Hardee’s Low Carb All American Thickburger


I decided to try the “All American Thickburger” from Hardee’s. Low Carb Style of course! How many carbs? Hardee’s says ZERO, I decided THREE. It’s a 1/3 pound thickburger and split hot dog with mayo, cheese & dill pickle – all in a lettuce wrap. It was absolutely delicious! In a…

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My Low Carb Lunch at Chili’s Grill & Bar


First I scoured the Chili’s menu. I usually get the grilled salmon, but I was in the mood for something different. I also pulled up the Chili’s Nutrition Facts on my mobile, which I recommend you ALWAYS do when you’re eating out…

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Hardee’s Low Carb Chicken Club – Busted! The Hidden Carbs, Revealed…


I looked it up on Hardee’s Nutrition Calculator on their website, and it was 12 net carbs. TWELVE CARBS! What the heck?! Here’s the real scoop on this beautiful low carb sandwich…

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Eating Low Carb At The Donut Hole


Eating low carb at The Donut Hole?! YES, it can be done. And I’ll even show you how EASY it is. Let me just start by stating the obvious: I did NOT choose this location for dinner…

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Get Printable Restaurant Coupons Cheap… for BIG Savings When You Eat Out :)


What if every $25 you spent eating out… only cost you 10 bucks? That’s a whopping 60% savings on your meal! Sweet, right? They have a HUGE variety of local restaurants to choose from…

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Eating Low Carb At Red Lobster


Yesterday Ricky and I went out for a late lunch. We were both craving seafood so we decided on Red Lobster – which is great for seafood AND low carb meals…

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Eating Low Carb At Buffets & Catered Events


*Viewer Discretion Advised: What you are about to see includes tempting carb-filled dishes. LOL, we’re all adults here. The fact is, we’re faced with these types of temptations all the time. I’ll show you how I navigate them, and STAY healthy…

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Eating Low Carb at Ruby Tuesday – Mistake on the Menu??


I decided on the Crab Cake Dinner. According to their nutrition facts, the crab cake itself is only 1 carb. Right away I was suspicious. I’ve put in an email to Ruby Tuesday to clarify the nutrition facts, so I’ll keep you posted…

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Finding Something Low Carb In The Worst Situations…


No matter where you find yourself, make your health a priority. Wash your hands frequently (lol), be careful where you decide to eat (lol), and always make healthy low carb food choices! *cheers*

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Low Carb Dinner at O’Charley’s Restaurant


O’Charley’s is one of my favorite restaurants to eat low carb. In addition to a great (thick, juicy!) Ribeye, they have amazing Prime Rib – and the Cedar Planked Salmon is always a winner too!

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Stackstone Grille Lunches at the Low Carb Meetup in Atlanta


We had a fabulous time at the Atlanta Low Carb Lunch meetup! There were lots of laughs, great conversation, and of course – amazing low carb foods. Here’s a tour of our plates to give you some great ideas for low carb meals you can enjoy at restaurants…

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Low Carb Road Trip (Food Journal)


I actually find it easier to eat low carb when I’m traveling. There are TONS of delicious low carb options to explore, which I love!! I’ll share a photo tour with you of my meals throughout the trip, to show you how easy it is to enjoy beautiful foods while you’re out & about – and still stick to your low carb diet…

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Low Carb Restaurant Fun! What Would YOU Order??


What would YOU would order from a sunny beach cafe for a healthy low carb breakfast? Leave a comment! Let’s all share our own combinations to give everyone smart ideas for keeping it low carb on the go, while eating out in fun places…

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Low Carb Subway Menu & Special Offers


Looking for the Low Carb Subway Menu? They offer an interactive nutritional calculator on their website so you can select the exact ingredients you want, and get detailed nutritional data before you ever place an order!

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