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While we were in Atlanta I was introduced to, which is a very cool place to get discount restaurant gift certificates online.

We stayed at the Atlanta Marriott Century Center and there was only one restaurant on site, with no others within walking distance.

Fortunately that one restaurant was listed on and we were able to print the discount restaurant gift certificates right there from the computer center in the lobby.

The most common coupons we used that weekend were $8-10 and they were good for $25-$35, so we were saving at least $15 per meal. When you’re eating out three meals a day at a nice restaurant (which we were, being at a conference there for 3-5 days) that equals BIG savings! 😀 It was my first experience with this site, and I was impressed with it.

You simply browse by restaurant or by location, choose your preferences, and then print the discount restaurant gift certificates online. Take that print-out with you, hand it to your server when you order, and you save usually more than half the cost of your check! You can use one coupon per check, so if you’re out with friends or other couples you can use more than one by requesting separate checks.

Eating Out Low CarbThey also have Restaurant Gift Cards at great discounts, which make for perfect gifts! They give you free shipping to your recipient, and even add a gift note for you.

In addition to discount restaurant gift certificates, they have gift certificates for spa products, Mrs. Fields cookies, LobsterGram and other fun products/services.

The picture to the right is me eating out at a cool little restaurant in Chattanooga with my good friend, Zack. He’s got a great BPC recipe I need to get and share with you too, by the way!

I’m not a big couponer, but this was a no brainer. 😉

I’m really glad I got introduced to by my friends, because it’s something I’ll use often – both for easily sending gift cards (at a serious discount!) and also because I eat out so much while traveling.

Not only did I sign up and start using the site for instant savings, but I also became affiliated with them and I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know. It’s SO easy.

You’ll LOVE it – even if you live in the middle of nowhere, like me!

Click here to browse around the site and see which Restaurants are listed near you:
Discount Restaurant Gift Certificates Online

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Have you used these discount restaurant gift certificates before, or what did you think of the offers in your area when you checked it out?

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5 Responses to Get Discount Restaurant Gift Certificates Online

  1. Rhonda Page says:

    Hi Lynn, I use these a lot and they are truly a “no brainer”. They send out specials all the time where you can buy $25.00 coupons for $2.00. $3.00, or $5.00 a piece. I buy several, and then when I want to go out I look up where I want to go and print my self a coupon. I wish they would just let you show the coupon on the phone, for when not near a printer. Read the fine print. Sometimes you have to spend, let say $35.00 when you use a $25.00. Still great when you spent only $5.00 to begin with! Give it a try, as it really is a “no brainer” for saving money! Thanks! Rhonda

    • Lynn Terry says:

      I just got an email special for $25 restaurant gift certificates for only $3 😀 Sweet! I love that they do so many fun promos like that. What a brilliant idea for both us AND restaurants!

  2. I used to purchase from them a lot when I lived in Utah. We had a ton of restaurants to choose from. It was a great way to try new places and not go broke. Now that we’ve moved, the offerings are not so much. There’s one or two within a 50 mile range. And that’s it. Maybe I should invest some time in trying to sign some local restaurants up.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      I would love to see more restaurants featured in my local area as well. It’s most useful for me when I’m going into the city, or when traveling.

      And I agree with Rhonda – it would be cool if there was an app and you could give them a code or something straight from your mobile device. Love that idea!

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