the surgery for me. After his surgery he was doing great although it was still stressful on me, he had a set back with physical therapy and that just about undid me. I started throwing up, having severe stomach pain, was nauseous, didn’t want to eat etc. I blamed it all on exhaustion and stress. I woke up on morning about 2am with dry heaves, horrible chest and back pain. I thought I was having a heart attack. My husband too me to emergency and through all the testing it turned out I had a gall stone stuck in the bile duct. The topper was that through the CT scans they found a lesion in my lung that threw me into isolation at the hospital for 3 days. Until they determined that the lesion was not cancer, caused by TB or some other fungus they wouldn’t take out my gall bladder. 45 days later after a pet scan, biopsies, antibiotics, etc. they finally took it out and I’ve been in great shape since. I hope they can figure out your issue soon and with out too much medical intervention. BTW they have never figured out what caused the lesion. 6 months later and another round of tests, its still the same size and not causing me any distress. Good luck.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Oh wow, Susie – that sounds like a miserable experience and really tough year. 🙁 I’m so sorry you had to go through all of that. *hugs*

      Fortunately the doctor ruled out my gall bladder as the issue during my appointment last Friday. He gave me some things to try / work on – and I will get all the test results at my next appointment in two weeks.

      Our health is no joke. It really pays to keep up on self care, and be the healthiest and strongest we can be given all life throws our way!

      I’m so glad to hear all is well now and you’re feeling great. 🙂 I’m hopeful for a full recovery as well. It’s tough getting through the dailies when you’re suffering. 😛

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  3. Sandra Gillespie says:

    Hi Lynn:

    I was in exactly the same spot as you are a few years ago. I lost almost 30 lbs. because I could not eat, was in serious intestinal pain, always nauseous, and tons of diarrhea. Finally I went to the ER and was diagnosed as needing gallbladder surgery. Everything got worse after that. I was blessed to find Dr. Albert Snow online at He is fabulous and everything is done by phone and online. Check it out. He is a lifesaver.

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