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When we were discussing our Weight Loss Goals, and our reasons WHY we want to lose weight and be healthy, travel came up quite a bit.

As you know, I LOVE to travel. 😀

This photo was taken on the Mornington Peninsula in Australia a few years ago, which was a fabulous trip. I spent an entire day driving down the peninsula, all the way to Portsea and back, and stopping at every beach along the way. I even went up to Arthur’s Seat and got to get up close & personal with Kangaroos!

So far Canada and Australia are the only two countries I’ve visited (outside the US, where I live). I’ve been to Australia five times though, and can’t wait to go back! I would really love to take my daughter to Philip Island to see the penguins. 🙂

This morning I shared my Top 3 Travel Destinations on my personal video blog:

The top three places on my Travel Wish List were England, Ireland and Chile. But there are many more places I would love to visit, or that I’ve really enjoyed already, so I thought I’d share a quick list with you. 😀

Top 10 Travel Destinations

1. Paris, France
2. Italy
3. New Zealand
4. Toronto, Canada
5. Ireland
6. Easter Island (Chile)
7. Bali
8. London, England
9. The Grand Canyon
10. Sydney, Australia

And I am SO returning to the DiamondHead Beach Resort on the Gulf Coast in Florida. That place was AWESOME. 😉

Those are my top picks of new places I’d LOVE to go. What about you? If you could travel anywhere in the world, what would be your top travel destinations – and why? What would you MOST like to see?

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5 Responses to Top 10 Travel Destinations

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  2. Dr. Mike Tremba says:

    This post you did was timely for myself-my wife and I just had a wonderful time on a cruise that landed us in St. Thomas, Nassau, and St. Maartin.
    You spoke of Florida’s Gulf coast, which rang the bell in my head about Destin, Florida (on the panhandle). Have you ever been there, Lynn? It’s a reasonable price, snow-white beaches, and the feeling like being off somewhere in the Carribean. If you’ve never checked it out, I’d strongly encourage you to.
    Anyway, thanks for your article–I’ll make a mental note of DiamondHead Beach Resort 🙂

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Dr. Mike!

      I believe I have. I stink at geography considering how much I travel (lol) but I have been to Okaloosa Island beach – which I believe is in/near Destin? I absolutely loved it!! That’s what made me fall in love with the gulf beaches. 😀

      DiamondHead was fabulous -not just for location, but also for food & service. We were VERY well taken care of and enjoyed it *so* much. 😉

  3. Hey Lynn,
    I stand corrected…(sort of). I commented earlier that Easter Island was in the South Pacific (so I found it confusing that you said it was in Chile). But, when I did further research, I discovered that although Easter Island is, indeed, in the South Pacific, it is a territory that is controlled by the South American country of Chile – thousands of miles away. Who knew? Well, now I do!

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