Ideas & Inspiration: 5 Full Days of Low Carb Meals & MyFitnessPal Logs


Keto SnacksIn my last food diary, I shared 3 full days of low carb meals with you.

I mentioned I haven’t had much of an appetite, which continues to be an issue, but I’m still getting plenty of calories with ideal LCHF macros.

Here is what I’ve been eating this week, 5 full days of meals & macros, plus my MyFitnesspal diaries so you can see how I logged everything…

In my MFP logs below you’ll see that I have a Net Carbs column. Here’s how I have MFP set up to track Net Carbs. It’s the free version of MyFitnessPal with a free plugin.;)

Tuesday’s Low Carb Meals

I got up super early on Tuesday (around 4am I think) so I had a 30 gram serving of pecans to kick off the day. Then once I got some coffee in me and got going, I had some breakfast. 🙂

I had a big thick Low Carb Cinnamon Cookie from Know Foods, which is large enough to be a “meal” – not just a cookie! I warmed it up and topped it with kosher cream cheese and a tbsp of peanut butter:

Gluten Free Cinnamon Cookie topped with Cream Cheese and Peanut Butter

That was actually “low carb for two” because Aaron was working from my home office that day, and he hadn’t tried the Cinnamon Cookies yet. He loved it! 🙂

Low Carb for Two

I sort of “snacked on” my breakfast throughout the morning and into the afternoon, then only had one other meal that day.

I had a Roast Chicken Bites Salad from Bojangles’ the night before that I’d only eaten the chicken off of – then put away. So I decided to finish that, topped with a whole bag of Spicy Chili Pili Nuts.

Low Carb Salad with Pili Nuts

That added a nice buttery crunch and a kick to an otherwise boring leftover salad! 😉

Tuesday’s MyFitnessPal Diary & Macros

MyFitnessPal Low Carb Food Diary with Net Carbs

16 net carbs, 1740 calories, 86% fat


Wednesday’s Low Carb Meals

I had exactly 4 slices of bacon left, and I’ve been trying to use up what I have around the house this week. So I put that bacon in the oven at 400 degrees – and let it burn. 😛

I’m sure there’s a special kind of punishment for that. 😐 lol

I hated for it to go to waste, so I crumbled it up along with a serving (28 grams) of mozzarella cheese with the intentions of making an omelet.

Making Low Carb Breakfast

You can see how that turned out. 🙂 haha

Low Carb Breakfast Scramble - Bacon, Eggs, Mozzarella

I’d been wanting to test out an idea for low carb cookies using the Know Thins, so I decided to do that Wednesday afternoon. They’re a great Low Carb Cracker with a nice crisp and crunch, kind of a cross between wheat thins and graham crackers.

Interestingly they seem to “morph” depending on what you pair them with. They have a bit of a spice or savory flavor with chicken salad for example, and taste more like a graham cracker with peanut butter!

Best Low Carb Crackers

To make the “cookies” I used the Know Thins and both white and dark ChocZero Chocolate Dipping Cups plus some Chunky Musli – a delicious, healthy swedish breakfast cereal full of coconut and nuts & seeds:

Low Carb Dessert Ideas

I melted the dipping cups, then dipped each cracker in white or dark chocolate, then “double dipped” the white chocolate cookies in the musli. I put them on parchment paper and stuck them in the freezer to “set” – and they turned out fabulous! 🙂

Low Carb Cookies

It worked just like I thought it would. 🙂

The white chocolate & musli were AMAZING:

Making Low Carb Cookies

I really love the ChocZero Dipping Cups. Those are the best invention ever! You can make so many things with them, and it’s super easy. Here are some of my ChocZero Low Carb Candy creations – to give you some ideas.

(I also had a TBSP of peanut butter with those cookies.)

For dinner I just made a quick & easy snack plate of Oscar Mayer Rotisserie Chicken slices, some colby jack cheese, and a serving of the Know Thins Low Carb Crackers:

Low Carb Snack Plate

Aaron is a big fan of the “Flackers” (flax crackers) but he really liked these too!

Wednesday’s MyFitnessPal Diary & Macros

MyFitnessPal Low Carb Food Diary with Net Carbs

14 net carbs, 1590 calories, 75% fat


Thursday’s Low Carb Meals

Thursday was a very full day and I was in and out, so I grabbed a low carb breakfast from McDonald’s (my usual).

I asked for “4 sausage patties and 4 round fried eggs, please.”

That was meant to be two meals of course, knowing I wouldn’t have time to make lunch or go back out, so I had two for breakfast and two for lunch.

Low Carb Fast Food - McDonald's

That evening I met another low carb gal out for dinner at Applebee’s, and we had a fabulous meal – and a great chat. 🙂

I ordered the grilled salmon which comes on a bed of sauteed spinach, with steamed broccoli on the side. I also ordered the Spinach Artichoke Dip (“no chips please”) from the appetizer menu – to go with my salmon.

Low Carb Dinner at Applebee's

I got a caesar side salad too, with diced cucumber instead of croutons, but I only had a few bites of that. I ended up just eating the salmon & spinach with a bit of the dip, then brought the rest home with me.

Spinach Artichoke Dip (Low Carb Appetizers)

I think I forgot to log the few bites of dip actually…

Thursday’s MyFitnessPal Diary & Macros

MyFitnessPal Low Carb Food Diary with Net Carbs

13 net carbs, 1810 calories, 72% fat


Friday’s Low Carb Meals

I was still feeling “food bored” and “blah” so I just went with my go-to low carb meals on Friday. Starting with cheesy eggs for breakfast.

It’s 4 eggs scrambled in real butter with colby jack cheese:

Cheesy Scrambled Eggs

For lunch I had my favorite “low carb cereal” with an extra serving of pecans this time: 3/4 cup pecan pieces, 1/4 cup Daisy cottage cheese and 4 small diced strawberries:

Gluten Free Breakfast Ideas

I didn’t feel like dinner so I skipped that, but Aaron came over to watch a movie so I made us some dark chocolate peanut butter cups to enjoy. 🙂

Low Carb Peanut Butter Cup

These were quick & easy to make using the ChocZero Dipping Cups. I just warmed up the chocolate right in the cups until it was smooth & creamy, added a tbsp of peanut butter, then popped them in the freezer for 20 minutes. Perfect! 🙂

Low Carb Candy - Peanut Butter Cups

Friday’s MyFitnessPal Diary & Macros

MyFitnessPal Low Carb Food Diary with Net Carbs

25 net carbs, 1897 calories, 81% fat


Saturday’s Low Carb Meals

I was NOT in the mood for breakfast (yet again) 😛 so I got what was left of the KZ Chunky Musli (half a serving) plus a 30 gram serving of pecans to get by for a bit:

Low Carb Snack Ideas

I just got my order from Know Foods this week, so next I decided to try their Cinnamon Low Carb Cereal which is only 1 net carb per serving.

I had it with Milkadamia Unsweetened Macadamia Milk. (I really, really like this stuff! MUCH better than almond milk.)

Low Carb Cereal and Milk

I didn’t like the cereal that much though. I really prefer the KZ Chunky Musli cereal with the Milkadamia Milk. I think I will like the Know Foods cereal better as a dry snack, or mixed with nuts for a trail mix while I’m hiking.;)

For lunch I had another snack plate with the Know Thins (low carb crackers), chicken & cheese – the same as before. Just something quick & easy at my desk while I was working.

Then for dinner I fried up some Tyson Grilled & Ready chicken breast strips in butter, along with the leftover broccoli & spinach dip from my Applebee’s meal that I didn’t finish:

Healthy Low Carb Dinner - Grilled Chicken, Broccoli and Spinach

Saturday’s MyFitnessPal Diary & Macros

MyFitnessPal Low Carb Food Diary with Net Carbs

20 net carbs, 1601 calories, 73% fat


I think my low carb meals aren’t really too exciting this week, but that’s life sometimes. I did try a few new things at least. The cookies I made were great! The low carb cereal, not so great – but not bad either. Just not my favorite.

I’m really just picking at my food lately, but what you saw and what I logged is what I ate – so I’m getting plenty of calories and ideal macros, like I said.

I think my lack of appetite, feeling more tired lately, and the general “blah” feeling is a combination of stress and burnout. And maybe just the time of year too. Who knows, but I’ll be glad when it passes and I get back to my usual high energy self!;)

I’m thinking a day off the grid on an adventurous solo hike off in the woods somewhere would do me good! So I think that’s exactly what I’ll do tomorrow. 🙂

How are things going with you?

Leave a comment & let’s chat.;)

I hope this post gave you some ideas & inspiration to work with. I get “food bored” sometimes so it’s nice to mix things up a little.

The Fall 90 Day Low Carb Challenge is coming to an end this weekend, by the way. We’ll have our Final Weigh-In on Monday morning. 🙂

There have been so many great success stories this time around!

Stay tuned for details on the “unofficial year-end challenge” as we gear up for a BIG New Year challenge in a few weeks. 😉 *cheers*

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler


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13 Responses to Ideas & Inspiration: 5 Full Days of Low Carb Meals & MyFitnessPal Logs

  1. Gina says:

    What a shame about your burnt bacon. Lol. :). I have done that before and it was so upsetting. Lol
    I am glad you said that about the Know Cereal cause I couldn’t get over that it looked like dog food to me ha ha! (Smile) Yep I will stick with their cookies. :).

    • Lynn Terry says:

      lol I hadn’t thought of that! 😛 It’s a nice crunchy cereal and the flavor is good, so I think I’ll pack up some with nuts tomorrow to make a trail mix for my hike. 😉

      And yes, sad about the bacon. I don’t really like bacon anymore for some reason though – even when it’s NOT burnt. 🙂 Of course everything turns me off lately, but the bacon thing has been for awhile now…

      • Gina says:

        Yeah,maybe it would be good as a trail mix. 🙂
        I rarely eat bacon too but i prefer it cooked in an oven…less chance of burnin
        The best lc cereal is your pecan strawberry cottage cheese meal. I love that!

  2. Anne says:

    Enjoying my double chocolate chip KNOW cookie with peanut at work. I’ve eaten one almost everyday for breakfast this week and my jeans definitely fit better. Allose is definitely a healthier sweetener. It taste great and no weight stalls.

    I’ve also lost my appetite lately and my usuals don’t appeal to me anymore. I’ve been thinking of trying something weird, soft scrambled eggs and peanut butter. It could turn out really good or gross. I read about it on another keto blog but haven’t tried it yet.

  3. Cynthia Grubb says:

    I ordered the Know Foods dbl chocolate cookies and chocolate chip, the wraps and the elbow macaroni. Love the wraps and the cookies and can’t wait to try the macaroni.
    Thank you for reviewing these products so we are encouraged to stay true to the Keto eating lifestyle.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      You’re most welcome, Cynthia! Their pasta is higher in carbs that I can do right now – until maintenance mode at least. PLEASE let me know what YOU think of it!! 🙂 I’ve heard *great* reviews on it.

  4. Liz says:

    Thanks for these menus! Helpful for getting started

  5. Debbie says:

    Hi Lynn, I would like your opinion on the Keto – Os drinks. Do you think they are good to take while on Low Carb or just not bother.

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