Mindset & Challenges: New Season, New Chapter


This past year of my weight loss journey has been a whirlwind! Maybe I should tell you some of the lessons I learned? I’m still sorting through them actually, still putting them into words even, but I’ll share what I feel so far…

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An Update & Apology (I miss you!)


Apologies for going quiet. Many of you have checked in – thank you so much for that. I’m not well. I miss you, I miss our discussions, and I miss sharing my daily meals with you!

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The Low Carb Challenge Group Was Hijacked


This is just a quick note to let you know I am aware that our Low Carb Challenge Group on Facebook has been hijacked. Unfortunately someone was able to hack into an account to gain Admin access, and remove me …

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Improve Your Life, Improve The World! Join Me?


Live A Life That Inspires Others! — A fun opportunity to join a movement and improve your life… plus the fun story of how this blog and our group even came about!

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Why I Finally Joined Ebates: And I got $821.95 in FREE money already!


We can ALL use more savings and a little extra money. I didn’t expect Ebates to work so well, or to end up making THAT much free money. I’m excited about sharing a way to put some extra cash in YOUR pocket too!

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Hellooo! I’ve missed you! Let’s catch up :-)


Where have I been?! Arizona, Ohio, Georgia… it’s been a busy month for this low carb traveler! Here’s what’s new, what’s broke, and what’s next…

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On Broccoli Pains and Waking Up Fat…


It was a weird thing. I didn’t gradually gain weight, I literally just WOKE UP FAT one day. I didn’t own scales back then, but I went from an in-shape size 8… to buying size 18’s and XXL tops and just feeling incredibly uncomfortable. Especially because I’m SHORT…

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What I Didn’t Tell You… And Why


I didn’t feel like talking. Which means I didn’t feel like blogging – or sharing my food, or even logging my food. I just ate it, in quiet, alone. I wanted to sink inside myself, crawl in a hole and pull the hole in behind me. I needed a break to let it all sink in…

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Coffee Break With Low Carb Friends…


How are you this week?? I’m feeling a little frazzled myself -lol. I have BIG goals though, and thought we could work on some of those together. Here’s a quick chat about what’s happening in my life, and what I propose we do together this coming week…

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A Little Low Carb Humor (Hilarious!!)


I came across this yesterday in my low carb group, and I literally laughed until it hurt! If you’ve already seen this, it’s worth another chuckle – and passing on to any of your friends that need a good laugh today…

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Money-Saving (Free) Printable Grocery Coupons


It’s smart to save money anywhere you can! Here’s a great resource for printable grocery coupons. I included specific coupons for low carb grocery items…

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How To Dress Slimmer (and Look Slimmer Instantly!)


It’s entirely too easy to become complacent in your fat pants. I’m saying that from personal experience of course. And don’t judge me – I know you own a pair too! lol. Here a few tips for how to dress slimmer, and look slimmer instantly, even before you lose any weight. Enjoy!

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Own Your Choices! And Stop Being So Hard On Yourself…


It’s time for a little pep-talk here. It breaks my heart to see so many frustrated people beat themselves up for “cheating” on their diets, or falling off the wagon completely. They feel like they have no willpower and like they have failed… again and again.

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$500 Whole Foods Organic Market Gift Card Giveaway


Love Whole Foods Organic Market? Enter this EASY $500 Gift Card Giveaway! Don’t miss out – you could win a $500 shopping spree at Whole Foods OR a $50 Amazon Gift Card. 😉

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